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    We pride ourselves on making satisfied customers all around the world.  See and read our electric skateboard reviews below, and you’ll know why the Metroboard is the best electric skateboard on the market!

    MetroboardX Customer Reviews

    These are the latest reactions from our customers:

    Anthony Flores  

    This board, Is A Masterpiece!!! The engineering is strong and an an Amazing work of art. I stuck 2 blood red metroboard x stickers in the center of the board in the sign of the cross. So i have the Dracula vampire edition. I have other skateboards but this is a Ferrari!! Of skateboards. Ilan is a genius!!!

    Dan Wallace (VERIFIED OWNER)  

    Tall story for me with seems like eons ago. I bought my first metroboard slim stealth used $550 from a nice gentleman in California. Fast forward years later now the owner of a brand new Metro board X that I received in April and my son who is seven rides my old slim stealth. My experience with Metro board has been out of this world good all the way around. Without a doubt some of the best money I've ever spent in my life and that's not an exaggeration. Customer service is exemplary. But chances are you won't even need it because it's hard to break a Metro board whether it be old or new. If for some reason it did go wrong you got the best guy in the business watching your back. Which is priceless in my opinion. Do yourself a favor jump in with both feet. I'm 46 and this thing brought me back from pretty much the Dead but God damn now I'm alive long live metroboard!

    Chris York  

    All I have to say is that is work the wait.
    The first thing that drew me to this board is how nice it’s looks with its machined trucks and inter graded lights and dubbed king pin design.
    Plus the carbon fiber deck it just looks so professionally put together. Kind of like if apple was to build a electric skateboard or something. Then I got the board and road it. All it keep saying is that it’s sooooo smooth . Plus it carves so nicely . It feels like if you are on a snowboard. . Like if a professional snowboarder was to build a electric skateboard it was feel like this board.
    I love this board and can’t wait to ride it everyday. I live in Las Vegas and Right now it’s 115 degrees out and I still ride it. That should tell you something.
    The Metroboard X is the way to go.

    Joe Tavarez (VERIFIED OWNER)  

    No one told me about
    the sidewalk-to-street-to-sidewalk
    For the love of God I adore
    these 190mm tires:Ithink I just had
    the greatest 2 hours of eBoarding.
    Cutting in and out if driveways at
    high-speed back to the street back to
    the sidewalk...my heart is still
    racing!!!FFS...this board and tires are unreal!!!
    The customer service is unreal how good it is.

    E. Sordyl  

    The Metroboard X is awesome!! I cant say it enough. This board has exceeded my expectations in every way from opening the box and seeing how beautiful it is to taking the first ride. The quality of this board is top notch and you can tell they took pride in building this board. Right out of the box the first thing i notice is the carbon fiber deck, its gorgeous nice smooth satin finish. Next thing is the motors they are huge and powerful. When I took the board out of the box and flipped it over to look a the trucks, they are very good quality and i like the integrated lights and the ability to turn them off easily. First ride was way better than i thought it would be, its quiet and very smooth (107mm street wheels) the acceleration and braking curves are very predictable and not lacking at all. Im very impressed with the stability even for a first timer getting up to 26mph i felt very confident. Even at 26mph it still wants to accelerate its so fast. The hand remote feels good I wasnt so sure I would like the thumbwheel but it turns out I love the thumbwheel its easy and very responsive also it connects instantly and operates flawlessly. It also has a rubbery feel to it instead of just a plastic finish. The battery life of the remote seems to last as long as the battery on the board which is a long time I rode for hours and still had 40% battery and could barely even tell a difference in performance it still accelerated like a bat outta hell its truly amazing. I cant express enough how impressed I am with this board. Customer service is also excellent. On the bad side it does take a little longer to get the board built but once I got shipping notification my board was in my hands in less than a week and I live on the otherside of the country which in my opinion is excellent. If you are considering buying your first board or if your on the fence on which one to buy I would strongly recommend buying a Metroboard X and dont worry about the wait because its worth it and you wont be disappointed. Its 5 stars for me.

    Legacy Metroboard Customer Reviews

    Here are all great reviews that we’ve received for our legacy products.


    • Living in the Toronto area I didn’t have the opportunity to try multiple boards but thanks to the Ambassador program I had a chance to ride a Metroboard 41″. I was very impressed with the construction and quality and the power was unbelievable. The model I tried was 2 years old so the acceleration was a little torquey but I was sold. I pulled the trigger on the slim edition and my first impression out of the box was how smooth it was at accelerating compared to the version I demoed. The new VESC programming was way better!
      I’ve had the board now for close to a month and I’ve ridden it almost everyday and on some days for hours at a time. I can truly say that I love this board! It keeps getting better and better the more I ride. I was off and running out of the gate but it took me about 10 hours to truly feel comfortable on the streets and now I invent errands just so I can ride 🙂 Below is a list of Pros and Cons for anyone interested.
      – Very stable, carves like a dream
      – The power is fantastic
      – The 27 mile battery range is legit
      – I’ve reached 15% battery life with no loss of power
      – Construction

      – Minor wheel slippage because of the single belt drive but only when going really slow and turning toe side (regular stance)
      – Reducing the MAX speed setting does reduce overall power but now that I am use to the controller there is no need to reduce MAX speed

    • I have really been enjoying my metroboard so far! It’s very fast and has great range since I purchased the 55 mile range board. The board is very smooth and provides a great riding experience. My only complaint so far was that 1 day after receiving the board I was notified that my board could have a possible manufacturing defect. This was a little concerning but I’m glad that they addressed it quickly. Customer service could be a little more reliable as some of my questions have just gone unanswered. Overall, I really enjoy the board and am looking forward to how reliable it is in the long term.

    • My first board was a metro55. I had just lost my right arm in a work accident, above the elbow. I had all my hobbies ripped off my body, so I had to find a new one. And esk8 instantly pulled my trigger.

      In 2000 miles I never had a problem. I’m heavy(240) so I could easily pull the trigger all the way down to accelerate and all the way forward to stop.
      I ended up selling it and buying a dual drive, and things changed a lot. Way too much power for full go off the line. The dual drives brakes were NOT working for me though. I either had no power to stop or way way to much. It ended up throwing me every time I rode it, and I ended up destroying my stump and knee. I’ve ridden every board out there and never seen such touchy brakes.

      I always tell Ilan about issues I’m having, and he’s ALWAYS right there within a few hours. Not just talking about the board, but talking about my fall. I was alone in the hospital and Ilan talked to me for like an hour, even slipped me a few pics of the metro x before it was announced. He also told me they were using new vescs and would happily put them in my board for free or I could return it and pay the difference for a MetroX. I was broke at the time and had him put them in my dual drive, but I really wish I had gone with the MX.

      Now, let’s talk my dual drive. Once people start riding these they’re going to want the MESC for their DiY setups. My main board is a psychotiller, but I’ve had so many tiny problems with it that it’s getting very bothersome. It has a FOC Unity in it and these MESCs are just as smooth. Zero cogging when starting. The brakes kick ass but I’m still afraid of them from before! I’m still not sure how I feel about the full blast reverse, but the beauty of it is if I decide I don’t like it, it’s literally one click in the bt apps to turn it off!! It’s all there. It’s exactly what it always wanted to be.

      Metros are 0 maintenance machines. Never really have to tighten anything. And for the new buyers worried about belt maintenance from reading about hub motor benefits, think about this. I had one belt for 1800-2000 miles and I weigh 240. I love the wider belts, as they can be run looser without skipping teeth when stopping.

      Ilan killed it, I definitely wish I had an X but this dual drive is truly amazing with the new mescs.

    • Jack Minnella
      June 13, 2019 9:04 am

      I just got my metroboard today and the second I stepped onto it I knew it was the right choice. The smoothness and responsiveness to all the control is amazing. I am going to love using this thing on campus as my means of transportation.
      I bought the 41″ stealth with the extended 55 mile battery and 97mm wheels

      Any questions about it feel free to shoot me a message

    • Peter Bluett
      May 1, 2019 2:59 pm

      I have had my Metroboard 41’ Dual for about 6 months now and no matter how much time I spend on it, it never fails to deliver a sense of excitement and fun. If my home was burning down the first non- living thing I would grab would be my board. It is immensely powerful and fast and even though I weigh around 250 pounds it accelerates up steep hills with ease. As I do a lot of riding at night I have found the head and tail lights to be very helpful too, especially because I am visible to other people. I cannot say enough good things about the Metroboard and also Ilan’s efficiency in answering requests etc. If you want a great electric skateboard look no further. It will exceed your expectations.

    • Just finished my 1st ride on the 41” 27 mile and it’s pretty darn fun. Got the big red 107 wheels and they handle small rocks & cracks in the road very well. I’m 240lbs and the single motor pulls me up hills well, if your under 200lbs this thing would shoot you up hills really well. I don’t think you can beat the single motor version for smoothness in acceleration & braking which makes it a safer commuter! Being a larger guy I would love to try the dual for hills but am completely satisfied with the single, gets me around very well! Build quality is great & beastly! Wonderfully surprised on the size of the board & tires, it says transporter!, makes my regular long board look small. Lastly, I was very impressed on the prompt response to questions, along with a quality product is why I chose Metroboard. I wanted a board that will last, with good support…

    • Purchased this board from Singapore and it arrived exactly 2weeks later. The whole process from liaising with Ilan to shipment and to receive the package was a breeze. I’ve got the Metroboard 29″ Micro Slim Electric Skateboard. I must say i have the same thoughts as the reviewers here that it was build like a tank. All the parts feels very sturdy. I have ridden the board for about 15km now, everything has been great. The RC is very sensitive, you need to really get used to it. Hill climbing is not a problem for this single giant motor.

    • I just got my board 41” 55 miles battery pack. And let’s be clear, this board is above my expectations. Quality build 10/10, design 10/10.
      Every single detail is on point, I also believe that’s where you make the difference.
      Now customer service….Ilan is just amazing, he takes the time either by email or on the phone, and that is priceless in our days. I feel that for all those reasons Metroboard is definitely more than a brand … it’s a community based on quality, service and satisfaction.
      Thanks again Ilan….that will not be my last board from you !!!!

      Ride safely.

    • Christopher Lake
      February 21, 2019 3:39 pm

      This thing is a beast. Acceleration and braking are unparalleled and it feels like riding on a Cadillac. I did research on eboards for weeks before making this decision after buying a defective skatebolt and my expectations have been exceeded to say the least. You will not be dissapointed!

    • For two weeks I’ve had the 41″ slim stealth, single motor. I’m 150lbs and
      I live in the hills of southern Alabama, so I was a bit surprised when Ilan kinda talked me out of the dual to extend my mileage for commuting.
      He was absolutely right!
      I was worried about the hills being to much for it, but I can shred them with insane acceleration and brakes that allow me to stop at all the lights and stop signs.
      My town doesn’t have any bike paths or lanes, so I just stay on the road in the 25 mph zones and ride with traffic. Usually don’t even need full speed.
      If you’re looking for an e board this is the one.

    • Hello everyone :))! I bought the 33 “stealth edition – 97 wheels one month ago, and it’s my first electric skateboard. I’m 51 years old from Italy and I practice many sport like ski, mountain bike, windsurfing but I have to tell you that this is a really fun experience, after work I dedicate myself to doing tours in my city and on weekends, I was impressed by the speed and power of this board, which I must say is remarkable and the battery’s autonomy is not denied. The quality of the components is excellent and Ilan’s support is always ready to answer if you need it.
      It’s a great shopping that is really worthwhile. Enjoy everyone

    • Bought my 2nd Metro Board for my cousin and I didn’t hesitate to buy it because my Dual Drive has been nothing but awesome.. To make a long story short I bought a discontinued model that was barely ridden and returned back to Metro and had the battery upgraded to the 27mile battery pack the board is a single motor midsize Shark nose Kicktail. Two surprises came from this purchase my cousin’s smile from receiving this as a gift and the amazing smoothness and power of the single motor which took me back and shocked me because of how powerful it was especially in comparison to my Dual Drive! Well anyway not only was the board in great shape but beautiful as well as Ilan stated.. I’m so glad that I purchased another Metro Board and you can bet more so in the future especially if more upgrades in speed options are available (hint Ilan) 🙂 Thank you again Ilan for producing such and amazing product seeing my cousin happy while test riding it was well worth the purchase! (video on Facebook)

    • Paul Voorhees
      October 25, 2018 6:12 pm

      I need to confess straight away! I am 55 years old. I just purchased the 33″ Mini Slim Longboard Stealth Edition. I went with all top options for wheels, battery and lights. Yes I can confirm the board is very high quality. I haven’t been on a board in many years. The reason I mention my age and lack of current riding skills is I want to let potential new or undecided customers know that if I can ride the Metroboard anyone can. There are many reviews here that confirm Metroboards are an excellent choice so I won’t embellish with any of my personal nonsense.
      Now the important stuff. The controller is very sensitive but easily mastered. Note! read the instructions and all will be well. Start out slowly no matter how eager you are to get out and carve like a pro. Give it time and slow down. Get used to the controller as the motor is very powerful or you’ll find yourself launched off the board. Fun times! If you are like me and it’s been a while give your leg muscles time to reacquaint with the way the board feels. The board is very easy to ride once you get the feel of it. I had to tighten the trucks a bit due to my weight but plenty loose to make sharp turns. The board glides over most small road debris. I find the motor is actually on the quiet side. Not overly loud. After riding for a couple hours the board actually became a part of me. Feels like an extension of myself. I got so comfortable riding that I actually miss being on the board. I never felt that way back in the day but I suppose it’s because the non-powered boards were mostly crap. I’m talking late 70’s early 80’s. If you want to know what boards we had back then just go to Walmart and buy the cheapest one. Yup they sucked. The lights work well at night. I can see any road hazards with plenty of time to avoid.
      I live near a small town where no one in my area has seen a board like this so it’s double fun cursing the local roads. I live fulltime in a new 2018 Lance Truck Camper and Ram Truck so the Metroboard is perfect to get around town and local shops while leaving my camper parked. I don’t need to worry about battery power or distance as the Metroboard has the longevity to get me there and back again.
      Note! wear the proper safety gear. I know it feels better without but when you need the gear you will be thankful for it. Remember stupid hurts.
      I am absolutely one happy Metroboard rider. Now where the heck did I put the controller as it’s time to ride!

    • Bought it this year may. Have been riding it every 3times a week(mostly for lesure). Had no malfunction or what so ever. I have contacted ilan several times for several advices on maintenance of the board and the answer was always prompt amd accurate. Lately I got tired of the deck design so I swapped it my self and it only took me about 30minutes due to the built design simplicity. No regrets will remain after the purchase if you are considering one to buy.

    • OMG I just got my Metro Board Dual Drive Stealth Edition Delivered today.. If I can describe this board after unboxing and riding it in one word.. INSANE! I rode it in stage 5 (beeps) for acceleration and stage 4 (beeps) for braking Holy S–T I can’t get over how awesome this board is I couldn’t get off of it was such a blast to ride. I’m in disbelief that Metro Board is not monopolizing the E Skateboard world because it should, the ride is so smooth, acceleration is exhilarating, high quality components which will ensure reliability, customer support is 2nd to no one and the potential of this board as far as top speed is not even close to its limits I can go on and on. But to be honest I didn’t like the looks of the board in pictures but I tell you what you the pictures don’t do the board any justice I instantly fell in love with the board as soon as I unwrapped it but as much as I like my Evolve Bamboo GTX I can truly tell you that I’m going to be riding my Metro Dual Drive a lot more! So if anyone is on the fence about buying a Metro Board you’ll be glad you pulled the trigger and bought one! Thanks ILan for a great product and outstanding customer support and service I’ll be buying a 2nd board in the not so distant future! (Team Metro)

    • I’ve had Metroboard Slim for about a year and half, I use it to get around NYC, traveling 1-5 miles per day. It’s a fast and awesome ride, you don’t really require a lot of skill to use it. It’s convenient and efficient. Best of all they have great customer service. Recommend highly, it’s fun and efficient.

    • Today I received my metroboard dual stealth edition. The board was better looking than I anticipated and the massive 107 black wheels are just fabulous to behold in person. I own the acton blink s2 and I rode the evolve bamboo gtx all terrain and I can honestly say this board is far better craftsmanship than any evolve board to date.

    • Incredible board, incredible customer service. You cannot go wrong with a Metroboard.

      The quality, durability, and reliability of this thing is UNMATCHED. These are the Toyota of electric skateboards, if you will. I’ve thrown everything at mine (33″ mini) and it keeps going. The range is insane, and is as stated. No range anxiety whatsoever.

      I also love that Ilan does things that make sense, but no other manufacturer does. For example: belt/transmission covers so the belts don’t get prematurely torn up by rocks and debris. The belts themselves are big and beefy to begin with. The Caliber II trucks were also a big reason for me going with Metroboard. They are one of, if not the highest quality longboard trucks out there. Again, all-around high quality parts. As far as customer service, Ilan has answered every (seemingly dumb, in retrospect) question I’ve thrown at him.

      (Also, for the price you pay to get a 15- or 20-mile board from another company, you could get a 55 (!!) mile one from Metroboard. Think about that.)

      • I have been watching a lot of videos about a lot of boards. I really want to move to one as my daily commuter as I only work about 10 miles round trip from work. Range is my biggest concern. What I have found watching range test videos on youtube is that most boards are over stating their range. They promise you 10 to 15 mile but you wind up getting around 5 to 7 miles out of them in real world use.

        From the few range test I have found on Metroboard it seem they actually understate the performance for their boards. I have seen several where riders claimed there range exceeded the stated range. I haven’t decided on an electric board yet but Metroboard has mad the top of my list and has become the measuring stick to which I am comparing all other boards to. So far I have found nothing that comes close.

    • Kevin Liang
      June 3, 2018 4:42 am

      Hi Everyone
      Been riding my 29” for 3 days. I can tell you Metroboard is a sure thing. Build like a tank and never have trouble with losing connection like some other brands. It’s very reliable IMO. Customer service is very responsive and Ilan is very helpful. I will get a 55 mile range next time.

    • matthew maxon
      May 14, 2018 7:41 am

      Love my dual stealth metroboard! Ride it everyday. So smooth and so powerful. Thinking about getting the micro slim next. Great customer service. Thanks Metroboard!

    • Just got my 41” metroboard today, the build quality and performance are way better than I expected, absolutely love it!!

    • Hi Ilan,

      I just wanted to give you an update on my experience with the 41” Slim. I absolutely love it, best purchase I made in 2017! I use it almost every weekend to go to the beach and during the week after work I sometimes ride it up to a café near the house to get drink/food. When riding it gives this real free-spirt feel that is hard to explain, it is almost like when surfing. We just got hit with a giant Nor’easter last week and the waves were epic (especially for Florida) so I have been totally stoked! Surfing during the day and carving it up at night.

      Loving life!

    • Well, I can’t say enough about ILan and his company. Hands down the best customer service I have experienced in quite some time. The board is amazing to ride on, I upgraded to the 107 and it’s so smooth. After a couple of riding sessions, I wish I would have gotten this board sooner. Great Job on releasing a solid product anybody looking to buy a board will not be disappointed!

    • I had the pleasure of purchasing the 32″ Metroboard Shortboard with 15 miles range and 20 mph top speed. I was meaning to get the 24 mph version but did not see an option in the comments section. Overall this thing is amazing, great torque, great handling, and a blast to ride. I am thinking about returning it for the 40 mile/24 mph version…mostly because I am an advanced rider, and the current model does not support my skill level.

      I will say this also:
      – Charge time becomes greater after each ride
      – The power of the motor has also reduced…(keep in mind that I have only had this for roughly a week)
      – I also need to get the controller replaced, the alert function beeps whenever I am not pressing on the throttle

    • Metroboard, the perfect e-board. Never have to think which one to buy. Get this.

    • I have been a Metroboard customer for many years and both my boards 2011 and 2015 still work well. Ilan has been great to deal with helping on upgrades and am looking forward to the future with my next Metroboard purchase. Can’t say enough about the quality of the boards and high level customer service. Keep up the good work!

    • What else can be said about ILan and Metroboard! Excellent quality and customer service.
      The build quality of the board is amazing, better yet is the customer service they provide.
      Anyone who complains about the weight need to get stronger! To me the board has a nice heft that is more of a quality product feel than heavy.
      Believe me, any doubts you may have of the board will be gone once you lay your hands on it. It’s that nice.
      ILan thanks for an amazing product and customer service!

    • I’ve had my 20 mile 41” metroboard for a month half now. No complaints at all. Great smooth ride on the 97 abecs. Really does climb hills like no ones business. Range is as stated and the brighter LEDs are definitely worth it. The fun+utility factor was how I justified the purchase and it really delivered. I’d recommend the conical bushings as well. Carves like a beast. Anyone wanting to ride in the research triangle, give me a buzz. Gotta get a group going like they have in NYC 🙂 Last note, the support is amazing from Ilan.

    • Johnny Stafford
      October 3, 2017 8:54 am

      Elan and his crew are amazing to work with when making your purchase. I had them build me a custom Dual Drve with Hardwood deck. Buy with complete confidence.

    • Thank you very much for going the extra mile and giving me replacement wheels at no charge, for my Stealth Metroboard. Best customer service I’ve seen in my 72 years.

    • My experience with purchasing this board has been nothing but quick responses and great customer service. Theres a reason the boards take about 3 weeks to make. Its cause they’re made in his basement, by hand, with parts made in the United States. Not mass produced in a chinese factory *cough *cough (enertion raptor). ILan and his team put pride into their work and produce every board as if it was theres, not just to push a product out the door and make money. I got the 41″ dual drive and all I have to say is POWER POWER POWER for days. If you want a board that is literally uncontrollably fast then this is the board for you. I had to leave it on the 5th setting for acceleration because I’m only 150lbs and the 9th setting about killed me. To sum it up though, the board may be more expensive than others, but this board is made to last many many years. I’m talking probably even decades with some replacement parts over time of course. Well worth the money and would definitely buy another.

    • I got my metroboard after 5 weeks of waiting (I live in Taiwan) but it’s worthy. It’s a premium e-board, built sturdy like a tank, very powerful and fun to carve. the caliber truck and 97mm Abec 11 wheels work fine and make riding a pleasure. I also upgrade LED light to 10W, it’s super bright and makes night ride even safer. the battery pack and drive train were well protected.
      Ilan respond very fast and patiently. if you care about customer service, metroboard is your choice
      the only downside is that it’s quite heavy, maybe a handle on the board would be fine and makes it easy to carry
      Overall, It’s not a cheap plastic toy, it’s a really tough board that would last for years

    • For a big guy, I have been consistently impressed with both the 41″ and the 29”. I’m 250lbs and I get good mileage and good power from both boards. They are extremely well-made. I think what surprises me the most is how sturdy and strong the board feels. With just a single motor I’m able to cruise at 20mph with ease and I get good mileage.
      What I did not expect when I received the board’s was the attention to detail in the build. This is not some cheap knock-off skateboard on the market. This is built to last and for many years. In the last month I have put a couple hundred miles on the boards and it has not given me any issues at all. The customer service and communication has been fantastic and at the end of the day that matters most in the big scheme of things. This is built in the USA so it’s really easy to deal with issues that might come up.

    • Well in the beginning I was no sure how good metroboard could be! But It ended out to be so good that I even want to make this brand even better because there is a lot of potential in their products.

    • What can I say about metro board that has not been said. I got the 29″mini it’s build like a tank. Ride amazing it’s my favorite eboard so far and I have 4 other one. It’s my every day board.. like every one say ILAN is amazing I was having some trouble shoot issues with my board and I email him about it. And it just so happens that he was in NYC visiting with his family he actually took the time to meet in person and took care of the problem for me. I don’t any other CEO would be willing to go out there way the ILAN did. Will definitely be order a new metroboard 40mile range is next on my list.

    • I waited a little over a month to write my review so I could touch on every opinion I might have. The metroboard is an incredible electric longboard. I got the 41 (maybe 40?) inch board, 40 miles range 97mm wheels. Here is a comprehensive review on each of the following categories which I think are most important.

      Range: Easily the best board on the market if you want that mileage. I did not buy this board to go on 40 mile trips, but rather ride as hard/long as I want without ever having to worry about running out of juice. 10/10 here, there is nothing to complain about.

      Speed: The board gets up to speed, 24mph. You might have to adjust the trim every once in a while on the remote if it gets bumped. The board goes really fast and you’ll find over 20mph is very fast unless you are on a straight away.

      Reliability: This is where the board shines. It has an incredible build quality as I am sure you have already read here. The reliability is the #1 reason I went with this board. I was ready to order an evolve board and saw people were having connectivity issues and safety on these things is really important. I have put about 200 miles on my board and not a single dropout or lag in the controller. The thing always connects and is extremely reliable.

      Customer service: People touch on this plenty so i’ll just say this; Ilan will answer your email in less than 24 hours and is more than willing to help. Had an issue with my wheels chunking and he sent me a new pair right away.

      Weight: Damn this beast is heavy! Seriously, you will not want to carry this thing around more than a few minutes. The 40 mile range at least makes this so heavy. I attached a kayak handle to the board with some bolts and it makes carrying the thing around 500x easier. I highly recommend it. Ilan if you are reading this, I recommend attaching these to your boards when you ship them (as an option)

      I am a student and this will be great getting me to and from class. I do not live far off campus but I got the 40 mile range because it is a hobby for me as well. I can’t recommend this board enough as it is the most reliable and fun board ever! I have tried boosted, evolve, acton and metroboard and metro is by far my favorite. Love the boosted, but hated riding for only 30 minutes.

      Happy riding!

    • Jesse Patterson
      July 13, 2017 5:02 am

      I’ve bought most of the bigger brand eboards, (a bit of an addict at 6 now) and metroboard really stands out for a couple of reasons. First, they are built like tanks, in the best way. They are built incredibly tough. The range is no joke. Ilan responds 24/7, to a degree that’s actually shocking to me. I couldn’t recommend this board enough.

    • Robert Canha
      July 7, 2017 3:21 pm

      I am new to the longboarding community. I purchased my first electric longboard through their website. My experience with metroboards has been without issue and the customer service is way beyond excellent to the point of unreason. For example, a few days after my purchase I noticed a discount for college students. I inquired about the discount after midnight Alaska Time and Ilan quickly applied the discount without question. Metroboards provides feedback in prompt fashion upon request generally within 24 hours or sooner. I am impressed with this company so far and will likely purchase with them in the future. – Rob Canha

    • Eli Varobayev
      May 11, 2017 8:59 pm

      no words.

      but here they are anyway
      ~~~~~~~~ this review is 30 days after receiving the product ~~~~~~~~~~~~

      first of all I need to say that I have never rode a long board or a sake board before.
      took me 2 days to learn and feel the limits (accelerating and breaking smoothly) and go for level 9 speed (top speed)
      and 5 more days for good and smooth turns, tough I’am still practicing to do sharper turns with more speed.
      and 1 more week to feel right to ride beside cars on the road, 0 accidents till now since I give extra caution when I ride near cars
      *please buyers be careful, it’s very dangerous*

      1. Costumer service is perfect, Ilan is responding really fast with a lot of patience.
      2. shipping came faster than the minimum that was advertised (takes 4 – 6 weeks, mine came in 3 weeks)
      3. ordered the 20 mile range, and always ended up with 50% battery after my long adventures trough the cities.
      4. 97mm wheels – can ride on everything

      so far I’m having fun, riding it almost every day, saves me money from using public transportation when I go early to work and of course time because of massive traffic. (I get to work in 20 minutes on my board, than one and a half hour by transportation early morning).

      I go out with friends a lot late at night (2 A.M – 4 A.M)
      what is more perfect than traveling and visiting between different bars and pubs late at night with a metro board with almost 0 traffic at that time, with friends who uses electric bike (they get jealous when they see me and my board).

      the amazing part is the feedback I get from strangers,, kids and adults all together.
      here and there when I wait for the red light to change, many people from the carscabs give me compliments.
      when I drive on the sidewalks, I get stopped by people sometimes saying that I look like a living commercial with that thing.

      the only downside that many reviewers already mentioned is that it’s really heavy, but that’s no one’s fault, not even the designer of this product, I don’t think it’s possible to make an electric board with top specs like metro board and make it lightweight
      but there is a solution to everything, I’m going to buy a carrying strip, or a carrying bag especially designed for an electric board

      I order many things and gadgets from the internet, ebay is my daily site I visit, getting like 10 products per month in average.
      so with that comes the criticizem with every product, so I never had a 10/10 product till this day.
      there is a first time to everything, and the first time for 10/10 has finally come.
      I got no complains (even tough the weight is a problem sometimes, but I’m going to fix it anyway)
      0 defects, and amazing costumer service , only because of the 101% costumer service you should consider buying from this company.
      and of course the specs are in the top, I pity people who buy boosted which it’s top range is 7 mile.
      you can use the same amount of money to buy from this company and get better specs.
      GT carboon/bamboo are high specs as well but it’s super expensive.
      metroboard is the best company to deliver a product that tops the price vs high end quality product.

      have a really nice day and I hope I convinced some skeptic buyers, go buy it now what are you waiting for, you won’t regret it I guarantee.

    • Mike Haydon
      May 2, 2017 6:05 pm

      I am so glad I found my metroboard !!

    • Hamilton Rodriguez
      February 25, 2017 6:08 pm

      Dual drive Metro board absolute beast !!

      I first started in the electric skateboard world with a yuneek ego it was fun , at least the first 2 weeks. 12 mph gets pretty boring even if it’s the first time long boarding. After multiple flaws and problems I started doing research for more powerful skateboards in my list was the boosted dual plus , evolve carbon gt and the enertion raptor. I did get a chance to try the boosted dual plus and it’s an awesome board but the 7 mile range sucks I got to point a to pint b but had to push half way back. After that yuneek went out on me had to buy a new battery for $299 couple of months after the board started to smell like burnt plastic and when I check it was burning the battery and the plastic protector itself , I wasn’t going to buy another battery so it will happened again and dealing with their customer service was awful .

      I was going to go with the carbon gt until the day before, I was going to buy it I decided to look up metro board for the las time, I did ruled metro off because I was comparing dual motor boards with a single motor board that actually was at the same performance but there is a lot of steep hills where I live and I didn’t want to risk it. So I came across the new dual drive metro board and luckily there was a huge discount, so I email them and 15 minutes later a reply with everything I needed to know. best customer service ever!!!!. So I got my order done,10 days Later, got a notification that the board was shipped way faster than advertised.

      I finally get the board looks awesome, not that great of packaging for a 1900 skate board but who cares its what’s inside what counts. So I got it with a full charge and WOW so much torque in that board and the range is as advertised riding it at full power. Took it to a 24 grade hill and it climbed up like nothing. Trucks are very nice and can carve very good, I did the Bearing upgrade and it’s a must the board rides so smooth and keeps the speed even when you’re not accelerating. All I can say is that is the best board ever only downside that I found was that the weight of the board is to heavy , and the motor mount it’s to low off the ground but at least the motor mount serves as a shield for the actual motor . I definitely love it best investment, worth every penny. Hope to see future improvements like all terrain wheels in the future.

    • Austin Valenzuela
      February 18, 2017 5:14 pm

      After doing hours of research, reading about how e-skates work, what different board stats equate to in real world riding, and getting personal impressions of different companies from forums like Reddit and esk8.com, I decided the best board for me would be the metro-board dual drive. I’m 6’4″ 230lbs, live in a very hilly area, and planned to use my board to commute to and from school, as well as around campus, which totals around 8-9 miles per day. The Boosted board was having too many battery issues, plus the range isn’t nearly what’s advertised if you’re heavy or ride a lot of hills. The Evolve Carbon AT was my next choice, but due to issues with Evolve’s remote, other Evolve owners telling me stories about their Evolve boards lacking in reliability, plus the 220lbs rider limit they put on their boards, I decided that wasn’t an option, and so, as I said, I decided to purchase a metro-board dual drive around the beginning of December 2016.

      My impressions:

      THE GOOD
      – 1st contact with Ilan was great. Called their number and he answered, gave me all the info I needed in a concise way, and advised me against paying extra for the upgraded bearings since I wanted a low maintenance board (i.e. He didn’t try to upswell me to make a buck. Also emailed several times to ask questions, and sometimes I’d get a reply within 2-3 minutes. Never have I waited more than 12 hours for a reply even since receiving the board.
      – Board arrived in less than 3 weeks, which was a pleasant surprise considering the other companies were estimating 2 month shipping times and/or only had kickstarters going.
      – This board is insanely powerful! I had no frame of reference until I was able to ride a friends Bamboo GT a couple weeks ago. Lemme tell you, this thing accelerates like a bat outta hell, and the acceleration curve is very smooth and linear. It also makes every hill its bitch. Like I said, I’m 230lbs, 250lbs with my backpack on, and I can ACCELERATE up the steepest hills San Diego has.
      – This thing is built like a tank. Some people don’t like the looks, but looks are subjective and I prefer the beefy look of the board over the other main boards out there.
      – Range is definitely around 25 miles as stated. After I get home from school, the board usually has 50-75% battery left. Sometimes it has 75-100%, depending on how much I ride around between classes, but considering my size and the number of hills on my commute, I am confident an average sized rider would get AT LEAST 25 miles from the battery under any riding conditions.
      – Carving on this board is incredible. I had no longboarding experience prior to getting my board, but I have been snowboarding for 24 years. Once I got comfortable on the board I started really trying to carve hard on it. I thought the stiffness of the board would make it not carve well, but whether it be the concavity of the deck, the height of the deck, the trucks, or any combination thereof, this thing really feels like I’m shredding down some nice groomer runs when I’m trying to carve hard. I also feel like the diagonal placement of the motors makes it feel more like carving on a snowboard, because the power is under your back heel when carving backside, and under your front toe when carving toeside (if you ride regular)
      – This thing is as tough as it looks. I’ve had numerous run-ins with biggish rocks, unseen cracks, raised slabs of concrete etc. and although I’ve scratched up the board quite a bit, it just keeps goin.

      THE BAD
      – My board came with blue headlights although the description said it would have white front lights. I ride at night a lot, and the blue headlights don’t cast enough of a shadow for rocks and cracks. This was easily fixed by contacting Ilan and he sent me out replacement white headlights with instructions on how to replace them free of charge. If you plan on riding at night I suggest you request white headlights.

      – The brakes are by no means jerky, however if you get up enough speed and don’t apply the brakes very smoothly the board will jerk to one side when you initially apply the brakes. This was something I had to get used to, but I now ride with the brakes at level 4 and have a good feeling for how the board will react under hard braking so it’s no longer an issue.That being said, if you’re new to the board, I would only suggest using brake level 1 because it uses the back motor to brake and you’ll avoid being tossed or getting wobbly under hard braking.

    • Justin Voluck
      January 28, 2017 8:51 am

      I have been riding electric boards for six years. I have purchased nearly every high-end board and built quite a few. I decided to invest in a metro-board 41″ stealth version not only because I like the specs BUT because Ilan gives the absolute best customer service! This is so important because on occasion all electric boards will need parts and/or service and if you can’t get it…your board will sit and remain useless indefinitely. You will certainly have this problem if you opt for a cheaper Chinese made board. Spend the extra money and buy a metro-board made in the USA!

      The Metro-board 41″ stealth is the smoothest riding board I’ve ever owned and the 97mm Abec wheels do a great job absorbing vibration, getting over cracks and bumps, while gripping the pavement like an Italian sports car. It also carves unbelievably! I attribute this to it’s amazing trucks and ultra lightweight! I chose the 20 mile battery pack for the perfect balance of range and weight. It’s certainly light enough to pick it up and carry with you for lengthy periods of time. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase and every time I step onto the board it brings a large smile to my face!

    • After alot of research and emailing back and forth with Ilan I finally decided on metroboard for its quality build and great customer service. After owning the board for about 6 months I feel like I can give this board a great review. I got the 40 mile battery back with the upgraded wheels and bearings. Totally worth the upgrade big wheels and smooth bearings. I’ve only encountered small issues which was fixed easily. The trucks were a bit squeaky at first since it was new few shavings of wax fixed it right up. Battery calibration was off ilan told me the instructions to re calibrate it and it worked fine. Over all I feel like this board is built like a tank and will last a while. I’ve never depleted the batteries whole 40 miles but it is nice to ride without worrying about how far I’ve gone. The new RF remote is very responsive never had any disconnecting issues whatsoever. Only complaint is that it is on the heavier side but that’s what comes with the huge batteries. Overall I would highly recommend this board.

      • Metroboard is a great company with fantastic eskates and excellent customer service. I have had a blast with my stealth dual beast!! Congrats on you getting your board!! I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

    • Ilan,
      First things first …Thank you!

      You answered all my questions quickly and in detail. I received the completed e-board today and it’s amazing. Quality of the build is clear! I’m already planning on having you build a dual motor set up. Build like a tank and very clean design. I couldn’t be happier.

      A+++ if you are looking for an e-board Ilan is you man.

      Blue skies

    • Orlando Collazo
      December 19, 2016 12:02 pm

      The board arrived faster than I expected. I purchased the metro board stealth and could not be happier . Built like a tank. I read the directions and put my helmet on . I was carving up and down my street 10 minutes after I opened the box . Could not be happier. got the 20 mile battery but I’m sure my legs will wear out before the battery does. would not hesitate to recommend to any of my friends that want a electric longboard . Ilan is a pleasure to deal with, Quick responses to my questions even at two in the morning .( does this guy sleep?) The board rides very smooth and fast enough for me . once again could not be happier .

    • Bought a slim stealth with 40 mile range and have had it for a month now and it has never let me down. The single motor with a 20mph top speed is great for me as a beginner. Ilan shipped me new front lights and they were very easy to change! The RC remote has never dropped out on me once, totally reliable.

      Overall 10/10

    • I was looking for a solid reliable eskate, and although I own other boards for different reasons there was something that was just undeniable about Metroboards and this company. After looking at Metroboards for a while I finally decided to go with the stealth dual setup. I had messaged Ilan back and forth with questions and he never once got upset with having to respond. He got back to me quickly, actually the quickest out of any company that I have ever delt with. I felt very comfortable in making my purchase. I was given very clear and detailed instructions on everything that has to with this board. I can tell that this company was on top of things and took the time to make sure everything was well thought out. I received the dual beast faster than I had expected. I opened the box and there were a million and one styrofoam peanuts in the box and I was trying my best to get the board and its contents out with creating snowmageddon all over the floor lol. I finally get the board out and get it unwrapped and wow!! This is a great looking board with nice lines, super solid build quality and beefy motors!! I turned the board on and the led’s were super bright and eye catching. I couldn’t wait to try it out. I had already read the instructions and precautions a week before because Ilan had sent those to me by pdf in case people want to read up on the board before they received it. I was familiar with how everything worked and so I took it out for its debut. This board has some ridiculous power! You will have an adjustment period to get use to the massive torque.If you pull too quickly on the trigger and you don’t have your stance correct it will snap you back and I mean way back. You’ll land in a moment in time when you first opened the box and took it out lol. I got adjusted to the torque and headed for a cruise. The 97mm ABEC 11 flywheels are smooth as butter and I was able to carve better than any other eskate board that I had been on thus far. I mean I was doing complete circles within a 6′ radius. Thus far the remote had never lost connection with the board at all and its connection range is to the point where I let the board walk on its own and I could barely see the board anymore. That’s seriously a hell of a long distance. Getting back to the ride which was so comfortable and I thought it wasn’t going to be because of the stiff deck but once again this board is so sturdy and those ABEC’s make it smoother than even the (cough) boosted for which I own as well. This slight kicktail was a very smart move by Metroboard. It has helped tremendously! I haven’t maxed out the battery yet and I’m finding it very hard to. This board will no doubt give you the full 25 miles and I’m a 200lbs guy. I wouldn’t be surprised if it gave me more than that. I had a friend pace me with his car and he said I hit 22mph and this was on flat land so I’m very impressed that I was able to reach and hold that speed. The weight of the board didn’t feel as heavy as I thought it would feel in my hands. After all, it is 24lbs but it felt lighter. Yes, there are boards out there that are lighter and faster and sleeker but I wanted a board that does what it was advertised as and that doesn’t let me down. This board passed all of my expectations. I have named the beast CYBORG. Just yesterday I went up a 20% grade hill and was accelerating as I was going up and kept accelerating. People were looking at me puzzled. They couldn’t understand how I was going up a hill that fast lol. If you’re thinking about getting a Metroboard and you want a solid well-built machine and a company with incredible customer service then don’t think and just go ahead and pull the trigger.

    • I started to look at electric skateboards because I have been skateboarding since age 10 and now that I am older with back issues it hurts the back to kick push a skateboard. I started having my dog pull me around the block. The feeling of flying around on a skateboard again was amazing, however my dog was completely unmanageable and had some bad spills so I started to look online at electric skateboards. I looked at all brands and pricing and METROBOARD stood out. The looks, range and the way they where built sparked my attention to this brand. I gave METROBOARD a call and Ilan answers all my questions and felt very comfortable to purchase it from him. When I received my first 41 inch stealth with the twenty mile range I was so excited to ride it! Once on the board I was a kid again! The feeling was awesome!! I do a lot of surfing and with two kids don’t get as much time in the water. With the METROBOARD I can carve any street and get as many stand up tree barles as I need!! Just imagining the bottom turn and the barrel set up is pure stoke!! My young kids ride on it with me as I take them to school and every dad is like wow now that is the way to go to school! When I saw the dual drive come out I had to get one! What an amazing board! Can power me up almost any hill at 220 lbs! The customer service is amazing!! You will not find that in any other brand. METROBOARD is the only way to go. I ride mine almost everyday!!

    • Fletch Nelson
      November 6, 2016 9:50 pm

      I got a 20 mile on a custom deck – wasn’t sure if this was the “right” board to get with all the options out there. I live in WA so I emailed Ilan and asked if I could drive down and test one out – turned out Dan was actually up near me and he stopped by and demo’d the board for me!

      OK, so the customer service is already awesome, but how was the board? Incredibly fast, torquey and fun 😀 I’ve owned it for several months now and put hundreds of miles on it, it still is a huge thrill. I’ve upgraded from the IR remote to the RF remote, and changed the pulley from 18t to 20t for better top speed.

      Some people criticize the design for being “bolted on” to a deck rather than integrated in the deck. However I love this feature, I have swapped decks at home and got a whole new riding feel 😀

      The design is incredibly robust with the welded motor mount and all metal battery box. The only maintenance I’ve had to do is tightening the belt or removing rocks from the belt (I think this is similar to all belt driven designs). The battery is still holding up great after tons of charges.

      One last thing – when I removed the motor for some maintenance I accidentally un-did the hall effect sensor. DONT DO THIS! It doesn’t really have any physical alignment feature, you won’t be able to realign it yourself correctly. I sent it in to Ilan for tuning and mentioned I really wanted it back by that weekend so I could ride – they sent me a whole new motor (!!!) and I made the weekend ride! Absolutely incredible customer service. 5 stars!

    • What an awesome purchase is all I have to say!

      I’ve wanted to not push my skateboards from a kid and Ilan has brought that dream to life for sure!

      I also like the others have ordered the long distance stealth board and opening the box was like xmas thats for sure. The colours of the wheels just popped and the board looked amazing!

      I had it out in no time and had ripped all over the town by the first two days and the smile just keeps getting bigger. The only thing slowing me down now is our Canadian west coast wet weather, I know it won’t last forever!

      Customer service has been amazing like everyone else has mentioned so don’t hesitate to email them if you have any questions!

      Thanks again Metro-board! I can’t wait to show my board off more! Its awesome!


      • “Ive wanted to not push my skateboards from a kid and Ilan has brought that dream to life”
        This was the exact reason I had to have one

    • INTRO:

      I decided to buy an electric skateboard because of my need to get around campus easier (I’m a college student and getting from class to class on time proved to be a challenge when you only had 5 minutes travel time to get from building to building.)

      I’ll start with when I purchased the Metroboard.

      I decided to go for the 41 inch STEALTH with all the goodies (MOC 9, 97MM wheels, 40 Mile Battery Pack). I had a few questions and called ILAN to clarify. He responded within LITERALLY a few minutes of when I emailed him and was quickly on the phone. He cleared up any questions and clarifications I had in a respectful and friendly manner, so customer service gets full marks.

      Once I had confirmed my questions, I was ready to order. ILAN even offered a free carrier strap with my order (I opted for the black wheels and the new R/C remote)! I was informed of the three week building and shipping time through email, and I was surprised by the support when I had questions about the time to build and first time uses.

      As I waited, I realized I needed the board sooner than the original wait time (my bike had broken down and I couldn’t get it fixed anywhere near me) and I contacted ILAN through email if there was any way I could speed up the shipping. Yet again, I was happy on how he had responded within hours of sending the email. He informed me that he would apply a 2 day priority shipping once the board was built. AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!

      As soon as it shipped, ILAN sent me an email providing instructions and recommendations that were easy to follow and helpful to read up on while I waited to get my board. After 2 and a half weeks of ordering, the Metroboard had come to my dorm. I checked the instructions once again and decided to give it a test drive.


      As soon as I picked it up, I noticed that it was more on the heavy side. Don’t be surprised when you start having a tough time transporting the thing indoors, because the term “built like a tank” is no understatement to its weight as well. Fortunately I purchased the single motor 3000 watt one, so I realized I could roll the front side of the board facing the ground like it was a suitcase without damaging the electronics on the motorized end.

      The learning curve was fairly simple to grasp. It took me a good 10 minutes or so understanding how the board works and whats an optimal start to get on the board and ride.

      Despite its hefty weight, its built very sturdy. I can tell by just holding the board that its made with the best materials and won’t be breaking anytime soon with the proper use. Many would think that it’s weight would make the board slower, but that is not the case with this Metroboard. The speed stays true to its name (20mph max) with no compensations. The 97mm wheels are phenomenal. They make the ride so smooth and bump free when going over small rocks or sidewalks.

      The amount of control and stability you have on this board is exceptional. I felt very stabilized when cruising at any speed and the turning is top notch (thanks to the killer trucks). The remote is a bit on the sensitive side (regardless of which setting you put it on accelerating or braking), but it didn’t take me long to get a feel for it and adjust. The remote requires two AA batteries, and two are provided in the packaging so you don’t have to worry about having to purchase batteries for the first use (however its best to have extra batteries in case the remote dies).


      All in all, the Metroboard is a great product. I get looks of awe from people and skateboarders alike. Its a shame that the name “boosted board” is first words that come to people’s minds when they ask about this. For the price, the boosted board’s variant pales in comparison (if you don’t mind the weight on the Metroboard). The features this product boasts compared to its competitors is no joke. Everything has lived up to expectations and I have had no complaints so far. I will do my best to update this review so that those who are thinking of purchasing one are assured the top tier service and a quality product.

    • Edward Tooley Tooley (RD23737)
      October 10, 2016 4:12 pm

      I saw a video on electric skateboards, then started watching many videos. I knew that I have not rode a skateboard in over 30 years. I didnt even have it to long. But I knew when I saw that Metroboard,” I said to myself, that has to be fun” for a older middle age man! I then ordered my Longboard. There customer service was great and they were super helpful. My board had to be shipped oversea . When I received this board it was in great shape, and was ready to go , right out of the box! I took it very slow, and now doing better each time that I ride. There is only one word needed to describe this board,”Fabulous”. When I ride this longboard with those beautiful powerful blue and red lights, all people look. And the One word that comes out of their mouth is “cool” !!

    • I just got my metro board today delivered in the morning by fedex. I got the stealth edition one with 40 miles on it and that’s a lot of miles. I got the green abec 11 flywheels 97mm wheels. Let me tell you when I opened it I loved it right away I took it out of the box and yes it was heavy but not to bad. I took it out for my first ride not to long ago. But man when I pulled the trigger on the remote I like jumped off it had so much power to it so be careful when you pull the trigger on it pull it very very gently. Once I got on the streets and started going little by little I became more comfortable with the board. But my only problem so far is the braking i pushed the trigger out and it kicks me off the board to so make sure to train your self on how to break gently. Anyways i have skateboard before so it was kind of easy to do it I just had to train myself to remember what being on a board feels like. Usually I ride my bmx bike every where I will keep on riding bmx bikes forever but I wanted one of these for transportation to work and to just have fun and cruise around on it. I Am 19 years old and live in Canada ON, I weigh about 180LBs. I found out about metroboard through YouTube and watching their videos which were really interesting if you want go check out there channel at MetroBoard Electric Skateboard. Overall so far so good for my first ride and great board also I would also like to say the customer service from info@metro-board.comis great ILAN was really nice and very helpful to me in every way thank you so much ILAN for your help!!! Keep up the good work Metroboard you guys shall go far in life an make your business bigger and go even more viral if we all share the news about your great business.

    • So, I’m coming up on 2 weeks of owning a Metroboard.

      I’ve posted a few ride videos on my Youtube channel and I’m sure I will post a few more.
      Anyone is welcome to subscribe to my channel as I’m about to travel the globe with my Metroboard, hitting up at least a dozen countries from Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

      Here are the YouTube links:

      The overall experience is pretty amazing. I got the Mack Daddy of Metroboads, the 41″ Metroboard Slim Electric Longboard – STEALTH EDITION with 97 mm Flywheels, Oust Moc-9 bearings, and the 40-mile range battery.

      Here’s a list of my takeaways:
      The overall design is great. It’s very durable, it’s built like a tank and carves excellent.
      I’m still riding on level 4 out of 9. I started riding on skill level one, then needed to bump it up to 2 to take on hills. Level 4 provides just enough boost and plenty of speed. When I say plenty of speed, I mean, passing bikes, keeping up with cars in city traffic. I also ride several paths and biking trails so I need to exercise plenty of caution and when it’s crowded. The board likes to attract dogs and young children. So it’s good to ride at a controlled speed when there are lots of people around.

      The range on this board is INSANE!
      Here’s an Instagram picture of a 20-mile ride I took. After the ride, I still had at least 50% battery!

      Also this last Friday I did a couple of loops around the Willamette River waterfront, (posted on YouTube). I Rode from about 4:00pm to 6:30pm, took a break for dinner and shot a nice time-lapse of the waterfront with my camera. Then at 7:30pm, I hopped back on my board to ride the streets of downtown Portland. I definitely turned a lot of heads on the thing. I probably could have sold 20 of these boards as people were very curious as they saw me coming down the block. It was after dark and the lights on the board made me very visible to what limited traffic was out on a Friday night. In addition, I have a helmet light with white flashing light facing front and red flashing light facing the rear. I was a lot of fun carving up the streets of PDX, including the Park Blocks and definitely made a splash on Broadway. Portland, I love your bike lanes!! at 9:00pm my battery was starting to get low, but I was able to cruise over the Hawthorne Bridge and make it back to my car by about 9:30pm So 2.5 hours + 2 hours = 4.5 hours of riding.

      One thing very important to note is safety gear should be worn at all times while riding. A helmet at the very least. You may be in control, but one of my scariest moments was coming down a hill, and encountering a Ford F-350 Pickup making a right turn/California Stop and the guy was looking left, not even looking in my direction as he was turning. I panicked and bailed off the board. Landed on my feet, board crashed into a curb (at least it didn’t roll into traffic), and I yelled at the driver for not paying attention.

      I never got to use the old remote, but the new RC remote does an incredible job. The break can be a little touchy, but with a gentle, steady touch, you can cruise to a nice stop. Also not a good idea to yank back hard on the throttle. Plenty of torque.

      Hills: I’ve gone up some of the steepest grades with ease. Going down, I obviously ride the brake. My biggest fear with this would be going down a hill and the remote gives out or I lose power, so I cruise down hills at a sensible speed with the option to bail off if something bad happens. Once again, another reason to wear a helmet and protection. Along with a helmet, I wear wrist guards, elbow pads, and knee pads.

      The 97mm wheels can take just about anything, but the smoother the surface, the better the ride.

      The trucks come nice and loose. Perfect for carving.

      Charging. It takes about 4 hours from a near dead battery.

      In summary, I’m glad I didn’t settle for anything else. I can only imagine how horrible the boards made overseas are with limited battery life and power. The first board I was considering was a Boosted Dual +, but for the way I ride, 14 miles is very limited, and I’d feel pretty bad having to spend time during the day recharging. It seems like this company has been in the business for about 10 years and they know what they are doing. I would highly recommend the Metroboard over anything else on the market today and I would love to see an off-road option as there are so many great trails in Oregon just waiting to be rode.

      If anyone wants to ride with me or has any further questions, hit me up anytime. I’m always on YouTube.

      Next stop: San Diego

    • Metroboard Review: The Pros and Cons

      I’ve been skateboarding/long boarding for 30 years. I’m not the best but really enjoy it. I rode my first eboard 2 years ago and instantly wanted one. That started my search.

      I spent the last 2 years researching eboards and the top companies manufacturing them. I even looked into the DIY route but decided against it because I didn’t want to put the time into it and liked the idea of a company backing my entry into the eboard experience.

      I discovered Metroboard pretty early on in my search. I didn’t think initially it was the right option for me because the remote seemed weird and complicated. That was a deal breaker for me. I wanted something smooth and responsive and didn’t want to have to worry about drop outs in connection.

      Once they changed over to the new RF remote I pulled the trigger (pun intended). I have had my Metroboard for 2 weeks now. I opted for the stealth 20 mile version with 83mm Abec flywheels. I’m no expert but here are my initial thoughts.

      The Pros:
      It’s Long.
      41″ long. I’m a big dude 6’5″, 210lbs. I needed a longer board to achieve my desired stance. This is why I ruled out boosted…too short. Same with the evolve bamboo and the marbel board (marbel’s customer service and reliability were also a big turn off). I also didn’t want a “flexy” board. I’m accustomed to riding stiff boards…I like them better. The stealth has very little flex.

      I liked the idea of being able to use my own deck if I didn’t like the stealth deck. Turns out I like the stealth deck so far and don’t see a need to swap it out. But nice to know I can. This is the advantage that comes from not building all the electronics into the deck.

      Power and Distance.
      It has a lot of torque. I’ve made it up some pretty steep hills and it does well. I’ve never ridden a dual drive board but it doesn’t seem necessary for my purposes. I also needed a board that I could ride for more than an hour without needing a recharge. It has 9 skill settings. I leave it on 7 and it’s more than adequate for my needs. I did an 18 mile ride the other night and still had some gas left in the tank. I don’t doubt the 20 mile claim. 18 miles took me 90 minutes. That’s enough riding time to make you sore without a rest. Can’t see a need for more range.

      Too soon to tell. It looks and feels solid. Much more robust than the evolve carbon I’ve ridden. Everything seems to be well thought out and the fit and finish are top notch. I’ve put 100 miles on it and so far so good. No rattles or annoying sounds. I had to tighten the belt after the first ride but this is normal. I’ll update if I have any problems. Metroboard is not a new-comer to the eboard market. They have years of solid experience and that hopefully translates into reliability.

      The Remote.
      I like it. It’s not as bulky as I thought it was going to be. The throttle response is smooth and responsive, so is the braking. No delays and it feels safe at top speed in any environment. It was immediately comfortable and has no learning curve. Would I prefer a smaller remote…yes. But the remote is awesome and works as it should. No pairing required. Just turn it on and it works. Takes 2 AA batteries and they last forever. I haven’t changed them yet. Haven’t had any signal dropouts.

      The Lights.
      I thought I wouldn’t like them and they would be cheesy. But when the board arrived and I started riding I immediately appreciated the lights. They make night riding possible and they actually look cool. I don’t know why every eboard manufacturer doesn’t have lights. You can turn the lights off if you want but I like them on.

      Customer Service.
      This is one of the main reasons I chose Metrobord. Ilan is the man. I emailed him a few questions before buying. It was 11:00 at night on a weekend. He responded within an hour. Who does that? I have contacted him multiple times since the purchase with questions. I had a problem with one of my bushings and he immediately sent out a new one…for free! He is always very responsive and helpful. Every business could learn something from this guy! It makes me feel good knowing that if I have problems down the road he will back up his product.

      Best bang for the buck out there right now. When factoring in distance, speed, and torque nothing comes close…other than possibly DIY. Mine was $1300 out the door.

      Top speed. Metroboard advertises a 20mph top speed. Real world is more like 18. If you get 97mm wheels (which I will be getting) you will get closer to 20. The top speed feels fast at first and truth is it’s probably fast enough for most riding situations. When I’m on a flat, smooth, long road I find myself wishing I had a few more mph. My brother has an evolve carbon street (gen2) and his top speed is faster at 22mph. But I can smoke him off the line and climb much steeper hills! It seems Metroboard has consciously made the decision to preference torque and acceleration over top speed. I would prefer more top speed…even at the expense of torque/acceleration. But I realize not everyone feels the same way.

      Weight. It’s not light. 17/18 lbs with the 20 mile battery. It’s not unmanageable but I wouldn’t want to carry it for more than a couple of blocks.

      Overall I’m very pleased with my Metroboard. I think Metroboard is underrated and often overlooked. It doesn’t look as slick as the boosted but I think it looks great…and it doubles the range at a lower price. It doesn’t have the top end speed of the Evolve but it has a lot more torque than Boosted or Evolve’s single drive boards and it’s cheaper. I’m pleased with my purchase and would buy it again. You can’t go wrong with the Metroboard!

    • Got my stealth board about about a month ago, Probably the best decision of my life… My car really only moves in the rain this summer. Going into it the three most important things I was looking for in an electric board was customer service, power and speed, and distance on a charge. Customer service(ILan) is incredible answers any question anytime of the day quickly and very helpful with any problems you may have(even though you probably wont have any problems). Power and speed; I weigh 225 lbs so i knew i needed a board with a powerful motor and I wanted to go up hills, even at my weight this thing is so fast and goes up any hill Ive tested it with, A+ on the 3000 watt motor. The different battery options make an insane 40 mile range possible, I got the 15 mile and it gets me everywhere I need to go and back every time. The stealth board rides smooth, looks sweet, the lights are sick, I like the remote, people freak out when they see you ride it, made my summer 1000x better. Check out my youtube page for a gopro review video coming soon! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCipMYsgSJOu6vSH4QcIusbw

    • I’ve finally completed enough time & mileage (about 2 months & 100 miles) with my Metroboard Slim Stealth to give a review. I purchased one with a 40 mile battery pack and 97mm wheels at an unfortunate cost of about $1600. Pricey I know, but so far…completely worth it.

      Board Design:

      The board is insanely heavy at 25lbs. This is mostly due to the extra batteries needed in order to achieve 40 miles in a single run. You are not gonna wanna carry this board for more than a block or two without a sling unless you’re looking to get some weight training in between rides. There is a 10, 15, & 20 mile version though with the 10 miler weighing in at a more reasonable 15-16 lbs (and a more reasonable $1150 price tag) depending on your wheel size choice. The board looks & feels like a tank. If the military designed an electric skateboard this would be it. The design and color scheme are minimalist. There’s lights you can switch on & off for night riding visibility. The board will also communicate it’s status (battery level, technical issues, etc) with you via audible beeps so you don’t have to take your eyes of the road. This is board that’s built for its job and nothing else. There’s no flash or excess…this board was built to get you where you’re going or die trying. The board is loooong at 41”x10”, but it suits me perfectly at 6’4”. It’s one of the few boards I can achieve a nice wide stance on. It’s metal & wood with no unnecessary plastic. They didn’t cut corners or cheap out to keep costs down. It’s never had once hiccup whatsoever & has been nothing but rock solid reliable. Taken it on everything from Chicago’s Lakefront Trail on 20 mile runs to rush hour commuting in the heart of downtown. Bridges, rough pavement, crappy sidewalk, smooth bike lanes…this board has seen it all & taken it with ease. It’s definitely a high dollar item but it has construction that matches. The 40 mile range is as advertised.


      A slightly slimmer than usual 2A brick style charger. It takes about 3-4 hours to fully charge the 40 mile pack…so quite fast considering the size of the batteries. There’s no fan which I’m thankful for & the power cord is removable so it can be stowed in a large jacket pocket or backpack easily. If you get the 40 mile version though you’ll never need to worry about charging at your destination or running out of juice again.


      My biggest issue with the Metroboard is the remote. It’s probably the most unique aspect of the board and people are either gonna love it or hate it. Instead of a bluetooth remote, which is the industry standard, the Metroboard has an IR remote with cruise control. Metroboard opted to go with IR instead of Bluetooth to avoid dropouts which IMO is a mixed bag. The remote looks like an obese Nintendo Wiimote & instead of a slider for braking & acceleration has two buttons on the front for each. Operation works by depressing the accelerator button & then ramping up the speed by moving a joystick on the top of the remote forward. Once you reach your desired speed, you let go of the joystick, & you will maintain that speed until you let go of the accelerator. Braking works in a similar fashion. You can also check your battery level by flicking the joystick up or activate the completely too quiet & basically worthless bell flicking it down. The biggest issue with the IR remote is that you have to keep it in your lead hand and have the transmitter pointed towards the receiver at the front of the board or it won’t work. If it’s cloudy, dusk, or night you can just point it in the general direction of the receiver but in bright daylight you’ve got to be a little more precise. Additionally, there’s a whole procedure you’ll have to follow if you ride with other Metroboarders so your remotes work properly as you can’t all be on the same frequency. While I applaud the developers for trying to come up with a solution for bluetooth remote disconnections, I never actually experienced any with either of my other boards (Marbel or Yuneec), so it was never really an issue for me to begin with. I definitely hated the remote when I first tried it because I often kept the remote on my other boards in my rear hand & was used to the slider type remote. As time has gone on though I’ve really come to love the Metroboard remote. The cruise control function is perfect for long cruises & lessens finger fatigue. I also really appreciate how the remote is always on & I don’t have to power on the board and the remote and wait for them to sync before taking off. I also like that the remote has a removable power source (three AAA’s or you can order a rechargeable Lithium pack from Metroboard) so if the internal battery dies you don’t have to buy a whole new remote. I still think that the slider design is easier to access for the general population but Metroboard’s remote has a lot of things going for it. I think the ideal remote would be the exact same Metroboard design but with Bluetooth instead of IR.


      Smooth…really really buttery smooth. The board in the 40mi/97mm wheel configuration rides like a dream. It’s extremely stable but I still get enough feedback from the road that I don’t get a false sense of comfort. The 97mm wheels are a must for anyone who’s going to be riding through a large metropolitan area with rough pavement & transitioning from sidewalk to street frequently. The 10” Caliber II Kingpin trucks are robust but coupled with the perfect concavity of the board allow the it to carve surprisingly well for its giant size. The board allows significant customization of your acceleration & braking. You can choose from 9 different acceleration sensitivities & 4 different braking modes so you can really fine tune the board to your liking. Acceleration is smooth overall & the board has a surprising amount of torque for a single 18mm belt design. The board maxes out at 20mph (which is fast enough for 90% of my riding) and will do it in as little as 2 seconds depending on the acceleration mode. Hill climbing is shockingly easy as taking a 15% grade hill was a breeze. Braking is perfectly done. Hitting the red brake button will slowly bring you to a stop & pressing the brake while pushing forward on the joystick will bring you to a halt very quickly. Kickpushing the board if the batteries die is next to impossible in the 40mi configuration due to the weight but might be more realistically possible in the 10-15mi versions.

      Customer Service:

      Not something I normally think about since my other two boards are a Yuneec E-Go and a Marbel. The Yuneec is a Chinese board so CS is basically nonexistent and Marbel just has Misti, the only CS person working there as far as I can tell, and they’re slow & difficult to reach…not to mention have the worst reputation in the business. Marbel tries I guess but it consistently disappoints me. Metroboard on the other hand, has what I’ve found to be one of the best CS out of almost any business I’ve come across ever. Every time I’ve emailed them whether it’s been a question about the board or advice on accessories they’ve responded the same day sometimes within the same hour of my email. I was particularly happy when after inquiring which longboard sling they recommended for the board, they threw in one for free! Granted they’re a small company with a small consumer base, but the level of attention & dedication to their customers impresses me. From what I’ve heard from other Metroboard owners, any issues that arise with the board are handled promptly & they try to allow you with their guidance to fix the board yourself before having to send it back in so you lose as little time with the board as possible. Parts are available once you’re outside of the 6 month warranty period for a very reasonable prices & shipping is fast.


      It’s a near perfect board for the serious electric skateboard enthusiast & it’s built to last. The range is unparalleled, the construction is superb, & the ride is spectacular. If you’re looking for a rock solid board that will get you around without fail this is it. It doesn’t have insane speed like Longhaired Boy or the Evolve GT & it isn’t super lightweight like Stary or Marbel but it’s just excellent all around. Additionally, hardly any company save Boosted takes care of its customers as well as Metroboard does. The Metroboard IMO is an underrated, underappreciated gem.

      Images: https://imgur.com/a/R7Gqi

    • I have purchased the 41″ Metroboard Slim Electric Longboard 20 mile battery 97mm wheels.What sold me was the customer service I received at 11:30 on a Tuesday night very impressed.I researched electric boards for a few weeks before deciding on this board. The 20mile range 3000watt motor , inferred remote and Metroboards track record are just what I was looking for. I have not ridden a skate board for 43 years and I need to say it was very easy to get on this board and ride. Starting at level 5 I was able to move to level 7in no time. The board accelerates quick and smooth to top speed. I have tested on a hill clime on a very steep climb with a vertical of 300 feet. The braking held my speed all the way down the steep grade then had the power to climb all the way back up . This trail starts at river level and climbs 300 feet over about a 1/4 mile with switch backs.Very impressed because my electric bike will not make this climb.I have ridden this board to work many times saving me tons on gas ,it also makes it to work as fast as my bike or car lots of fun.The quality is very good the motor is very well built I have worked with motors like this and never seen one this well built. I find adjusting the belt very easy. ( watch for little rocks getting stuck in the motor sprocket) Other than that this board is a solid fun ride. Yes I would buy again from Metroboard. The shipping was fast .Thanks Ilan for this great board. My First ride here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYowq_bhfKY

    • I am very happy with the 20mile battery, 97 mm wheels, Elers Deck and high level of customer service. I have been using my metro board for a year now and am totally happy with it. I do suggest that when buying a electric skate board to buy a Metroboard. I use my board to commute and for pleasure. I am the 48 year old in San Francisco with white hair cruising around. Cheers.

    • Fantastic product! I purchased the stealth edition with 15 mile battery pack and wow! Such a blast! Tons of people check me out and are like “wtf how is he not pumping and just smashing that hill?!” These boards are a great way to get around. I do recomend that people get the larger wheels if they plan on transitioning from sidewalk to road because the smaller ones are more meant for street use and carving. I give this board a 10/10!!!!

    • João Abruzzini
      May 2, 2016 9:43 am

      It’s been 3 months and I just needed a couple of rides to judge that my Metroboard was spot on. From the first email to delivery the attention to customer satisfaction was amazing. The decision was taken after reading these reviews posted – Ilan is simply the best entrepreneur in this segment with the best product. The others are behind in one or more aspects but the video material could improve though.
      Anyway, the skate is amazing, the best reactions came from the kids. The 95 wheels are safe, the remote does not consume as much as I thought, the deck is cool, the motor is clearly the best. All combined perfect to surf skate an endless summer in Dubai. Thank you!

    • Chris Coulson
      April 24, 2016 4:10 am

      I feel like people are breaking their necks when they see me fly past them on the road! This thing has some serious power!!

      Both from the start and when accelerating you feel the 3,000 Watts vs the boosted boards 2,000 Watts. I’ll say the ride is like a Cadillac Escalade with its all black finish and smooth carving but still holding a serious punch when your ready for it.

      Ilan has really helped me from the beginning with almost immediate responses to my emails and great attention to helping me get this thing half way around the world to South Korea. Exceeding my expectations I give my highest recommendation to the company and this product.

    • Great Odin´s Raven this is a excellent piece of equipment! Did my research weeks on end, compared all the info, online comments, specs, tech used and finally settled on Metroboard.

      TL;DR – Did my first 100miles on the stealth. Commute includes curbs, good + bad roads, bike paths and streets full of cars– i weigh 75kg. Definitely 100% happy with the responsiveness, i thought i wanted to tighten up the trucks a bit, but as they are, they carve like a dream. The 75a 97mm wheels were a good choice. Also, i cross a bridge with a 20-25% incline and although you hear that the motor is pushing, speeds stays constant. The power is there. High torque brushless outrunner, you know the specs. The stealth has a top speed 20mph which is probably as fast as i want to go. Lets just say my environment doesnt motivate higher speeds as Bogotá is chaotic. Yes, made with great materials, high-level construction, eye for detail and thoughtful design choices. Cant go wrong.

      The IR: Im still at the beginning of my learning curve, but, whenever the sun has been out full force, although it responded good, i do feel every now and then that you need to point it straight into receiver direction. I knew that beforehand, so no complaints. Did ask Ilan for his input and he said maybe change the batteries. I did, twice now, and with full batteries better performance – so it might be that the rechargeable batteries i use drain fast as when fresh, i can point almost anywhere in mid-daylight and have a responsive board.

      The Stealth will communicate with you through tones, which works fine for me. Tones for battery level, circuit breaker, ringing bell etc – take a moment to understand, but then become second nature. The bell could be a bit louder as a previous reviewer said. Did encounter hard breaking situations where the driving belt slipped, remote gave me 8 monotone beeps, i slowed down; also asked Ilan and he gave instant clear explanations even on a Sunday night. Yes, customer service is top-notch.

      The 20mile battery seems to get me a bit farther than the actual 20 miles. Very happy with that. Im also pleasantly surprised by the size. Thought it was going to be bulky but everything looks clean, sleek, really fantastic. The charging is fast enough, haven’t put a stopwatch next to it but at a full drain you´ll be a couple of hours and then good to go. Lights are great by the way, super bright, i leave them on. People will see you coming, enhances safety.

      Trucks and Carving:
      Give yourself a couple of days and these wheels will have you carving like mad! Its a sweet ride, surfing the streets. My board is the 2016 version, a new design, check the video, and i really can’t imagine having a flat board as these curvy ones are so lush. Just what i want. Needless to say my daily grind has been added the right amount of adventure.

      All in all a great experience. To get back on a skateboard after many years and coming to an electric one with enough range and power is awesome. This will get you out of the house, count on it. Good luck with your choice.

    • 1. Ilan

      * Superlative communication and service – all of my questions have been answered in great detail the same day.
      * Friendly/extremely knowledgeable.
      * Has a solid long term company record – a must when considering purchase of a fairly expensive specialty item.

      2. Board – 41″ Slim Electric Stealth edition/20 mile battery/ 97mm wheels

      * Sleek/attention grabbing.
      * Powerful LED lights are a great safety feature…first night out on the board every car slowed down to a crawl to have a look.
      * FAST/powerful.
      * SOLID HIGH QUALITY construction.
      * Will be easy to maintain/repair if needed due to external motor/transmission/battery.

      3. Summary: Im VERY impressed with the product and service. Without a doubt I will recommend metroboard anyone looking for an extremely high quality electric skateboard.

    • I cannot wait until spring arrives so I can spend more time riding my board. I purchased my stealth edition board in September and it has been a dream to ride every day the pavement is dry. It turns heads everywhere I go and I get asked about it all the time! As a university student, I can ride all day around town and campus with ease (weaving through and braking for pedestrians) and can just carry my board into the classroom.

      The lights are my favorite feature. They are very bright, lighting up the road at night and getting the attention of drivers during the day as well.

      Absolutely upgrade to the 97 mm wheels. I originally had the 83 mm wheels and they did not provide enough ground clearance on choppy pavement or the transition from street to sidewalk/bike path. I have not scraped the motor bracket at all since installing the larger wheels.

      My friend has a Boosted Dual+ board, which inspired me to get an electric board of my own. The Boosted has a slightly higher top speed and a bit stronger acceleration, but has very comparable performance. The controller on the boosted was easier to get a hang of at first, but after a few days the metroboard’s controls become second nature. Having ridden both extensively, I prefer the cruise-control operation of the Metroboard and the range of the Metroboard far exceeds the Boosted’s 4-6 mi range at cruising speed. I have the 15 mile battery pack and it really is good for 15 miles at top speed.

      I can’t recommend it enough, it is such a fun way to get around!

    • Ok, now i had my 40″ slim-stealth electric Metroboard with the 97mm wheels for about a month now..wanted to wait with the review until the initial hype was done with. well surprise! it hasn’t 🙂
      the board is awesome, not to heavy and thus portable, good build quality, good breaking and accelerating mechanism and it does not hurt the eye to look at as well 😉

      I take the board everywhere! my car is left abandoned in a parking and all of my commute is operated with the board.
      if you are thinking about purchasing one but not sure how much you will need it – i guarantee that you will create reasons to NEED it.
      since i got the board i became much less lazy in situations where i need to get out of the house and be somewhere.
      These thoughts about getting the car out of the parking spot and join the heavy traffic to search for another parking NO longer exist and instead i am filled with energy and excitement to the adventures ahead while taking the board wherever.

      Thank you for helping to make this experience come true with your patience, quick responses and information when i needed it- i really believe in your product and think that it should be exposed to more people
      because it is a great one.

      i have tons of pros on the board but other reviews had said it all. i do, however, want to note some of the
      things i would have loved to see in future products ( that i hope will be even better):

      *Indication for the remote batteries
      *A better remote alarm (no one hears the current one )
      *the board ability to go on low side walks- i know it is not advised but i think that there can be a smoother solution since even low ones can knock you off the board depending on the angle and speed you are coming at.

    • I’ve had my slim stealth with a 20 mile battery for little less than a week now. Owning other boards such as The monkey board , exskate, and a wheelman this metro board surpasses every board I’ve ever ridin in almost every category. My first impression upon opening the box I noticed how sleek and well put together the board was. Very minimal exposed wires and screws throughout the board. I’ve put close to 80 miles on it already and it seems to become a smoother ride as you break it in. Acceleration isn’t super quick but smooth, which I understand for safety reasons. The brakes are non existent at slow speeds but decent at high speeds, even though more experienced riders will use coasting as brakes more than the actual brakes. The range seems to be right on as well as the speed and weight. I would recommend rechargeable batteries for your remote and I also ride with a Jbl clip Bluetooth speaker clipped on my belt. I just put pandora on my phone and blast the speaker. It acts as a horn and keeps pedestrians from merging into your lane so you don’t ram the back of them. Although I have other boards I get a kick out of people’s reactions when they see the metro board over any other board. You will get a look as if someone just saw a UFO! I love it! I’m almost givin out of the advertisement cards and Iam pretty sure 2 of my neighbors are going to buy one. Have you ever thought of a all terrain interchangeable wheel and truck setup? That would be the greatest. Iam looking forward to ordering another soon for the wife.???? I’ve had many boards over the years and iv yet to write a positive review until now. Great job Ilan and the metro board team!

    • Bryan D. of SoCal
      January 20, 2016 7:16 pm

      First off thanks Ilan Sabar and the metroboard team for the best e-board, and best customer service!

      This board is bulletproof. Only board with IR remote. No Bluetooth dropouts.. I researched for weeks before purchase and this board is by far the best out there. Add the best customer service and this board is a no brainer if your still thinking of which one to buy.

      I’ve definitely put this board to the test over 2 weeks, and it has passed with flying colors. I’ve put over 50 miles on it already. I dropped the remote and the batteries died, but with new batteries it works perfect now. I also got a couple tiny rocks in the wheel gear. I took the cover off, got rocks out, and tightened the belt again. It still runs like new.

      My mini slim with braker deck rides and carves awesome! It even gets up some fairly steep hills. The lights and horn are very useful. I love riding my board to work, or just cruising by the beach and favorite bike paths.

      There’s nothing like the endless feeling of going downhill on a skateboard, but all the time!

    • Received my Metroboard 32″ on time as promised after shipping to Australia. Board is great, solidly built, sturdy and excellent materials. Motor is a bit high pitched and the remote took me a little time to work out but all good now. Has good speed too.
      Fun board and sensational customer service. Emails always answered almost immediately.

    • I just received my Braker Board with Sunrise Purple Heart and Maple a few days ago. I had to wait until the weather cleared up, but it was well worth the wait. The board was absolutely thrilling to ride. I haven’t ridden a board in several years, but It quickly became second nature. The controls are very intuitive and easy to learn. This board was everything that had been advertised and a lot more. Excellent communication with IIan (email updates). This company is what all companies should strive for; good communication and most of all, an excellent product. Kudos to Metroboard!

    • Love it! Having so much fun on it. Everything was as advertised and fit and finish were great!!!

    • Imagine the feeling of freedom, the wind in your face, the sensation of surfing the road.

      Get used to hearing: “Awesome! – Cool! – Check that shit out! – I want one!”

      From the very first day I took my Metroboard out for a spin, I became the Pied Piper of kids and kid-at-heart adults in my neighborhood. The Metroboard is a uniquely beautiful fun machine – a definite head turner. Plus, the chicks dig it too!

      I purchased the 40″ slim-stealth electric Metroboard with the 83mm wheels and the Oust Moc-9 bearings upgrade including the 20-mile range battery option. It took about 3 weeks from order to delivery.

      I considered the usual suspects (Boosted, Evolve, ZBoard), but after comparing price/performance/range and other factors, Metroboard was my top choice. Most importantly, Metroboard is renowned for their customer service and support, as substantiated by many reviews on the Internet.

      It is absolutely true! Metroboard customer service deserves legendary status. I needed to contact support because the screws on my transmission cover vibrated off during my first day of riding on some bumpy sidewalks and side streets. The transmission cover also got damaged. Ilan promptly corresponded with me to make sure I was back to cruising on my Metroboard as soon as possible. My FREE replacement parts arrived swiftly by priority mail in just two days along with Ilan’s emailed installation instructions. I’ve had no more problems. Thank you Ilan!

      I’ve only had my board for about two weeks so I have not had a chance to test the board’s full potential. I’ve been cruising on a nice smooth bike trail with some occasional hilly sections (some sections 15° – 20° incline). The Metroboard negotiated the hills easily (I weigh 165 lbs.).

      Using my Apple Watch App to determine speed and distance, the furthest I’ve traveled on one charge so far is 15.2 miles. Tapping the joystick up – to check the battery gauge – indicated 1 beep, which signifies 0–25% battery capacity remaining. It is reasonable to conclude that (had I continued) the board would have traveled another 4 or 5 miles.

      Testing the top speed on straightaways – pressing the joystick full forward on the remote – I was only able to AVERAGE a top speed of 17.6 mph. My board’s skill power level is set to 5 (default). I’m not sure if increasing the power level will increase my top speed to the advertised 20 mph.

      The infrared remote has a bit of a learning curve but once mastered it is actually intuitive. The wireless receiver is located at the front of the deck. I ride with my left foot forward but I hold the remote with my trailing right hand. I rarely get disconnected riding this way but even if I did, reconnecting is usually smooth. I would recommend investing in rechargeable batteries. Trust me on this.

      The Metroboard is solidly built, heavy duty and beautiful. It is comfortable to ride, handles incredibly with excellent torque, and is the ideal electric cruiser. Carving with the Metroboard is no problem. However, because of its size, weight, and trucks, the Metroboard has a wide turning radius. The lights built into the truck risers are amazing. I found them useful at night and you will definitely get noticed.

      The Metroboard is a delight to ride and Ilan definitely stands by his outstanding product!

    • I bought the METROBOARD Shortboard 32″ about 9 months ago. I wanted to wait a while before writing a review.

      Here is a quick pros and cons list.

      The board is light, fast and can go a long distance.
      The board has a handle which makes it easy to get on a bus or train.
      It’s built like a tank.
      The lights are super bright, so riding during the night is safe.
      The controller is easy to use and there are different ways of configuring the board (top speed, brake strength, etc…).
      The horn is super useful too. The board is so quiet that people don’t realize that you’re behind them and trying to get passed.
      Customer service is awesome. The best I’ve ever experienced.

      The controller feels a little cheap. I had some trouble with it. An LED light died on the controller. However, it didn’t affect the controls at all (a small esthetic hindrance). I hope they upgrade the controller soon.
      The board doesn’t have shocks or suspension so you will feel every little bump or crack on the pavement. I’m sure there is a technical reason why the board doesn’t have suspension.

      In the end the METROBOARD is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. It’s changed my life. Going to work is actually fun now! Don’t hesitate to get one. You won’t regret it. My personal recommendation to anyone who needs some excitement in their lives.

    • Just got it today and I am very excited.
      The board looks and rides great! no complaints
      I also believe these guys have the best customer support.
      2 thumbs up!

    • I have had 5 power skateboards in the last 7 years. I got my first LITHIUM powered board 4 years ago.

      My good friend and I agreed I would get a metro — he would get a boosted — we have both ridden them both a ton and BOTH are awesome boards. I won – because I get the better board from the start 🙂

      *The boosted is like an alfa romeo sports car but unfortunately with a 2 gallon tank

      *The metro is like a sweet mazda miata with a gas tank we would all be happy with ……. a much much more reasonable solution in almost every respect.

      #1 Dual Wheel Drive — I like the boosted boards handling as a result of this ………. but I think the better free wheeling and better behavior when engaging motor from coasting fast causes the Metro 1 wheell design to actually be superior!!!

      have lots of other thoughts will add more when I have more time.

    • So after having my board for a while and testing its capabilities, all I can say is im overly impressed. Coming from a non-skateboarding background, the idea of having this board for me was for fun and recreational use, but now it has become a lot more. I spent a very long time researching many suppliers of E-Boards but have never come across so much positivity when reading about the Metroboard and it lives up to its name and reputation. The power of this thing is immense. I have tackled many steep hills, and the Metroboard Stealth just keeps on going. Well built and can take a complete beating. The 100mm wheels literally allow me to transfer from road to footpath with ease. its insane.

      The looks I get when crusing past cars is amazing and even though I have never skateboarded before, It is so easy to learn, I now feel extremely confident when riding in busy areas.

      Now, the support. As I live in UK, I was a little hesistant to order as Metroboard originates from US and was worried I would not get the support I need, if ever required. Let me tell you, that this is not the case. Any query or assitance which I have needed has been responded to within the hour, with detailed instructions or guidance in regards to the board and Ilan, has always made sure I am left happy.

      If you are considering buying one, you will not be disappointed. Get on the E-Board hype. You will love it.

    • I’ve been meaning to write a review for quite some time. I’ve had my board for almost 2 years and I’m loving it. Metro board has built a terrific product. I’ve had no issues whatsoever after heavy use. I bought a cheaper other brand board from a hobby shop for my daughter and it doesn’t even compare to my metroboard. And the customer service is excellent. Any questions I’ve had have been responded to promptly. Thanks again for a great board and hours of fun. I’ll be buying a new one for my daughter in the near future. Keep up the great work!

    • What an amazing skateboard! Totally worth it. I basically can’t wait to get home and take it out for a ride. Easy to use and super fun. It goes up hills easily. Carves with the best boards I’ve ever had. And one of the best things for me is that it stops when I need it to. I can ride it in traffic easily, and I can ride it down our crowded beach path easily too. And, it goes for 20 miles! Finally, and maybe the best part is that the customer service is great. They usually reply within minutes of emailing them a question. I’ve been really impressed with that. If you’ve been thinking about getting one, don’t wait anymore. Do it. They’re awesome!

    • Finally, after receiving my metro board and enjoyed cruising around the city for the last month I can honestly say it’s one of the greatest purchases ever made. Since i hadn’t skateboarded in some years, I was skeptical considering my size and bulk would the motor be strong enough? So the research began endless manufactures with various boards of sizes shapes color schemes weight and prices.Then I read about metro board and its competitors, as I narrowed my selection the competition was building boards that only traveled a few miles, at this point I decided to wait until metro board created the ultimate masterpiece the black stealth. The Bugatti of skateboards emerged on scene all the bells and whistles enough power to pull my tonnage, plus crazy speed and extremely lightweight with this said. Ilan is a creative genius with an superb excellent customer service, no question goes unanswered so competitors take notice this gentleman is building amazing boards.

    • When you look at the whole package of what electric skateboard you want to buy you simply can’t beat the Metroboard.

      MetroBoard – 20 mile long board range/40 mile new board just out. The competitions best boasts 6 miles at best.

      MetroBoard-Customer Service. The owner Ilan is an amazing guy which has plenty of patience for your continued needs such as replacing wheels after miles and miles of great use. You can always find a prompt responses.

      MetroBoard- Safety. The boards come equipped with amazing LED lights to light up the roadway at night or more importantly acting as a safety light for my dog and I as we travel in Central Park at night.

      • Hi this is Adam R again.

        Update- other boards like Boosted have come out with longer range batteries however they still need belt maintenance and constantly need new parts and their long distance batteries go for the same as what the 40 mile Metroboard costs. Your literally getting twice the board for your price hands down when it comes to any other board to compare the Metroboard with. Not to mention it’s built like a tank yet glides like an ice skater over the ice it’s still today the best board around! 1 more thing is the lights they have in the boards are also second to none LEDS. Again 1 in the marketplace!

    • I must say this is one of the best quality e-skateboard I’ve seen… Order a 40’inch Stealth Edition skateboard and got it in less than a month. Ilan’s team really made sure the packaging is safe and protected against any damages during the courier.

      I’ve not had any experience on a skateboard before and was apprehensive about purchasing one but after reading all the reviews about how good it is and speaking to Ilan, I got one. And I can say it’s the best transportation gadget I’ve had.

      Build quality is awesome, looks and design is sleek & an eye turner with LED front/rear lights and most importantly, it rides good. Damn good actually… Support service is 1st Class & Top-Notched!!!

      You guys should really get one and try it out yourself. Will definitely not regret it:) Way to got Metro Team!!!

    • After much research, I finally took the leap and ordered a Metroboard this past spring—or, to be more specific, I ordered the 40” Metroboard slim electric longboard. I decided on the bamboo board and stuck with the stock 83 mm wheels. I did go for the optional Oust Moc-9 bearings and the large (8AH) battery pack, which brings the range up to 20 miles.

      I should probably say a bit about me as a rider and my motive for buying an electric longboard. The last time I had ridden a skateboard previously was probably in 1980 and while I’m reasonably coordinated, I haven’t spent significant time doing other board sports. I was interested in the Metroboard primarily from an environmental perspective. It seemed to me a great last-mile solution to get from home to the train or bus, and I also planned to use it to commute to work on days when I was pressed for time and would otherwise have arrived sweaty from having to hustle on my bicycle. Plus, an electric board just seemed like a lot of fun.

      And it is. The board showed up at my door nearly to the day promised by Ilan. After skimming the direction packet quickly, I threw on my bike helmet and stepped on the deck. There really wasn’t much of a learning curve; I took to the board right away, and now that I’ve been riding for several months, riding feels entirely natural to me. I often take the board out for a nice long ride in the evenings, and lately it’s become my go-to mode of transportation for quick runs to the grocery store. The one thing that has taken some getting used to is people stopping me on the street to ask questions about the board. I try to keep in mind that electric skateboarders are ambassadors for a new transportation solution and I’m generally happy to answer questions, though if I’m in a hurry I’ll just give a smile and a thumbs-up and cruise on down the road.

      Anyway, here’s my impression of the Metroboard.

      Amazing build quality – Everything about the Metroboard is ruggedly built, from the aluminum battery cover to the hefty drive-belt bracket. If the Metroboard were an automobile, it would be a Volvo 240.

      Solid torque – Even though the Metroboard is a single-wheel drive, it’s been able to climb most hills with ease, and it accelerates smoothly and quickly.

      Great range – While I haven’t measured my distance, I’ve yet to run out of power, even when taking long rides or skipping recharging between rides.

      Responsive ride – I’m not sure who makes the bamboo deck, but they dialed it in perfectly—just a touch of flex. With the 83 mm wheels, the board carves beautifully, even at full speed.

      Light weight – Even with the larger battery pack, my longboard is still less than 20 lbs, so it’s easy to carry it under my arm in line at the grocery store. (I probably wouldn’t want to carry it for a mile, but then again I’d just ride in that situation).

      Smooth braking – The esc is programmed to brake gradually, and I think that Metroboard has the regenerative braking set just right on the middle (5) mode.

      Lights – Unique among electric skateboards, the Metroboard has front and rear lights—which are very bright—built into the truck risers. I don’t use them often (you can turn them off) as I tend not to ride in the pitch dark, but it’s a nice safety feature.

      Excellent support – Ilan generally answers email in an hour or two; it never took him more that 24 hours to get back to me. He’s a helpful, friendly guy who stands behind his product.

      It’s obvious that a lot of thought went into the Metroboard, and I honestly haven’t encountered any design shortcomings. There are however a few things I might wish for.

      Rechargeable hand controller – The infrared Wii-nunchuck hand controller is easy to use and it works just fine, but I wish it could be recharged—say with a USB port. As is, it comes with regular AAA batteries, so if you want a rechargeable solution, you’ll need to purchase rechargeable batteries and a recharger. I understand all the reasons for using the Wii-nunchuck, but to be honest, I wouldn’t mind a smaller hand controller.

      Slightly higher upper speed limit –When I first got my Metroboard, I thought that the 20 mph max speed would be plenty for me, but sometimes I wish it could do just a bit faster, say 25 mph. Most electric skateboards place a maximum limit around 20 mph for legality and safety, so I understand the reasons for this.

      I hope that I’ve conveyed what a great transportation solution the Metroboard is. I’d buy one again in a second.

    • Top notch customer service and instructional videos and tutorials. This thing gets me around town faster than anything when it boils down to it.

    • Amazing board!
      comfortable to control
      Light weight
      Perfect Idea!:)

    • I just did a single 35 mile ride today on my new special custom Metroboard Stealth ’40’. Fantastic, and unbelievable ride!!! The board handling and performance is incredible. I think with the larger battery it can source a lot more current to the motor under higher loading, so there’s likely little or no battery sag (?) and the board propels a bit quicker and has more grunt for the hills. More people need to experience this!!!! Definitely get yourself a 20 mile board to start now, you will love it, and then down the road get another one with the 40 mile battery/box when it becomes available….you will love it more….if you like to do the longer rides! Just amazing. I’m blown away by the performance of these things. Seriously. There’s not another board on the market that can touch this. Don’t carry when you can ride further! (Proud owner of 3 Metroboards: Two new 40 mile customs (A Stealth 40 and a James Kelly Arbor 40) and one old school 32″ with no less than 3000 miles on it and still rolling strong. Talk about reliability.) Great job to ILAN and the guys at Metroboard!!!!

    • I have one question: I received my stealth edition board two days ago. when in full speed mode (19mph), the motor rarely overheated at full speed. I could go 7 miles no problem. No I cant even go two miles without it overheating. Is this a defect?

      Do i Need to turn down the skill level? it seems as though ever since i turned it up, it started overheating.

    • We are five friends in Stockholm who bought one Metroboard each (different decks but all with the large slim battery). I can honestly say that this is the coolest thing I’ve ever owned. It took me a while to get used to the controls (especially the brakes), but now I’m cruising in rush traffic without problems. The best feeling though is to get out early on weekend mornings and speed around on empty bike lanes around in the city. Its a wonderful feeling resembling of skiing almost. Also, Metroboard’s customer support is amongst the best I’ve come across.

    • I live in Switzerland so a country with lot of hills.

      I never thought an electric skateboard can handle this. The board has a lot of power so the board step up really nicely hills.
      The speed is great and also range is ok. The parts are built really solid.

      As mentioned in mostly every review the support is just great!

      For me as a street skater who getting older this is one of the coolest things I ever bought!!! It makes just so fun to just skate around everywhere.

      I can really recommend this great product every skater,snowboarder or surfer. A dream come through to move around long distances with the most loved piece with 4 wheels. A skateboard!!!

    • I’ve had my Metroboard Stealth Slim Edition for a few weeks. And I’m sure I have over a hundred miles on it already.

      Here are some of my favorite things about my Metroboard experience so far…

      It’s not that hard to learn, but it takes some practice with the remote. The controls have been pretty well thought out, as well as the features. RTFM (x4).

      Cruise Control! Going downhill you can apply the brakes (red button) and then hit the green when you’ve been slowed to a comfortable speed (it will maintain the braking power). Too slow? Too fast? Just tap the thumb stick forward or back. That is way cool!

      The more I ride, the smoother and more fun my rides are getting. After you get used to it, it just gets better and better. That’s the experience I was hoping for!

      I never want to stop riding.

      Everyone loves it. I’ve got strangers asking me questions about it all the time. It’s a bit conspicuous as mode of transportation, but everyone seems to think it’s pretty cool. It definitely turns heads.

      Some people say, “Cheater!” To that I say: If you ain’t cheatin you ain’t tryin!

      It’s not as loud as I thought it would be.

      Taking it on the nicer bike trails that go through the suburbs is nothing short of amazing. Cruising effortlessly at an average speed of 13mph on these smooth, curvy lanes for miles and miles is just about the sweetest thing I have ever experienced. It’s part surfing, part skating, part video game.

      It takes on steep, long hills fairly impressively. I live on the top of Sunset Hill in Seattle (which is why I bought a Metroboard). Not disappointed!

      I got the beefy 97mm wheels. They are great for taking on the city streets. On my 3rd ride, I somehow got a gash in my drive wheel. ILAN sent me a new one at no cost.

      Every question or concern I have had has been promptly addressed by ILAN to my complete satisfaction.

      In summary, don’t be on the fence about this. If you want to get one, get one. You will love it.

    • New Metroboard Stealth Longboard owner here. This will be my 2nd electric long board that I own and 3rd that I have experienced. I have been playing with this for 4 hours now and love it! My goto board before this was my yuneec ego board and it did its job getting me around downtown Vancouver, but what I always wanted and finally got was more power and more speed.

      This goes a whopping 32km per hour with 32-34km distance on a single charge! The control scheme makes sense and very much intuitive. Hill that previous boards crept up had me flying up with the Metroboard. The only thing I suggest Ilan should do is have his remote charge by USB instead of switching in and out the rechargeable AAA batteries and I would love to upgrade for that option if possible in the future.

      I am more than happy with my purchase and would highly recommend anyone on the fence to buy one of his boards because how could you regret this decision? Also, those handy lights can be turned on and off by holding the joystick to the right for 8 seconds. At the time of this comment, I couldn’t see it anywhere in the manual.

    • luis mayorga
      May 11, 2015 9:15 am

      It took 3 years but i finally decided to buy an electronic skateboard. Im glad i didn’t pull the trigger earlier because now they are lighter, faster and go for longer distance. Im 35 years old and i live in seattle but work in california. I usually carry a longboard with me when i fly. I use in seattle to take me 2 miles form my house to the light rail, then to the airport. Then when i get to california, i take an airbus from san jose ca, to downtown monterey. From their i still have 3 miles to go so i longboard again to my final destination. So for me this is not going to be a toy this going to be a vehicle. Before i went with metroboard i did my research. At first i really wanted a Zboard. Then i stumble into a metroboard youtube video. I went into their website and i was amazed with all the information. I liked all the info and comparison with other electronic longboards companies. I also liked that the options of making payments by paypal. I made up my mind and i decided to go with and there wasn’t any other choice but metroboard. I email Ilan, on a saturday morning to ask a question about the mini. I was shocked when he got back to me right away and answer my questions. I also got to meet Dan, in Vancouver Wa, recently when i picked up my metroboard slim stealth edition. He showed me around and we got to talk about the company. I was so amazed that I asked Ilan, for a job. Im not sure he will because i don’t have any background in electronics. Anyway, I’ve had my board for 4 days now. I’ve been going everywhere with it. When i first go on it couldn’t believe how fast it can really go. It also took me a few hours to figure out the control. My mind wanted to use it just like a video game controller. So every time i turn i push the joy stick to the right and left. Also to make it go i always pushed up. Also it took me a while to figure out the breaks. Being a long time longboarder i cant help but want to put my foot down. I wasn’t giving the breaks a chance to work. I think that is going to take more practice. The only really problem or complain that i have with it is that the motor mount is already hitting stuff. It seems a little low. I guess its better if that is getting hit and not the motor. My 3 year son loves it too. I pull him in a wagon everywhere. He also rides with me in the school park nearby. We sit on it and spend a lot of time riding. I haven’t taking it in the plane with me, yet but i’m pretty sure it wont be a problem. Its heavier then i thought and but having a bigger battery is worth it. I kind of wish it had a handle like the old one. I’ll probably make my own. Living in seattle makes me love being in the sun as mush as i can in california so im going to ride it every day to go work when im there. Great product and awesome customer service the main reason why i picked Metroboard.

      • i dont think the planes will let a battery that big on the plane. thinking out loud because i commute back and forth from santa monica to DC

    • Cool board, for sure. I went with the bigger wheels, best bearings and the best battery(20 mile range) – top of the line everything offered at the time, except I decided on a different deck. I went with the Ehlers 40″ deck which is concave and has a kick tail. Reason being, I wanted the feel and maneuverability that I have always been used to with my shortboards over the years. The Ehlers deck is nice – it has a nice feel but I think somebody screwed up or rushed the job because the grip tape wasn’t stuck to the board – it was “coming up” but since it was so new, I don’t think it was ever “down”. Either way: I really like the feel of the deck but they may have some QA issues to deal with… Now back to the Metroboard – It is a blast to ride. I rode all over my neighborhood in a matter of minutes. I live in a very hilly town. It kicks ass on the flats, goes a little too fast down hill and basically feels like a ski lift uphill – in other words, you aint setting any speed records going up hill. Keep in mind, I’m anywhere around 190 – 200 lbs so your mileage will vary. I really dig the board though and have gotten a lot of “looks” as if I were a UFO or something(it kinda sounds like a UFO) LOL. I am looking forward to getting a lot of mileage out of this thing – it really is a hell of a lot of fun. We’ll see how it goes. I should mention that the customer service, Ilan, in general has been very attentive, or engaged. If you have questions or anything, the response is super timely. Nice to know that this still exists and that you can get a good product made in USA. So, just get one!

    • So where do I start? I’m a 250lb guy that is very blessed to live in right in front of a beautiful bike path that connects Redondo Beach all the way up to Santa Monica and I also work 5 blocks away and didn’t see the need anymore, especially since my wife has a car already for long trips, etc. I found myself walking to work but I didn’t want to be 10-15 mins under the hot sun when summer came around.
      I’ve never skateboarded in my whole life, I don’t have the most amazing balance, and I’m a little out of shape. Let me tell you this thing was a big learning curve for me. The first day I got it and I immediately fell. I then begin to think “oh shoot, did I just make a big mistake buying this?” and “my wife is going to kill me” … Even though I read the manual on how to operate the acceleration and brakes, I was convinced my brakes weren’t working. Turns out it was on the lowest setting, and for someone who weighs 250lb going on a slight downhill, isn’t going to do jack squat. So I put it all the way to level 4 and it responds much better. I may lower it later on but I like having extra strong brakes for now. Anyhow after 3-4 days, I was finally comfortable enough on it to coast down SOME smaller hills and go up to maybe 2/3 full speed. So if you have no experience with skateboards, give yourself lots of time, and maybe a sidewalk with grass next to it so you have a place to fall off. I watched a couple youtube videos on how to ride a long board and it helped quite a bit for a beginner like me, on where to place your feet, how to stop, etc.
      Anyhow I’m getting more and more comfortable with it, I love not having to walk, I took my dog on a 15-20 block “run” in under 10 mins, which normally would have taken me about an hour round trip walking…. that totally pooped her out. I get to work quickly, not sweating anymore from walking under the sun, and I get compliments everywhere I go. I still have yet to unleash this thing up to top speed, still building my confidence and balance on it. But I’m sure in a month or two I’ll be a pro.
      I considered getting an Evolve A/T but their customer support lacked big time, their products seem to have defects and quality issues from what I’ve read from others, and they’re over-priced / under-powered if you ask me. I also considered Boosted Dual+ but I chose the MetroBoard because of the higher quality standards and customer satisfaction. Also Boosted doesn’t have an A/T model yet, and their design would never allow a retro-fit. lan said he is a few months out from releasing an A/T kit for the 40” long board, so that to me was what made me pull the trigger on this one.

      – Very strong motor, I’m 250lb and can go up some medium-larger hills no problem.
      – Excellent support from Ilan, I couldn’t ask for better service and follow up.
      – Comfy remote
      – Headlights front / rear built in

      – Mostly minor things like I don’t like the silicone battery cap, a harder plastic cap would be better.
      – I would like to be able to switch the lights on / off.
      – The braking and acceleration is done in “steps” not a smooth curve. Maybe the software could be adjusted to allow smoother transitions.
      – An app would be cool, to see the route you traveled, stats, battery life, etc…
      – “Horn” is kind of weak, it’s like a beep that your computer from 1990 would give you through the PC speaker if you typed something it didn’t like.. I don’t really use it.

      Other than that, I have no real complaints, I really love this board. It wasn’t built to be “cute” with a super slim battery pack or an app with stats and gizmo’s, etc…. it was just over-engineered to be a solid and reliable piece of equipment, and I appreciate that.

      Overall I give it 9 / 10.

      • Yosef, you can easily turn the lights on and off, even while riding, by simply holding the controller stick to the right for 8 seconds. If the lights are on and you want them off, let up on the stick the moment they go out (at 8 seconds). Likewise, if they’re off and you want them on, let up on the stick the moment they come on. Essentially, you’re stepping into or out of stealth mode on the fly, without having to stop. There’s also a level adjust, so be aware of that (read the manual for more). I find it helpful when moving into or out of unlit areas at night. Also, the placement of the (powerful) lights makes it easy to pick out debris on the path ahead.

        Be aware that if you are toggling the lights when first turning the board on, before you’ve done anything else, you have to trigger a different action first (for instance, toggle the controller fwd briefly) before the 8 second push right works. That’s how it is on my board, anyway.

        300 miles plus on my board so far. Absolutely perfect ride. The ‘soft’ wheels have hardened up somewhat, which is totally normal for any board, electric or otherwise, given the mileage. The board still rides over anything smoothly, and brakes strongly (I leave it set to 9). Max speed has stayed constant (my commute takes me past a stationary speed detector, and the reading is always within 1mi of the published max). That said, while ~20mph is nice, I’m coming to the conclusion that ~25mph would be nicer. Range has likewise remained solid and unchanged from day one. I typically put about ~16 mi/day on it, and wondered whether it would be good to have a 2nd charger down the road (for work), but I’ve never run short of range, and it re-charges quickly.

        Honestly, I couldn’t recommend this board any higher. It’s been fantastic.

    • I ordered the Slim with a bamboo deck and black battery box a few weeks ago and anxiously awaited its arrival. I must have emailed Ilan 10 times hoping he could get me the board in time for a vacation to Socal. Happy to say Ilan responded to all my emails and got me the board in time for the trip.

      Now that I have had the board for a few weeks I can say I absolutely love it. I am on old surf dude who is now living an hour + from the beach so I don’t get in the water all that often. Carving it up on the hard top is the next best thing. With the larger wheels the board seems to ride over anything in its way and is silky smooth except on really rough pavement. And if you want a head turner this will do the trick. I only wish they had included more cards to give out as I am already out from giving to strangers who wanted to know where I bought it.

    • If you ever are on the fence about getting one do it. You will not be disappointed. I was initially skeptic due to the wheels and what surfaces can be ridden on. This thing plows through anything! i live in New England so trust me when i say i know bad roads. Ive never ridden any kind of skate board and was blown away opening the box for the first time. this thing really is the alpha of boards. details are simple and beautiful. I was also surprised on how natural and intuative the controls are. Bottom line is i use this thing for anything. Getting the groceries picking up a pizza going to work or just to go outside! Did i mention my dog loves it too! he is very energetic and this thing gives him the work out he deserves. Bottom line is this thing is now one of my prized possesions. trying to get fam and friends to get one too.

    • Just got my Metroboard Stealth Longboard. This thing is awesome. I also own another electric skateboard, from another manufacturer, but this Metroboard blows it out of the water. I weigh 200lbs and 6ft tall and the Metroboard carries me with ease. I tried to test its speed but it got pretty fast so I eased up a bit, this thing can go fast (about 20mph)!. After a couples days with this board, I can tell this will be my go to board and will give my other board to my wife, since that one is slower (12mph max speed). The customer service is outstanding and I would like to thank Ilan for his prompt communication. My order took longer than expected, but I rather have Metroboard take their time and do it right, not like the mass produced products that are out there. I will surely recommend metrobaord to all my friends and family, Thank you Ilan!

      If you need and printing work done, stickers, brochures business cards, booklet for an instruction manual, Let me know.

    • My personal opinion is that the metroboard is an awesome machine. It’s tied with my vitamix for the best impulse buy of my lifetime. I intially bought it because I own two dogs that have way too much energy: walks don’t really cut it for them. The board offered the perfect solution. They love going for runs, and I get to go along for the ride. It’s a win win. With the metroboard, I can coast when they are towing me, brake when they are turning, and accelerate when they get tired and need some help. The wheels are fantastic. When I hit debris that would normally make me crash or lose control, nothing happens. The board can go over just about anything! I have the fancy wheels and the standard bearings. I’ve had it for about 8 months and it has been great. Everyone who rides it loves it. It is the real deal and worth every penny. When my pups pass people walking their dogs, I feel sorry for both the owners and their dogs. The metroboard is just simply a better way to do it – a must buy for anyone who skates (or is willing to learn how to skate) and has an active dog.

    • i’m gonna be 60 this year and i never found a board that i’d ride but when i saw the tech and the video i bit the bullet and bought one. i absolutely love it. getting around downtown LA is a breeze and my carbon foot print is invisible when i use it. this is transpo of the future now. i’ve had it for a little more than a month but it feels bullet-proof. really well thought out and executed a very robust and sturdy feel makes building confidence easy. i get stopped all the time and only have good things to say about it. i might have to buy another one for dates on the bike path at the beach…
      my metro board is one of the best modes of transportation i’ve ever owned. the freedom of carving up sidewalks and streets thru the arts district is the best. i would and do recommend metro board to anyone as the best way to take advantage of the limited public transportation/train situation in so cal. the lights are dope and everyone sees you coming or, going. it looks like a hover board but rides and carves better and its so cheap to charge and ride. the ultimate ‘no-brainer’ for 2015.
      mad crazy props to ilan and his whole crew. so kewl. thanks for cool ideas in the right direction you guys killed it. so powerful, i wish i had a metro car. whats up with that ilan? you might kill it! an affordable high quality car???? i got your voice over when you need it. i’m a customer for brushless life.

    • I received my Metroboard Slim just before we got our snow up in Chicago this year. This thing is fast, responsive, and an absolute blast. With the 20 mile battery pack I can cruise all across the city without worrying about running out of charge. Ilan has been super helpful with every question I had, and makes an amazing product. I cannot wait until spring when I can get back out and ride. Thanks Metroboard! Keep up the great work!

    • I also have bought a slim board with the Honey 40″ V2. Fantastic so far. I have been a Metro-Board fan for awhile now. I did stray and bought an Evolve Carbon Street. The new Metro is much more reliable. It’s almost bullet proof. Both boards are a lot of fun but the Evolve has a lot of down time. I tend to put a lot of miles on my boards. The Metro-Board, even the older one, has never let me down. My only complaint, all be it minor, is the welds that connect the motor mount to the truck are a bit out dated. I would prefer a mechanical mount. That said, the Metro-Board is super solid. The most reliable on the market.
      Highly recommended.

      • What do you mean exactly about the Evolve board has a lot of down time & not as reliable?

        • The Evolve breaks down often. It dose not take the rigors of the road as well as the Metro-board.
          I can’t trust the Evolve if I am going on a long ride. It also dose not have near the hill climbing or stopping power as the Metro-board. When it dose work it’s fun and a lot of people seem to like it. It looks cool. For me, It stays in the garage until I have time to mess with it. I only take it out if I am sticking close to home.

    • My first electric skateboard wasn’t a metroboard and I ended up returning it because of quality issues. I was nervous purchasing the metroboard next, but Ilan and his amazing customer service made me feel at ease.

      The new Slim Electric longboard is extremely well made and is a quality product. I can fly up hills in San Francisco and the LEDs are super bright.

      I highly recommend and am delighted with my metroboard. Kudos to Ilan and his team!

    • There’s a lot of reviews on the metro-board site, and like virtually everyone else I (a) love the board, (b) find the ride near perfect, meeting all expectations and never disappointing, (c) found Ilan’s customer service to be above and beyond that of any other vendor I’ve dealt with – and i don’t mean just for skateboards – and (d) find the price, while apparently expensive, to actually be well worth the investment.

      I had a lot of questions before purchasing the slim longboard. And I considered all the other boards both currently on the market, and soon to be released. I’m very happy I chose metro-board. Maybe some of the questions I had, and the answers/conclusions I found/came to might be helpful for others. In no particular order they are:

      Range: Are the published numbers for real? This was very important for me. I have a 12 mile round-trip commute. I live in Florida, which is flat as a pancake, but there are decent-sized hills in the form of drawbridges across the inter-coastal waterway, and if the batteries didn’t deliver as advertised, I would not be happy. Well, the range is fine. Conservative, even. And even with all that range, the board is light enough to grab and carry easily.

      Controller: How does the design compare to bluetooth or wireless controllers, and how intuitive is it. When reading the manual, the nuances of the controller seem many, but when riding the board, it’s all very straightforward. My 13yr old daughter had no trouble getting the hang of it right off the bat. Her only mistake was in thinking that she had to remember how much she bumped up the speed with the joystick, so that she could bump it down correctly. Of course, this isn’t necessary. You just add or reduce speed as you see fit. While iphone and android apps are great ideas for configuring settings (and I hope Ilan considers them in the future), for actually running the board, the metro-board IR controller is perfect. You don’t need to be particularly accurate with the controller. By simply holding it in my front hand, it stays connected – no pointing necessary.

      Brakes: How good are they? I find myself rarely using the brakes, unless I want to travel at speed until the very last second (unwise, but the brakes are up to it). The one thing that may seem a little odd to the new rider is that the brakes (well, they are not really brakes – rather, we’re talking resistance provided by the electric motor) have minimal effect initially when traveling at minimal speed – something that may well come up when you first ride the board. The manual explains this well, and you’ll find that the faster you are going, the more readily the braking is when triggered. Functionality at slowest speeds is not a flaw – it’s by design.

      Lights: Aren’t they a bit ridiculous? I thought I’d hate them, and specifically made sure they could be disabled before buying the board. That said, I find I like them. They are set low, and are perfect for riding at night. The low positioning makes them really great for picking out poor riding surfaces. They do draw attention, though, which may be good or bad.

      Serviceability: How solid is the design, and how reliable? My criteria were that I needed a long range board, light enough to carry when needed, that was going to last (otherwise the cost isn’t justified) and that gave me flexibility in terms of boards, wheels, etc. for lower maintenance costs down the road. I really liked the Marbel board, but it lacks sufficient range, its creators have zero history (nothing personal, and I wish them well, but Ilan’s ten years of experience building/selling boards, combined with his excellent responsiveness, simply can’t be overlooked), and the fact that the batteries being embedded in the board itself make it less serviceable, and impossible to customize with replacement longboards, etc. I really like that I have options, should I ever need them, with the metro-board.

      Ride quality: Is it fun to ride? Even if everything else falls in line, if the board doesn’t ride well, what’s the point? I didn’t want a board that didn’t ‘feel’ like a skateboard. The off-road boards with huge wheels, and a high ride may be fun, but they don’t ride like a skateboard. The slim longboard does. It sits a bare 5/8th’s of an inch higher than a regular board – that’s all. It makes minimal noise. And the ride is just awesome. You can carve easily, even at speed, and wow, does it go. Hills provide minimal challenge, and when my daughter gets tired, riding her bike alongside, it’s easy to give her a tow, and still the board is willing to accelerate with gusto. In fact, the biggest problem you’ll have is that unless a companion is on a similarly speedy board, they simply won’t be able to keep up. Sure, a bike pedaled hard goes as fast, but not for a dozen miles at a time, not up hills, and not without a lot of work. I simply can’t overstate how much fun this board is, and how glad I am I purchased it.

      • I’ll second Peter Miller’s comments, as he wrote almost EXACTLY what I would have written. The quality of the Slim is outstanding and the quality of service Ilan is outstanding too. I had seen other electric boards years ago and started tracking who was building the best as I wanted one. Eventually I stumbled across a review of boards on the Internet and Metroboard came in #1. I saw the Slim was coming out with an all new motor and LiOn battery pack so I decided 2014 was the year to finally buy one. When it came time to produce mine they were out of the Velocity V2 decks and Ilan offered other options. I Love the Honeyboards and live in a FL seaside surf town so I went for their Cruiser board and LOVE IT way more than if I had gotten the Velocity deck. I thought I’d be the only one in town with a board like this and much to my dismay a few days after X’mas my wife says she saw a guy riding the same board….maybe Pete Miller lives near by! Oh yeah my son loves it too….technically his X’mas gift but I find myself fighting him to ride it more. Way cool, way fun, if your on the fence about buying one go for it!!!!!!

    • I picked up a used one from eBay.
      I have 2 other electric skateboards and the Metroboard is quickly becoming my favorite.
      It’s a workhorse with quality components and a joy to ride.
      Going uphills is a breath and I’m 210 lbs.
      Well thought out with a very user friendly remote.
      Great buy…

    • Benjamin larson
      November 29, 2014 12:10 pm

      I’ve been riding electric boards for the past 8 years and have owned a few different boards along the way. I recently bought the new metro board slim with the longer battery life, and WOW!!! What an amazing board!! It is super well crafted and well thought out. Def worth the money! I love it

    • Reveiw of the mini outrunner.
      Wow! thats all I can say! 🙂
      Been riding 5 charges the last two days!
      Today my last ride was in minus 2 celsius and I got 12 miles. 50% of this was mixed grade uphill! Still battery left ( 1 beep).
      Im 90 kg and the metroboard took me up hill’s I was not expecting to be carried up. The tourqe is amazing even uphill and the braking options work perfect!
      Norway got lots of hill’s and this board takes me up most of them!
      Topp speed is on point and fast enough even for my experiece of 20 years skating. Im 33 years and i skate pools, downhill, parks, and have always used the board for transportation. My new metroboard is a new dimension, which get’s me all the way to my destination and back in one charge with a big fat smile on my face:)
      With the rigid build quality and fast charging this board realy impressed me.
      Robin from Oslo Norway .
      Pugsley outrunner 97mm wheels.
      It fit’s in my suitcase;)

      Robin Engh

    • Just ordered my new slim line brushless lithium set up I have been waiting for since 3 years back. My older NiMH brushed metroboard is still running strong with no repairs!! Thing is bullet proof!! Way to go ILAN and team metro board!

    • I got my 41″ Riviera Electric Longboard in late April 2014 and have used it just about every day. (dry conditions) As a commuter I find it indispensable for getting around the city. I especially enjoyed pushing her limits as far as distance (10+mi.), speed (20+mph) and insurance (240+payload) and she has performed far beyond my expectations… A++

      Metroboard is a excellent product. ILAN provided me with prompt e-mails with answers and advice to all my questions before…..and after I purchased my board. Thanks.

      I’m very much considering purchasing the newest “Metroboard Slim” I don’t need to but …gotta have it. I’ll pass mine on to one of my envious love ones and then enjoy making them envious all over again.
      Metroboard is Not a toy ! It’s a serious piece of tech to be enjoyed to the fullest.
      Ride on.

    • I have been searching for a skateboard that will help me experience what it is like to snowboard through the summer months. The Metro-board fills this requirement perfectly! I get that surfy snowboard experience every time I ride my Metro-board, and it feels amazing! I get smiles from people every time I ride by…and the ride is smooth, stable, and satisfying. It definitely helps me keep the stoke for snowboarding alive through the non-snow seasons.

      The customer service is also phenomenal. Normally I don’t write reviews, but Ilan has been amazing at getting back to me any time I have questions about my Metro-board, usually within and hour of me sending the email. It’s the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. He really stands behind his product, which is of the highest quality and very well designed. I look forward to years of fun cruising the streets on my Metro-board. It has definitely been money well spent!

    • I’ve had the Honey long board for about 3 weeks and am still learning, ( Hey Im 53!) . But this thing for cruising across town is way cool. I tightened the trucks a bit, programmed it for a setting of 3 and just absolutely love it. 97mm Abec’s kick must small rocks to the side without an issue and its way faster than I need. I live in the Tx hill country and there’s not a uphill grade that I would skate on that this thing wont haul my 185 lbs up. I had to learn the breaking , but that took only a couple of rides and it really surprises cars when you come to a 4 way stop and can actually stop a skate board. BTW the breaking recharges the battery which makes this board’s cruising distance on a single charge way longer than advertised.Our roads have to be the worst in the country, our city council is horrible but the board handles it well, its smoother than I expected. Which brings me to another topic, I had quite a few questions and concerns about the board but Ilan was very helpful and answered all my emails. 1,000.00 dollars for a board was way more than I wanted to spend on what could’ve just been an expensive cheap built toy. But it was just the opposite, this thing is well made and well thought out. The circuitry safety features are a nice touch, but pay attention to the remote, it needs fresh aaa battery’s and Ilan explains it well in the paperwork you get with the board. I bought rechargeable’s and swap them before every ride just so I don’t have anything else to worry about other than traffic, or dogs…lol. Its still over 100 degrees here everyday and I just cant wait for October. Thanks Ilan! I’ll try and post a video from Tx when it cools down a bit.

      • Hay Mike, I am glad to read your review. I am also a 53 year old kid. I haven’t had a skate board for over 30 years. I bought my grandson a skate board and he loves it and it brought back the memories of my first board it was a Sims board with Xcaliber trucks and Rollersport racing slicks. All my bro’s road Chicago trucks and gave me sh*t because of my choice of Xcaliber. To make a long story short I think I am going to get the 42″ cruiser and have a blast. Thank’s for giving your age! I made my wife read it so she knows that old bro’s still ride. I am landlocked so surfing again is out of the question, lol.

    • Giovanni Guarneri
      July 3, 2014 6:27 am

      I am more than happy of my Long Board: Excellent Customer responsiveness, quick shipment, awesome product.

      Performances are with no doubt excellent. Battery life is very high as well.

      Cons: a little bit heavy


    • My Honey Mini (Pugsley) is my second electric skateboard.
      It’s a lot smaller than my first one. I really like how maneuverable it is.
      It’s not as powerful as my first board but it’s fine for its size.

      It took a while to get used to the controller and I’m still not confident using the breaks going downhill.
      I’d prefer a Bluetooth connection rather than the infrared system.
      The receiver is at the front of the board which means I can’t mount my GoPro there.

      Other than that, it’s a terrific little skateboard. I got the Abec-11 97mm Flywheels and they’re well worth the extra cost. They can roll over pretty much anything. They’re very durable. After having owned the board for 6 months, they have hardly any wear on them. I’m planning on upgrading the bearings soon.

      The Metroboard is very zippy, plenty fast for short commutes and the best part is outstanding customer support. Ilan always replies very quickly when I email him in a panic over some small problem.

      Thanks a lot Ilan!
      I’m sure my Pugsley will serve me well for many years to come.

    • I have my Shortboard for about one year. I originally intended to ride it as a “last mile commuter” in downtown Toronto but I worry about wear and tear from constant vibration from riding on the curb (it is illegal to ride skateboards not to mention electrics on the road, plus I don’t want to risk my life doing that!).

      I have only been riding on paved bike paths for say a total of say 100 kilometers so far. This year I discover after the first run that the motor end cap cracked at one of the retaining screws, and Ilan sent me a replacement end cap for self-repair.

      I want to thank Ilan for his detailed instruction on the self-repair. He has excellent demonstration videos on Youtube describing every tips and watchouts that comes to his mind. I also realize that the electric skateboard is not just a toy you buy and play with – there is a lot of maintenance work in order to keep it running smoothly for a long time. It is not as easy as taking your car to the oil and lube shop for servicing, particularly for me who lives “up there in the North”.

      Ilan has been very quick to respond to my questions, and patient and thorough with troubleshooting and explanation. This shows his dedication for his great product.

    • Enjoying the Metroboard inside a 55+ community where you practically own all the streets.Just turned binary 1,000,000 this year.

    • Patrick Fogarty
      May 13, 2014 7:59 pm

      Order one today! This board is the real deal. I commute to the train station everyday on my metro board. NO PARKING TICKETS. NO GAS. NO HASSLES. NO PROBLEMS. I’m amazed on how well this board performs. I waited a month to write a review and let me tell you this board is worth every dollar. It shreds, it rips and it kicks ass…Nothing else like it. Thank you for making this skateboard. Long Island Represent.

    • Lynn Preston
      May 13, 2014 5:43 am

      I’ve had the Metroboard for less than 24 hours and have already put 20 miles on it. What a blast!

      I’ve had a competing electric board for 6 months. The competitor was quite enjoyable and completely sold me on the idea of an electric board. Regretfully, it proved to be unreliable. The Metroboard attracted me because of it’s long track record of reliability (7 years), more powerful brushless motor, great range, and excellent customer service. My initial impressions:

      1.) The Metroboard has real skateboard wheels that feel awesome and provide a smooth ride. I opted for the 97mm wheels – bigger is better IMO.
      2.) The 600-watt brushless motor not only accelerates the board to the advertised speed, but beyond. I was hitting 19.5+mph on flat surfaces – even after 8 miles. The motor/battery never seems to struggle. It feels very confident and solid.
      3.) I opted for the longboard deck – and it is excellent. The board is so stable in fact, that in retrospect I might have chosen the midsize merely for slightly better portability as it would surely still be extremely stable. Conversely – there is nothing quite like the look of a longboard, so I’m very happy.
      4.) The braking performance is excellent. It took me just a few miles to learn the stopping distance using the various braking levels. I feel very safe on this board given its ability to stop so quickly yet under control.
      5.) The remote programming and interface are excellent. Ilan has packed so much functionality into such a simple interface, it makes for a very enjoyable and empowering experience. From an acceleration/braking perspective, I still prefer foot pads, but from a carving and balance perspective it is nice not having to place my feet in specific spots. All things considered, I’m still unsure which I prefer (hand remote or foot pads). But for a hand-held remote – the Metroboard offers intuitive and powerful features.
      6.) Range – I have not yet run the battery dry, but based upon my calculation and usage so far, it appears the range will in fact be beyond the advertised 15-miles. Outstanding!
      7.) Last, but certainly not least, is customer service. Ilan is very quick to respond to emails (<2 hours, and I'm 3 time zones away) and answered my call on the second ring. As someone who relies on the board for fun and transportation, I can't overstate how refreshing it is to have a team backing this board that can be reached quickly should any problems arise (not that I anticipate any).

      This board feels solid, reliable, and powerful. I look forward to many years of enjoyment and function from the Metroboard.

    • Do you want to ride an electric skateboard or an electric board with wheels. That is the only way I can put this. The MB is the real deal when it comes to an electric skateboard. It feels like a skateboard, it maneuvers like one, is is a lot more fun with the 600W pushing you along.

      I was riding a Z prior to my custom, yes I did say custom, metroboard. The MB is faster, and so far seems more reliable. Other boards are stiffer, MB is not, stiff = not fun. The other I ran out of battery and had to carry the 28lbs on my arm or pull it. On the MB if I run out of batteries, I just use it like my old longboard, also lighter if I wanted to be masochist and carry it.

      Loved when a went by a e-something board the other day, he tried to catch up but no luck. When he saw me next, he wanted to know what I was riding, wonder why! 🙂

      The support is amazing, thanks ILAN for not only configuring how I needed it but also solving all the issues to my specific needs. And the prompt responses best of all.

      Is there anything wrong with the board? I don’t personally like the remote idea, but when you add up all the PROs from the board, you learn to live with it! No other board I have tested feels like this, THANKS AGAIN ILAN.

      Love if you would make it rain proof! Here in NYC is work and transport, not just for fun!

      Highly recommended!

    • There was no question I wanted an electric board, looked at Evolve and I’m sure I would have been very happy but I am ecstatic about the Metroboard. The controller is a joy, and the machine itself leaves me speechless in its simplicity of design and responsiveness. It’s like a dream I’ve always had, riding up a hill without kicking, and now it’s part of my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for building such a great piece of equipment.

      Keep improving it, we’ll keep buying them!

    • I have a 36″ gravity midsize board that is 3 years old, has been bumped around and beat up and is still in good shape and works great. I have started looking at different company’s products to buy my next board. With speed, range, reliability and cost all factored in I have decided to remain with Metro board. I have been in contact with Ilan, and am planning a custom board updated with the latest component upgrades. Metroboard maintains the closest original board riding style and feel and I stand by the great product. I have recommended this board to my friends and cant wait to ride the new board.

    • Woo Hoo …my Riviera longboard just arrived today! I just came back from my first test drive…a 45 minute surf thru the neighborhood and I luuuuv it. I’ve never had an electric board before -. WHAT A BLAST!! It took me about 5 minutes to get accustomed to the feel of the board /remote..learning how fast I wanted to go and how the brakes work, etc. I’m 54 years old but when I get on this thing and cruise around (at about my 7 mph comfort zone!) I feel like a kid again!! haha This metro-board is gonna keep me young at heart!! It’s like I just caught the perfect wave & I’m able to just surf along forever! What a thrill! I live in Las Vegas and the weather is perfect today – I can’t wait to get out and street surf some more!! Everything is just AMAZING! A quality product that has exceeded my expectations. Thank you for designing and building the best board in the world!

    • Hey I purchased the mid-sized board in late summer of 2013. Only because I had done a month of research on which electric skateboard would be best suited for my distance and terrain I would be traveling on. I live in Massachusetts, the roads arnt so smooth. So after I had eleminated all other companys and options. The weight, speed and distance that this board can travel. Honestly this is the best board I could have purchased. I have put about 150 miles on it right now. Had one week with down time but Ilan and I talked it out sent me the part and I was back on the road. At 19 mph this machine is a beast. And no you prob don’t want to go much faster than that. As for small to medium sized rocks, the large tires just spit them out. Couldn’t be happier with my metro-board.

    • I am 42 years old and live in Southern California. I have had my Metro-Board for a year and a half now (got it in June 2012). I have told people that if this board cost me $1000 per year to LEASE, I would pay it because it is so much fun. But it did not cost me that—it cost me a one-time purchase price and has been nothing but a blast since.

      I ordered a custom deck (Hosoi Cadillac) and originally had the Bluetooth controller. I just upgraded to the new Metro-Board controller and was able to simply follow the instructions and it is working great (of course, the upgrade is not necessary for new purchasers, as the new controller comes with new boards).

      I love the engineering that has gone into these boards. I am constantly adjusting acceleration levels for different situations. I was at Mission Bay in San Diego last weekend and decided to rise along the boardwalk. Since there is a lot of starting and slowing, I lowered the acceleration level to 3 for the occasion so that it was not quick taking off each time I started up. When cruising my neighborhood, I like about a 7 on the acceleration options. When taking the board from the train to a downtown location for a meeting, I like it at right about 5. I love the bell option and use it all the time to warn pedestrians and cyclists I am coming up on them (yes, I cruise past cyclists on the beach trail, as they are often going less than my 19 miles per hour).

      As others have mentioned, the customer service is amazing, but if you read the documentation once every couple months, you probably won’t need the customer service, as it is very thorough and almost all questions are answered in it (we just tend to not notice until we experience something that we need an explanation for). Regardless, Metro-Board is quite patient with us and seems happy to answer even questions that we should know the answers to from the documentation.

      I cannot speak highly enough of these boards. Just remember that the first time you ride, you need to stand with your weight forward so that you do not fall off the back of the board upon accelerating. Take it slow to start and in no time you will be wondering how you got along without one of these engineering marvels!

    • I have two Metroboards and they are solid performers. More power then others costing hundreds more. Excellent customer service and the boards are easy and fun to ride. I put over 500 miles on my boards and they are still running in top shape. You will not be disappointed with the performance of the board or the service of the company. Excellent value for the price.

    • Carlos Mendoza-Davis
      January 9, 2014 11:42 pm

      I live in Mexico, in the Baja peninsula. I bought a metro board form Ilan as a xmas present for my 8 year old son. I received the product on time as promised and have to tell you its a high quality skateboard. Everything works as advertised and customer service is exceptional!!! Ilan answers all the questions you can throw in a blast and very clear. No doubts are left. That is what I will call great customer service. I highly recommend this products and company. Make no mistake, metro board is lots of fun but it is not a toy. It´s a serious mean of transportation. If you like riding boards this is the way to go. Good value for your money!!! Thaks Ilan. Santa made my boy very happy this december thanks to you.

    • When I went to college, it was the first time I ever used a skateboard. After I gained my balance, I started pushing harder and harder for speed. Four weeks later, my Achilles tendon swelled with pain. When the pain got bad enough to make it hard to walk, I weighed the pain of continued use of the skateboard, Epson salts, ankle splints/braces and possible surgeries against an electric skateboard to bypass all of this trouble. Two weeks after a series of rapid responses to questions and answers I finally got my metro-board. After a couple months of use, I’ve noticed a few huge advantages with metro-board. One of which is the maneuverability (despite a 41″ board). In a high-traffic school or city, riding a normal skateboard becomes very difficult. When the board handles the acceleration itself, you can completely focus on steering which greatly increases your situational awareness and control. For example, you can follow behind someone while they’re walking and easily pull ahead of them when you see an opening, and immediately be able to stop when your opening closes.
      The board is also surprisingly rugged and stable.

      I would definitely recommend metro-board to anyone looking for an electric skateboard.

    • Purchased a Metro Board from someone on Ebay used. Without asking ILan “founder of Metroboard” went out of his way to see if this was a legitimate customer or possibly a stolen board. Every follow up question I have inquired about has been responded to within 15 minutes, even at 3am…. Put simply, the best customer experience I have ever had with a product, and I ride the board everywhere!

    • Eryn Krueger Mekash
      January 8, 2014 7:19 pm

      I had a very custom Metroboard made for my very precise husband for his birthday. Not only were these requests easily accommodated, but I had the board in time for his Christmas/birthday gift. He is absolutely thrilled with it and rides it everywhere-we had to share a car over our Christmas holidays but he had his board, so it wasn’t an issue. Thank you for the top-drawer customer service and product!

    • Top of the line if you want the best E-board get one Super reliable battery superb customer service out off this world

    • I’ve had a metroboard for a couple of years now and ride it to work regularly. I give it quite a hard time to be honest – ride off curbs on it (not recommended by the manufacturer), lots of rough pavement, footpaths with harsh gaps in them – it’s held up pretty good considering it’s use. I broke two wireless receivers and my third one was starting to play up when ILAN released the new IR receiver – just in time. The new one is awesome and is standing up to the rough treatment very well so far. I also cracked the bracket that holds the engine on after about 12 months (too many curbs), cracked the rear truck spacer pads, bashed the charging socket on a curb and shorted some wiring out, and have been through two sets of bearings. So basically i ride it like a normal skateboard, which i doubt you could do with any of the other electric skateboard brands out there on the market – most of them are too heavy or bulky with massive tyres etc.

      Through all these issues the after sales service from ILAN has been beyond reproach. I don’t think he’s ever taken more than a day to get back to me, and where it’s been that long it’s always been because of the time difference to AUS. ILAN’s email responses contain comprehensive and detailed instructions on how to check, maintain or fix pretty much any component on the board, and sometimes even links to youtube videos of ILAN doing the repair himself. No matter what bizarre scenario i describe ILAN always seems to know exactly what is wrong with the board and how to fix it, and the required parts arrive within a matter of days. Can’t ask more than that from a manufacturer, especially when the warranty period is well and truly expired.

      Highly recommend metroboard and i would definitely buy one again.

    • Justin Morgan
      January 1, 2014 11:27 pm

      I got a Metroboard and love it!!!

      Any question I’ve asked has been responded to in under 24 hours, most of the time with in 30 minutes… Amazing service, awesome ride, Metroboard is the cats meow!!!