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Metroboard offers a variety of deck sizes and designs to choose from.

We can also custom build with most decks on the market to get you the personalized look you want!


Metroboard believes in limitless riding for your non-stop life, which is why we offer models with up to a 55-mile range. Yes. Really.

Having the capability to carve for up to 55 miles means Metroboard electric skateboards can be used for much more than just going “the last mile.” Need to ride to work then head out on your lunch break before riding home later in the evening without having to recharge? No problem.

Metroboard Range Infographic


With 3000 Watts, there’s plenty of power to be had.

Metroboard’s 6374 Brushless Outrunner Motors get you to top speed in seconds and will rocket you up Everest-worthy hills without even breaking a sweat.


High-power LED headlights and taillights cut through the darkness to provide ample illumination for night riding,

as well ensure you’re completely visible to traffic and pedestrians. And as an added bonus the blue and red hues look totally awesome.