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    Nobody Builds Them Like We Do. 

    Metroboards have long had a reputation for being built like tanks. We've been around for nearly two whole decades, so that means we know how to build 'em. Safety is our highest priority which demands our boards be made of tougher stuff and held to a higher standard. Our carbon fiber decks are the highest quality, strongest, and most gorgeous you've ever seen. Our unique double kingpin trucks are built to take an insane amount of punishment mile after mile, year after year while providing a luscious carve you won't find anywhere else. Metroboard is the only electric skateboard to feature an automatic belt-tensioning system to save you untold trouble and make you feel sorry for everyone else. Metroboard was the first electric skateboard to feature integrated lights a long time ago, and we still do it. 

    Our latest offering, the Metroboard Pathfinder is our latest offering featuring Metroboards DKPs for the ultimate carve.  Designed for cost but without sacrificing performance, the Pathfinder is our entry level model that still delivers premium performance.

    The Metroboard X22 featuring the Hoyt Puck remote, and a 12s4p for maximum performance in the form factor everyone loves. If you're looking to dominate the pack, this is your board.

    The Metroboard X.o is the culmination of all of the advances made to the original X over the years and uses the last of our MESC6 controllers along with the VX1 remote with integrated push-button lighting control. This 10s4p might seem anemic at first glance, but we've upgraded to Molicel 21700 P42A cells for a big boost in delivered energy over the original X. This glorious board is ideal for a new or casual experienced rider who isn't necessarily after the break-neck performance and top speed of the new X22.