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    We offer a 6 month warranty, which can be extended up to 3 years through Extend, available at purchase or any time during the initial 6 months.  We also offer one free maintenance (shipping borne by customer) and fair prices on any additional repairs or spare part needs.  


    All board sales are final.  Refunds on accessories returned within one month of order will be charged a 6% restocking fee.  Products must be returned in its original condition with no evidence of abuse, damage, wear, or tampering to be determined at our sole discretion.  Contact us through our website's General Inquiries page to initiate the process.
    Cancelled Orders - 3% credit card and website fees are non-refundable on "accepted" orders.  

    International Shipping

    We ship Worldwide! Please contact us for a price quote.

    Spare Electric Skateboard Parts

    We stock a variety of spare Electric Skateboard Parts including wheels, timing belts, chargers, remotes, and every other part of the electric skateboard! We honestly don’t sell a lot of spare parts due to the super high quality of our components which are designed to last a long time (typically 2-3 years)! Nonetheless, we’ll have them ready for you to make sure your Metroboard Electric Skateboard is always up and running!