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    Metroboard X22 – All Terrain + Street Electric Skateboard (2022) *Ships within 3 weeks of ordering - usually sooner The Metroboard X22 electric longboard. Featuring: 12s4p pack of Molicel 21700 P42A cells (Made in USA by Duck Battery Systems) for 655.76...

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    Metroboard X Carbon Fiber Electric Longboard Deck with built-in battery enclosure. Our beautiful, top-quality carbon fiber deck is now available for DIY projects. The enclosure will accommodate various cell pack configurations up to: e.g. 10s5p 18650 and 12s4p 21700. Dimensions: 41"x 10" x...

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    RipTide's exclusive Internally Lubricated WFB Urethane in 96a. Lively & Responsive! Hand-poured into Custom-made molds, then the cup end is machined to fit the truck's base plate perfectly. No machining imperfections and no heat-affected zone in the super smooth pivot...

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    *Ships within 3 weeks of ordering - usually sooner The Metroboard Phoenix is our best performing board to date.  Balancing form, ruggedness, performance, and agility, we’ve elevated the performance over the X22 with increased torque and range, cramming in a...

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