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    This page relates to our legacy products (pre-dating the Metroboard X). 

    Legacy Metroboards

    RC Remote Calibration and Rebinding

    This video shows you how to adjust the Calibration Knobs on the Metroboard RC remote in the event that either your board is beeping even though you aren’t turning the wheel on the remote and also if the drive wheel is spinning even though the trigger on the remote is in the neutral position. This adjustment may be necessary if the knobs get bumped out of position or sometimes due to temperature variation.

    In the second half of the video you will also see how to rebind a new remote to the Metroboard and also how to set the fail-safe (how the board behaves when it loses connection with the remote or if the remote batteries are low).


    Battery Gauge Recalibration

    If you suspect that the battery gauge is not accurate (e.g., you hear a series of monotone beeps when turning the steering wheel right), you can reset the battery gauge to its default calibration. Do this by holding the steering wheel right continuously. First you will hear the regular battery gauge beeps repeatedly, then 1 beep (calibrated for 10 mile battery), then more battery gauge beeps, then 2 downward pitch beeps (calibrated for 15 mile battery), then more battery gauge beeps, then 3 downward beeps (calibrated for 20/27 mile battery), then more battery gauge beeps, then 4 downward beeps (calibrated for 40/55 mile battery). You should let go of the steering wheel once you have gotten past the number of downward beeps corresponding to the battery pack size you have on your Metroboard. Now the battery gauge will be restored to its default calibration.

    DUAL DRIVE NOTE: On the dual drive there is just one battery gauge setting (for 25/35 mile battery). You need to check the battery gauge several times in a row till you hear 4 downward beeps. This will then restore default battery calibration. Note also that on the dual drive this will restore both controllers to Acceleration Skill Level 5 and Braking Skill Level 1. This may be necessary also in the case where one controller is out of sync with the other, which can sometimes happen by accident. So if your Dual Drive is behaving strange, you should follow this procedure as well to resync both controllers.

    Note: If you check your battery gauge more than 3 times in a row (without using the gas or brakes in between), you will accidentally reset the default battery gauge calibration to the 10 mile battery, so be careful to avoid this, or you will have to recalibrate per instructions above.

    See also video below starting at 6:53


    Timing Belt Tensioning

    Once a month, or any time you hear a clicking sound under hard braking, you should check and adjust the tension in the timing belt following the instructions shown in this video:

    These smart phone apps work well for adjusting the belt tension:

    Android Guitar Tuner
    iOS Guitar Tuner

    Note that the belt tension (which will change a bit as you rotate the drive wheel) should be adjusted such that it is between 200 Hz Minimum to 260 Hz Maximum, when using the above apps and “plucking the belt”.


    Motor Pulley Replacement

    Learn how to replace the Metroboard Motor Pulley here.


    Abec11 Flywheel Pulley Insert Removal and Reinstallation

    This tutorial will show you how to remove and reinstall the Aluminum Pulley Insert into an Abec11 Drive Wheel on the Metroboard Electric Skateboard. This is useful if you are installing for the first time or if you want to rotate the Pulley Insert to a non-drive wheel to even out the wear. Also if your drive wheel is making any creaking or clicking sounds, the video will show you how to eliminate the noise.


    Truck Bushing Replacement

    This tutorial shows how to replace the inner truck bushings from Cylindrical to Conical to improve carving and maneuverability on your Metroboard Electric Skateboard. This is especially helpful for lighter riders that find the standard bushing setup a bit hard to turn or for anyone that wants a more fun carving experience and tighter turning radius. 


    Wireless Remote Troubleshooting

    If you are having issues with your Metroboard IR Wireless Remote, such as:

    • poor wireless performance
    • 8 monotone beeps followed by the brakes being applied

    Then please check the following:

    Round AAA battery holder has popped loose inside the remote resulting in poor electrical contact. Try removing and reinserting before every ride to ensure good electrical contact (since sometimes it gets bumped loose if it’s in your pocket or backpack). Also, be careful not to bump the remote against your body as you are riding.

    •  Remote batteries need to be replaced (use only Alkaline or rechargeable NiMH). Note that often the colored RED and BLUE lights will still work, but the Infrared wireless LEDs WILL NOT WORK, because they consume more power than the batteries can deliver when low. So don’t assume that because the colored lights are working that the batteries are still good. Note that if you are using NiMH rechargeable AAA batteries, then you need a charger that can charge individual batteries (not in pairs, e.g., 2 or 4 batteries like some cheaper chargers out there) which is necessary since the Metroboard remote uses 3 AAA batteries. Do not use “super heavy duty” type batteries as they can’t handle the power demands of this remote. Note that the 3 white arrow stickers on the side of the remote are to help you orient the entire round battery holder inside the remote (the arrow should point towards the joystick). They are not to be used to orient the individual AAA batteries. The individual AAA batteries should be oriented such that the negative side of the battery faces the coil spring inside the slot of the round battery holder (as is the standard orientation).
    • Try bending the leaf spring battery contact in the remote that is close to the joystick. Gently pull it out so that it interferes more with the battery holder as you insert it. This should apply more force on the round battery holder which should result in better electrical contact.
    • Clean the battery contacts on the remote with rubbing alcohol on each end (the cylindrical contact on the back of the remote and the spring contact near the joystick). Also clean the contacts on both ends of the round AAA battery holder as well . Use a clean lint free cloth with rubbing alcohol.
    • Clean the individual contacts inside the round battery holder for each AAA slot (both the coil spring as well as the tab). Also do the same for each end of the AAA battery itself (since if you are using rechargeable they may be contaminated with finger grease over time). Use a clean lint free cloth with rubbing alcohol.
    • Check to see if the Infrared (IR) LEDs are working on the remote. You can’t see them with naked eye, but if you take a video of them (with a smartphone or digital camera), you can see them emitting a pulsing purple light (see video below). Note there are 3 Infrared LEDs (1 in the center and 2 hidden on each side as shown in the video). Do you see the purple flashing light? Note that you should do this in a room with not too much light in it, since in bright light it may be hard to see the IR LEDs.