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lightweight, portble, lithium electric skateboard. your personal transportation solution, made in the usa

Introducing the Metroboard Slim – Stealth Edition!


Introducing the Metroboard 33.5″ Mini Slim Electric Longboard

Weighs just 14.9 lbs! Just 33.5″ Long!

The New 36″ Slim Midsize

Weighing just 14.9 lbs!

Honey 29″ Mini – Outrunner Motor

Beautiful and super portable ride!

32″ Shortboard – Outrunner Motor

Compact and nimble Classic Ride!

NEW: 3000 Watt Brushless Outrunner Motor

Quiet, Super Long Life, Powerful, Compact, Lightweight, and Efficient!

The New Metroboard Slim!

Wireless Remote Control

Ergonomic Contoured Design!

Metroboard Slim Electric Longboard

the metroboard slim electric longboard - stealth edition
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50% more power and up to 3x the range, the metroboard cant be beat

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the smallest, most compact electric longboard on the market

Metroboard Mini Slim Electric Longboard - Side

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Metroboard midsize slim electric skateboard

<Metroboard Slim Electric Skateboard Midsize - Side

check out the metroboard midsize slim