Metroboard RC Remote


Note our new model MetroboardX has different remote functionality.  More details coming soon!

Our Mini RC RF (2.4 GHz) Remote with proportional speed and braking control will give a super responsive ride both while accelerating and braking, allowing you to start and stop on a dime!

Its small size (1.6″ wide x 1″ thick x 5″ long) allows you to easily store it in your pocket while not riding!

It runs on two standard AA batteries, and has amazing battery life, which can last up to 100 hours of riding!


  • Simply pull the trigger in to accelerate, and push it out to brake.
  • The more you pull the trigger in the faster you will go.  Same goes for braking, when you push the trigger out.
  • The quicker you pull the trigger in, the faster you will accelerate.  Same goes for braking, when you push the trigger out.
  • If you are at a near complete stop, and you push the trigger out, you will go in reverse (limited to about 3 mph) instead of braking.
  • For beginners or younger riders there are two modes that limit the speed to 50% and 33% of the full speed, so you can safely ride the board while getting used to the sensitivity of the trigger.

Quick Start Guide for the Mini RC Remote for the Metroboard Electric Skateboard

Other features that can be accessed by the remote:

  • Battery Gauge (Steering Wheel RIGHT): Remaining skateboard battery capacity indicated by a series of 1 to 4 beeps.
  • Bell (Steering Wheel LEFT):  Alerts passersby.
  • Acceleration Skill Level (Steering Wheel LEFT + Trigger IN):  Choose between 9 acceleration skill levels to limit power to the motor based on the rider’s abilities and weight. On skill level 2, the top speed is limited to 50% of the full speed.  On skill level 1, the top speed is limited to 30% of the full speed.
  • Braking Skill Level (Steering Wheel LEFT + Trigger OUT):  Choose between 4 braking skill levels to adjust the strength of the braking based on the rider’s comfort level.

Powerful 2.4 GHz RF Wireless Remote

  • Our wireless remotes will give you freedom to move your hands and body around while riding, creating a truly natural skateboard experience! The remote can be used in either hand reliably!
  • Multiple riders can ride next to each other without any interference due to multiple RF channels.
  • Powerful RF signal can work up to 100 ft away with minimal risk of external interference.