Tech News Interview with Ilan Sabar of Metroboard

In an article titled “An Interview with Ilan Sabar of Metroboard” featured on, Metroboard owner Ilan Sabar provides a behind-the-scenes look at the electric skateboard industry and explains how he created the most powerful and longest range electric skateboard on the market today.

“We haven’t stopped there,” Sabar said, referring to the advancements he’s made to the boards’ outrunner motors. “Metroboard has modified these outrunner motors, which are typically used on R/C airplanes, to include external hall sensors to regulate power output for a smoother ride when starting from a resting position. Now, many companies that produce outrunner motors are responding to the burgeoning electric skateboard market and are finally beginning to include internal hall sensors into their motors.”

Sabar goes on to predict the next stages of evolution for electric skateboards and closes by offering advice he’s gleaned from more than a decade in the business to anyone looking to start their electric skateboard company.

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