New Super Fast Charger, Abec-11 Flywheel Pulley Insert, and 10 Mile Slim Lithium Battery

4 Amp Fast Charger

We now offer an optional super fast 4 Amp Charger for the Metroboard Slim Battery pack, which charges the battery twice as fast as our standard 2 Amp Charger. This results in a charge time of about 2 hours for our 20 mile slim pack, 1.5 hours for our 15 mile slim pack, and just 1 hour for our new 10 mile slim pack. We do however recommend using the 2 Amp charger when you are not in a rush to charge, as slower charging is better for the long term health of the battery. Learn more here:

Abec-11 Flywheel Pulley Insert

Another new offering is our Abec-11 Flywheel Pulley Insert. This machined Aluminum Pulley Insert can be pressed into the hub of an off-the-shelf Abec-11 Flywheel with a diameter of 76 mm, 83 mm, 90 mm, or 97 mm, turning it into a Metroboard Outrunner Compatible Drive Wheel. The pulley can also be rotated amongst all 4 wheels to even out the wear of the drive wheel. Learn more here:

10 Mile Range Slim Lithium Battery

We are now offering the new option of a 10 mile range slim lithium battery on the Metroboard Electric Longboard taking the weight down to just 15.4 lbs with our 83 mm wheels! Pricing starts at $1149.

The 10 mile slim lithium battery is also now available on our shorter decks.  Contact us at for more details.