MetroboardX User Guide

Basic Operation

  1. Turn the remote on by holding the right power button for a few seconds. Turn off by doing the same.
  2. Push the thumbwheel out on the remote out to accelerate, and pull it in to brake. Note that the board goes in reverse automatically after braking (pulling thumbwheel in) and coming to a near stop, so be careful. To counter reverse you need to accelerate (push thumbwheel out). This is completely symmetric. In other words you can ride in reverse exactly as you do going forward. If you don’t want to go in reverse, you can just let go of the thumbwheel after coming to a stop. You can “yoyo” your position by gently moving thumbwheel in/out.
  3. Note the 4 lights on the remote display “board battery level” (1-4 red lights)
  4. To check remote battery level, press the power switch on the remote twice in a row and you will see displayed 1-4 red lights indicating remote battery level. After a few seconds, the display will return to “board battery level”.
  5. The button to the left of the power switch can be clicked to enable/disable the board lights. Note on boards shipped after 09/24/2020, there are 3 brightness levels to the front lights.  When the board is powered ON, it starts out at the LOW brightness level.  Press the lights button and the lights will turn off. Press it again and the lights will turn back on at the MEDIUM brightness level.  Press it again and the lights will turn back off. Press it again and the lights will turn back on at the HIGH brightness level.  Repeating this process will start back over at the LOW brightness level.  Note on boards shipped after 12/10/2020, the board lights will not turn on till after the remote is turned on and the accelerator/thumbwheel is used for the first time.
  6. After 2 minutes of inactivity (with the board turned OFF), the remote will automatically power off
  7. After 5 minutes of inactivity (with the board turned ON), the remote will automatically power off
  8. Remote battery life is estimated at about 6 hours so plan/charge accordingly. When remote battery is low, the green light on the bottom will start flashing green, and the remote may vibrate as well. At this point, you should charge the remote ASAP, because you may start to experience wireless glitches which could result in you losing the ability to accelerate or brake!
  9. The remote is charged with a USB micro cable. The red light on the remote will come on while charging the remote, and will turn off when fully charged.  Charge time is typically around 2 hours if fully drained.
  10. Note on boards shipped after 12/10/2020: when plugging the charger in, the board will turn on automatically while charging so you can see the battery level on the board battery display on the rear truck plate. Do not attempt to use the remote while the board is charging as the board may end up moving! 



Keep in mind that the Metroboard is designed for use only in dry weather and when the streets are dry.  Also, it should only be ridden on smooth hard terrain with minimal cracks, rocks or other road hazards, in order to minimize the chance of accidentally getting knocked off the board and/or damaging your Metroboard.  Before you ride it in the street, we STRONGLY recommend that you practice in a playground or park (away from traffic) so you can familiarize yourself with the Metroboard’s starting and stopping characteristics and limitations.  The Metroboard is fun, but like any personal motorized vehicle, it is inherently dangerous if you are not careful when riding it!

Please also keep in mind that the Metroboard is not designed for skateboard tricks or impact, so ALWAYS lay your Metroboard down GENTLY and do not drop it or ride it off curbs.  This will help ensure the long life of your product.  If you ever suspect any damage, please do not continue to ride it till you have consulted with us.  Please also note that ground clearance on the Metroboard is much less than a conventional skateboard, so be sensitive to the terrain you are riding on, to avoid impact to the motor brackets and battery box.

Important Safety Alert

Never turn the skateboard on while in motion or coasting on the skateboard. We have seen some cases where this has fried the electronics causing the motor to lock on, which could result in your injury and damage to the product.  To avoid this, make sure you always turn the skateboard on with the drive wheel off the ground (e.g., while standing on its tail).

Also, never kick push or coast down a hill with the skateboard power switch turned off.  This can also potentially fry the electronics. Even if the battery is low, you should leave the power switch on while kick pushing or using the brakes (which will actually charge the battery).


Customer Acknowledges that use of the Metroboard Electric Skateboard is inherently dangerous, and if the rider is not careful can result in injury or death. Customer agrees to minimize the risk of injury or death by reading and adhering to all safety warnings in the instruction manual and using extreme caution while riding. Metroboard, LLC, LLC will not be liable for an injury or death resulting from use of the Metroboard in a way that it was not intended or which doesn’t adhere to the Safety Warnings. Customer agrees to practice in a safe enclosed area away from traffic until he/she feels comfortable using the product.


We always welcome feedback (good and bad), so let us know what you think! Please also spread the word (I’ve included some extra product cards in the shipment, which you can hand out). If you have any questions about the product, don’t hesitate to call (1-360-726-3785) or email (

Please spread the good word about our product and customer service.  Our product growth is built on our reputation and we want our customers to be happy.   If there’s anything that doesn’t meet your expectations, please let us know and we’ll do our best to make you happy!

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