Metroboard Partners With Braker Boards To Offer Exotic Hardwood Decks



Metroboard is happy to announce our partnership with experienced hardwood longboard deck manufacturer Braker Boards. Together, we will be bringing you a new array of beautiful, custom-made decks with hardwood stringers optimized for Metroboard electric skateboards.

These new decks are created from a Metroboard-designed mold that provides a carve-tastic experience unlike anything else. The new decks’ increased concavity gives riders greater control over their board while still retaining a high degree of stability for those high-speed bombing runs, and the modest kicktail lets riders kick the board around during low-speed maneuvers.


MetroboardBrakerBoardPurpleDeck_2_compressedBraker Board founder Brent Morehouse takes tremendous pride in the company’s manufacturing process, and carefully handcrafts each hardwood deck in Orange County, California. The end result transcends excellence and enters the realm of rolling art.

Creating a Braker Board hardwood deck starts by keeping the environment in mind. In order to maintain an eco-friendly process, Braker Boards uses sustainable hardwoods and non-toxic water-based adhesives.

The outer layer of each deck is a veneer with a gorgeous exotic stringer design, and is sealed with recycled clear silica. This last step provides grip and also allows the wood’s natural beauty to shine through.


Why the Change?

Metroboard has always had an insatiable drive for improvement, and owner and inventor Ilan Sabar saw a way to provide Metroboard customers with an even better electric skateboard experience.

Is there anything wrong with the old decks? Not at all. In fact, they’re top of the line and some of the best decks on the market. But the best wasn’t good enough, and that’s why Metroboard partnered with Braker Boards to produce these new, custom exotic wood stringer decks.

We are excited to be offering this new line of decks and can’t wait to see how you Metroboard!