Meet the Metroboard Pit Crew!

Dan (left), his son Sam (Center), and Metroboard partner Alan work together to craft Metroboard electric skateboards. Each board is built by hand in the USA to ensure the highest level of quality possible.

It’s another beautiful, electric skateboard-filled week and we at Metroboard wanted to take a minute to introduce some of our staff!

Father and Son

Dan and his son Sam are skilled artisans, and carefully handcraft each and every Metroboard electric skateboard, one piece at a time. There’s no assembly lines, no automation, and no shortcuts. Just good ol’ fashion elbow grease, long nights, and a passion for perfection.

Creating a Metroboard electric skateboard starts by inspecting each of the various components to ensure they are unblemished and up to standards. Then, and only then, Dan and Sam start turning wrenches. The process takes great effort and attention to detail, and the end result reflects the immense care and love Dan and Sam put into every board.

The Big Kahuna

At times, Metroboard partner Alan also joins in on the construction phase to lend a helping hand and just hang out with Dan and Sam.

Together, the three produce the most powerful, longest range, electric skateboards in the world, and we’re proud to have these talented individuals on the Metroboard team!


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Happy skating!