How to Build a Vibration Proof Electric Skateboard

Many of our customers use their Metroboard Electric Skateboard as a daily commuting tool, which they count on to get them to work, the train station, to class, etc.  Just like any other transportation device, our customers rely on their Metroboard to get them to their destination safely, predictably, and without worry about their ride breaking down on the way to their destination.  They need an electric skateboard that can handle the daily rigors and abuse of riding on real roads with less than perfect conditions.

Electric skateboards, just like regular skateboards, are ridden on less than perfect roads which subject the product to impact and constant road vibrations.  However, unlike regular skateboards, electric skateboards have many delicate components including, electronics, motors, and batteries. Without proper design to protect against vibration and impact, it’s just a matter of time before one or more of these components fail.

We have been building and selling the Metroboard Electric Skateboard for over 7 years, and so we have  real world experience as to what components are subject to vibration and impact failure, and what design changes are necessary to prevent this.  For example, a common vibration related failure with electronics is that anything that sticks out from the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and has significant weight, will probably fatigue over time, causing a component lead or solder joint to fail.  Examples include capacitors and inductors, which if not protected, will fail over time due to vibration related fatigue.  For example with our new brushless motor controller (see picture), all capacitors and inductors have a bead of glued between the base of the component and the PCB to support them against vibration related failures.  This adds extra labor to our manufacturing process, but is absolutely necessary to ensure the long life of the Metroboard Electric Skateboard, which we know our customers are counting on to get to their destination.

This is just one of many examples of what sets the Metroboard Electric Skateboard apart from the competition.  We know you want an electric skateboard that will get you to your destination without letting you down, and we ensure this by proper engineering design!