February Electric Skateboard Sale – $100 Off

Got the winter blues? We’re here to put a smile back on your face with the thrill of the Metroboard Electric Skateboard! February Electric Skateboard Sale! Use Coupon Code metroboard100 at the checkout page to save $100 off any Metroboard model! Hurry, Sale Ends 02/15/2014! Don’t miss out on this great deal for a top quality product at an amazing price! BUY NOW!
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Pulsing Lights on the Metroboard Electric Skateboard Simulate an Animal Breathing

I started experimenting with pulsing the lights on the Metroboard, instead of flashing them, since especially with the high power lights the strobe light effect can be a bit disturbing while riding. My goal was to anthropomorphise the electric skateboard by creating the effect that it’s “breathing” like an animal. We may vary the rate that it pulses (i.e., breathes), depending on how fast you are going. What do you think?
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