Metroboard Lithium Charger - 4 Amp

New Super Fast Charger, Abec-11 Flywheel Pulley Insert, and 10 Mile Slim Lithium Battery

4 Amp Fast Charger We now offer an optional super fast 4 Amp Charger for the Metroboard Slim Battery pack, which charges the battery twice as fast as our standard 2 Amp Charger. This results in a charge time of about 2 hours for our 20 mile slim pack, 1.5 hours for our 15 mile slim pack, and just 1 hour for our new 10 mile slim pack. We do however recommend using the 2 Amp charger when you are not in a rush to charge, as slower charging is better for the long term health of the battery. Learn more here:  Abec-11 Flywheel Pulley Insert Another new offering is our Abec-11 Flywheel Pulley Insert. This machined Aluminum Pulley Insert can be pressed into the hub of an off-the-shelf Abec-11 Flywheel with a diameter of 76 mm, 83 mm, 90 mm, or 97 mm, turning it into a Metroboard Outrunner Compatible Drive Wheel. The pulley can also be rotated…
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40in Kicktail Rear - Metroboard Electric Longboard

Metroboard Slim with a Kick!

We realize some customers prefer a more classic shaped Longboard with a kicktail, so check out this custom 40″ board for a recent customer!  Have a deck you want to custom build with? Just shoot us an email at, and we will let you know if we can make it work!
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Bamboo Slim Electric Longboard

New Deck Offerings on the Metroboard Slim Electric Longboard

Check out our latest deck offerings on the Metroboard Slim Electric Longboard. Unfortunately, Honey Skateboards is getting out of the deck manufacturing business, but we’ve found some great alternatives made proudly in the USA by Madrid Skateboards. We are now offering two deck options on the Metroboard Slim: an all black deck and a bamboo deck. So now there’s a deck choice to match your personal style! Bamboo Deck   Black Deck
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10 mile Slim Pack

New 10 Mile Range Slim Pack

Coming soon, our new 10 mile slim pack, weighing in at just 1.16 kg (2.55 lbs). This will enable us to build with a slim pack on our shorter boards (even our 29″ mini). The minimum wheelbase is about 19″ to fit this pack. The only board it won’t fit on is our 32″ shortboard which has only a 14.5″ wheelbase. It will be housed in a slim aluminum battery box similar to the one on our longboard, but just shorter in length. This pack will enable us to make Metroboards as light as 13.5 lbs! Should be available within 1 month! Interested? Email Us for more info.
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CNC Machined Translucent Riser Pads

Behind the Scenes Tour of the Metroboard Slim Electric Longboard and Outrunner Manufacturing Process

We are now working hard building our preorders for the New Metroboard Slim Electric Longboard and Outrunner Series.  We wanted to share some behind the scenes pictures of how these new products are made. CNC Machined Translucent Riser Pads Below you can see us making a batch of CNC Machined Translucent Riser Pads which house both our IR wireless receiver and our new high power 1 Watt LEDs.  The risers are cut from 5/8″ thick Polypropylene sheet, which creates a very cool glowing effect when illuminated.  We do this work in-house! CNC Machined Translucent Riser Pads   Below you can see the Fully Assembled Translucent Riser Pad with IR Wireless Receiver and two high power 1 Watt LEDs Translucent Riser Pad Assembly Motor Bracket to Truck Welding Fixture We designed brand new welding fixtures to precisely position the motor bracket on the truck during the welding process.  These fixtures ensure that the motor bracket is held perpendicular to the truck…
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First Production Metroboard Slim Electric Longboard - Steep Iso View

First Preorder Metroboard Slim Electric Longboards started shipping this week!

This week we started shipping our first preorder Metroboard Slim Electric Longboards! The weather this week was very wet in the Portland, Oregon, area where we build them, but we managed to squeeze in a few test rides during some short dry spells. The first few boards take quite a bit longer to build as we fine tune the manufacturing process, but we are very excited to finally get this product into our customers hands (and feet)! We appreciate our customers’ patience as we ramp up production. We think you will be very pleased with the end result! Learn more about the Metroboard Slim Electric Longboard here:
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Metroboard slim electric longboard

Electric Longboard – Metroboard Slim

The New Metroboard Slim Electric Longboard is Here!  For Fall 2014 we are incredibly excited to release the Metroboard Slim, Our New Electric Skateboard.  We’ve gone to great lengths to redesign the Metroboard Slim from the ground up, resulting in a board that is more portable, fun, and stylish, than ever before. The Metroboard Slim was Developed over the past two years and is backed by eleven years of Experience in the Electric Skateboard industry. Watch The Metroboard Slim Electric Longboard on the Move   We’ve always sought to create a motorized skateboard that handles like a traditional Skateboard . Unlike other boards on the market that are heavy, bulky, and hard to maneuver, the Metroboard Slim looks and rides like a traditional Longboard, with great Responsiveness and the added Thrill of Carving without pushing.  Our goal was to make the Ultimate Carving Machine, and we are more than pleased with the end result!   A lot of thought went…
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