Tech News Interview with Ilan Sabar of Metroboard

In an article titled “An Interview with Ilan Sabar of Metroboard” featured on, Metroboard owner Ilan Sabar provides a behind-the-scenes look at the electric skateboard industry and explains how he created the most powerful and longest range electric skateboard on the market today. “We haven’t stopped there,” Sabar said, referring to the advancements he’s made to the boards’ outrunner motors. “Metroboard has modified these outrunner motors, which are typically used on R/C airplanes, to include external hall sensors to regulate power output for a smoother ride when starting from a resting position. Now, many companies that produce outrunner motors are responding to the burgeoning electric skateboard market and are finally beginning to include internal hall sensors into their motors.” Sabar goes on to predict the next stages of evolution for electric skateboards and closes by offering advice he’s gleaned from more than a decade in the business to anyone looking to start their electric skateboard company. Read the full…
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Metroboard Partners With Braker Boards To Offer Exotic Hardwood Decks

  Metroboard is happy to announce our partnership with experienced hardwood longboard deck manufacturer Braker Boards. Together, we will be bringing you a new array of beautiful, custom-made decks with hardwood stringers optimized for Metroboard electric skateboards. These new decks are created from a Metroboard-designed mold that provides a carve-tastic experience unlike anything else. The new decks’ increased concavity gives riders greater control over their board while still retaining a high degree of stability for those high-speed bombing runs, and the modest kicktail lets riders kick the board around during low-speed maneuvers. Process Braker Board founder Brent Morehouse takes tremendous pride in the company’s manufacturing process, and carefully handcrafts each hardwood deck in Orange County, California. The end result transcends excellence and enters the realm of rolling art. Creating a Braker Board hardwood deck starts by keeping the environment in mind. In order to maintain an eco-friendly process, Braker Boards uses sustainable hardwoods and non-toxic water-based adhesives. The outer layer of…
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Meet the Metroboard Pit Crew!

Dan (left), his son Sam (Center), and Metroboard partner Alan work together to craft Metroboard electric skateboards. Each board is built by hand in the USA to ensure the highest level of quality possible. It’s another beautiful, electric skateboard-filled week and we at Metroboard wanted to take a minute to introduce some of our staff! Father and Son Dan and his son Sam are skilled artisans, and carefully handcraft each and every Metroboard electric skateboard, one piece at a time. There’s no assembly lines, no automation, and no shortcuts. Just good ol’ fashion elbow grease, long nights, and a passion for perfection. Creating a Metroboard electric skateboard starts by inspecting each of the various components to ensure they are unblemished and up to standards. Then, and only then, Dan and Sam start turning wrenches. The process takes great effort and attention to detail, and the end result reflects the immense care and love Dan and Sam put into every board.…
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Metroboard Mini Slim Electric Longboard

Introducing the The Metroboard Mini Slim Electric Longboard, just 33.5″ long!

When it comes to portability, the Metroboard Design Team knows that for many riders, size does matter! So we borrowed the design elements of our 40″ Slim Electric Longboard and shrunk everything down to a 33.5″ size board, making for a super compact and super light weight board (just 14.9 lbs) with a 10 mile range. Introducing the The Metroboard Mini Slim Electric Longboard, just 33.5″ long! Get yours today! 
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