Metroboard Dual Drive Electric Longboard - Side View

New Metroboard Dual Drive Electric Longboard Available Now!

We are proud to introduce the Metroboard DUAL DRIVE Electric Longboard! The Dual Drive sports two of our 6374 Brushless Outrunner Motors in a diagonal configuration for a hill crushing combined power of 6000 Watts Peak / 1200 Watts Continuous. No other electric skateboard on the market can match this kind of power! Live in a hilly area? No worries, this is the board for you that will give you the confidence to dominate any incline that comes your way.  And on the flats, experience the thrill of rocket like acceleration! Of course, with this much power, we didn’t want to limit the fun, so we designed a custom 36V 11AH battery pack that can both handle the power of the dual drive and deliver an Incredible 25 Mile Range, for non-stop action! Dual Drive Hill Climb GET YOURS TODAY!
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Hardwood Stringers 33in Mini Slim Electric Longboard - Top View Blank

33in Mini Slim Longboard Deck – Hardwood Stringer Edition

If you like our 41″ Hardwood Stringer Decks and would like the same look in a smaller package, we are proud to introduce the 33″ Mini Slim Electric Longboard – Hardwood Stringer Edition! The beautiful top veneer is made from Mahogany and Padauk. This super compact boards weighs in at just 14.5 lbs with a 10 mile range slim battery. For more info, check it out.
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New vs Old Slim Longboard Deck

Carvetastic 2016 Metroboard Electric Longboard Deck

Compare the 2016 version (lower deck) to the 2015 (upper deck). Note that in order to improve the carving ability of the deck we have increased the deck width by 1/2″ (for a total of 10.0″), and increased the concavity by 2 mm. We have also increased the length of the deck by 2″ for a total length of 41″. 1.5″ of this extra length was added to the tail to give you more leverage when making kickturns.  Note that all of these new features are available on both our Black Stealth Deck and our Hardwood Stringer Decks as well. We think you will enjoy these improvements, making for a super fun carvetastic ride! Learn more about the New Features of the 2016 Metroboard Electric Longboard Deck
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Sunrise - Wenge and Pau Amarelo - Metroboard Electric Longboard

Exotic Wood Metroboards Hit the Market!

New for the Holiday Season 2015, we are proud to release our brand new Metroboard Slim Electric Longboard Decks with Beautiful Hardwood Stringers made by Braker Boards. These boards also feature a NEW small kicktail to allow for easier kick-turns. Choose from 4 gorgeous stringer designs:        
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