ABEC11 107MM SuperFly Wheels For Electric Skateboard – METROBOARD

ABEC11 recently introduced the 107 mm SuperFly Wheels for use with Electric Skateboards. Although Abec11 had an earlier version of this 107 mm wheel for many years, they recently updated the design to have the same inside bearing to urethane spacing as their popular “Flywheel” Series (e.g., 97 mm, 90 mm, 83 mm). This design change makes the 107 mm SuperFly Wheels compatible with electric skateboards that are designed for use with regular “Flywheels”. These new wheels are not only larger in diameter, but also wider with a 64 mm width and 55 mm contact patch vs the regular “Flywheels” which ave a 52 mm width and 44 mm contact patch. The SuperFlys also come standard with ABEC11’s premium 74A Reflex Formula. The Reflex formula can’t be beat in terms of durability, rebound, and traction. The SuperFlys will give you the most cush ride on an electric longboard and will seriously take the edge off of road vibrations and less…
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ABEC11 SuperFlywheels 107mm

107 mm Abec11 SuperFlywheels Now Available in Limited Quantities!

For those looking for a super plush ride on the Metroboard, we are proud to offer the new Abec11 107 mm SuperFlywheels poured with 74A Reflex Formula.  Not only are these wheels larger in diameter, but also have an 11 mm wider contact patch (55 mm vs 44 mm for standard Abec 11 Flywheels), giving you a super comfortable and grippy ride.   Now building in limited quantities with the 41″ Metroboard Slim Electric Longboard and 41″ Metroboard DUAL DRIVE Electric Longboard.  Note these larger wheels add 1.6 lbs (0.7 kg) of weight to the Metroboard relative to the 97 mm Flywheels. Get yours today!  
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Metroboard Electric Skateboard Customer

Metroboard Customer Q & A

We had a third (neutral) party interview two Metroboard Customers to get their honest opinions on the things they like and dislike about the Metroboard.  Below are their unfiltered responses.  At Metroboard we always welcome good and bad feedback so we can continue to innovate and offer a top quality product with excellent customer service. Metroboard Interview with Customer #1 Q: What Metroboard do you own? A: 41 Stealth with 15 miles battery Q: How did you learn about Metroboard and why did you buy one? A: I found out about them from googling, forums and Reddit.  They received good user feedback for their reliability and customer service and they use good parts. I bought one also because a lightly used set was available for a good price Q: How is the reliability and customer service now that you own one of these machines? A: So far no issues, work as advertised, maybe top speed doesn’t quite reach what is stated,…
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Metroboard on Boardwalk


Spring is just around the corner, and you know what that means!  Plenty of sunny days to explore, commute, or just have fun on a Metroboard Electric Skateboard. On top of the good weather, there are several exciting new offerings to make this the perfect time to get a Metroboard! NEW FASTER MOTORS We know you have been asking for Metroboard to go faster, and we are now happy to offer a new 6374 brushless outrunner motor that takes the top speed to a breathtaking 23.5 mph (4 mph faster than our previous motor). The wind in your face as you carve through your favorite locale has never been this much fun!  We have also added an additional bearing to the facecap of the motor to make our motors last even longer.   NEW ABEC11 WHEEL COLORS We have worked together with ABEC11 to produce a top notch co-branded Metroboard Wheel proudly Made in the USA ensuring the best quality…
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Cone Bushings

Superior Carving Experience with Conical Truck Bushings

This tutorial shows how to replace the inner truck bushings from Cylindrical to Conical to improve carving and maneuverability on your Metroboard Electric Skateboard. This is especially helpful for lighter riders that find the standard bushing setup a bit hard to turn or for anyone that wants a more fun carving experience and tighter turning radius. You can order the Conical Truck Bushings here.
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