Metroboard X22 – All Terrain + Street Electric Skateboard (2022)


The Metroboard X22 electric longboard. Featuring: 12s4p pack of Molicel 21700 P42A cells (Made in USA by Duck Battery Systems) for 655.76 watt-hours of delivered energy (705.6Wh Nominal), 200mm pneumatic wheels with 72-tooth pulleys, dual battle-hardened Flipsky 6374 140kv motors, 8-Amp/4-Pin Charger, Stormcore 60D+ by Lacroix & Hoyt St. Puck remote with integrated front, rear, and under lighting.

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Metroboard X22 – All Terrain + Street Electric Skateboard (2022)

Built like a Tank. Rides like a Dream.

The Metroboard X22 is our best performing board to date. Balancing form, ruggedness, performance, and agility, we’ve taken all the lessons learned from the original X and made everything better. This time, we’ve crammed in a 12s4p pack of Molicel 21700 P42A cells (Made in USA by Duck Battery Systems) for 655.76 watt-hours of delivered energy (705.6Wh Nominal). With a sturdy carbon-fiber deck, battle-hardened motors, 10mm axles, and indestructible CNC-machined aluminum trucks, the X22 is designed to handle more punishment than the average consumer board. The X22 is made from custom, premium parts one-at-a-time in our shop in Vancouver, Washington.

Metroboard X22 Front View

Other substantial improvements include: knurled kingpins, RipTide Sports KranK Bushings (now standard), improved high-power LED wafers for headlights, rear lights, and under-glow, battle-hardened Flipsky 6374 140kv motors, a momentary power switch, and an ultra-fast 8-Amp charger with 4-pin power port replacing the old barrel style, and paired with the Puck remote by Hoyt St. Electric Skateboards.

The Metroboard X22 ships with 200mm pneumatic tires and 72-tooth pulleys for a gear ratio of 20/72 (1:3.6). Additional wheel options include 107mm Abec11 72A urethane street wheels or 120mm Cloudwheels (with 36-Tooth wheel pulleys), and 155mm pneumatic tires with 52-tooth pulleys (sold separately).

There’s only one best.

When it comes to reliability, no other eskate brand has a better reputation than Metroboard. Proponents of mass-produced boards will say that’s just the way the numbers work. They say, “We make more boards, so of course we have more failures.” At Metroboard, we refuse to take that risk with our customers’ safety. Too many eskate companies are in the habit of testing their products on the early adopters. We’re not one of those companies. That’s why we select the most reliable components and work with our suppliers to produce custom parts that adhere to our high standards as opposed to using run-of-the-mill off-the-shelf parts. Then we build our boards one-at-a-time by hand in a small shop in Vancouver, Washington USA. Just like we’ve been doing for the past 18 years.

Service and Quality Matter

You just need a close look at Metroboard X22 to see that the craftsmanship is on another level compared to similarly spec’d boards. We set out to produce the finest double-kingpin convertible electric longboard on the market—made from tougher stuff; able to take daily punishment for thousands of miles and never skip a beat. With unparalleled service to match.

Are there cheaper boards that match our specs? Sure, maybe on the surface. Arguably. But we are not in a race to the bottom. There are plenty of manufacturers battling it out in that space. Cutting corners. Shaving expense. Spending their margins on marketing to grow like weeds. To cut to the chase, our position is this: Our market is riders who value quality, safety, reliability, and support over first-glance savings. Our Total Cost of Ownership ends up lower in the long run. Our customers are people who are willing to spend the extra money up front on board that they know will work and continue to work for years and years to come. Our customers rely on our boards for their daily commute, as their sole mode of transportation, and in some cases even for their livelihood as deliverers and couriers. Reliability matters. Quality matters. Service matters. That’s our reputation, after all.

So, what makes it better?

Metroboard X22 10mm Axles

10mm axles for higher strength and less chance of bending on impact.

Metroboard X22 Unbreakable Trucks

Unbreakable CNC-machined 6061 aluminum trucks.

Metroboard X22 Top Down View

Wider, longer deck with more foot-room and a W-concave design with built-in foot-stops. With a Total Deck length of 41-inches there’s 28″ x 10″ of foot space on the dropdeck.

Metroboard X22 Lights Close-up

Integrated high-powered LED lighting. Blindingly bright. 3 settings. Controlled by the remote with the press of a button. (Compare to the added cost of aftermarket external lights.)

Metroboard X22 Battle-hardened motors

Battle-hardened Flipsky 6374 140kv motors. Built to withstand more abuse than the competition.

Metroboard X22 with Riptide Bushings

RipTide KranK Bushings (the best bushings by far, made in Oregon) are standard. Do bushings really make that much of a difference? You bet your sweet bippy, they do.

Metroboard X22 with Duck Battery

644.76 watt-hours of delivered energy. Our 12S4P pack is made in the USA by Duck Battery Systems using Molicel 21700 P42A cells for a higher standard of quality, and the most energy density we can possibly cram inside. The delivered capacity is 15.1 amp hours at 40 amp discharge to 3.0 volts. (Nominal capacity is 16Ah / 705.6Wh.)

Metroboard X22 Battery Indicator

Onboard Battery Indicator. Know your charge at-a-glance.

Metroboard X22 4-Pin 8-Amp charge Port

4-Pin power port and 8-Amp fast-charger to guzzle up the go-go juice.

Metroboard X22 with Stormcore

Stormcore 60D+ electronic speed controller. Connect a variety of ESC monitoring apps to track your performance and record your rides.

Metroboard X22 Automatic Belt Tensioning System

The industry’s only Automatic Belt Tensioning System. Our design takes the fuss out of belt tensioning, making wheel swaps easier than any other belt-driven system. Take our word for it. Skip the aneurysm.

Metroboard X22 Belts are Better

Speaking of Belts: We think belt-driven boards are superior to other drives. Compared to gear drives, belts are easy to replace when they break. When a gear drive fails, you’re walking home (with a huge brick in tow). When a belt breaks, you’re back on the road in 5 minutes (as long you carry a spare). Even if you don’t have a spare, you can still limp home on one belt. Belts are also quieter. Hub drives (once hailed as “the future”) have proven to be unreliable owing to the persistent impacts and vibration transferred directly to the motors, and the lack of any gear ratio makes them less than ideal, especially for a convertible skateboard application. Belts are just better.

Metroboard X22 Glass-Infused Nylon Gears

Glass-infused Nylon Gears. Our gears last thousands of miles. Other manufacturers’ gears are made of cheaper material and wear down in hundreds of miles. This is one of those hidden variables that can impact your total cost of ownership. Motor Pulley to Drive Gear Ratio: 20/72 (1:3.6)

Metroboard X22 Hoyt St Puck Remote

Hoyt St Puck Remote: Built tough as iron with frequency-hopping technology for a rock-solid connection. The Puck has a reputation as the best remote on the market.

Metroboard X22 200mm Wheels

38 MPH top speed with 200mm wheels, 34mph with Street wheels or Cloudwheels. A few other boards might go faster, but with DKP trucks, the X22 is designed primarily for the carving experience. Don’t worry—you’ll still be at the head of the pack. You’ll just prefer to take a beeline to get there.

Your Daily Thrill Ride awaits.

So, maybe the Metroboard X22 will be your first board. That would be an excellent choice. Or maybe you’re looking for an upgrade. Something to take you to the next level and grow into. In that case, the Metroboard X22 is also the right choice. In either case, you’re buying a board that will bring you years and years and miles and miles of smiles. You won’t be disappointed.

We guarantee it.

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