Metroboard X.o – All Terrain + Street Electric Skateboard (2022)


The Metroboard X.o electric longboard. Featuring: 10s4p P42A 576 watt-hour battery (Made in USA by Duck Battery Systems), 200mm pneumatic wheels with 72-tooth pulleys, dual Flipsky 6374 – 140kv motors, 5-Amp/3-Pin Charger, & MESC6 from Flipsky with custom VX-1 Remote.


Metroboard X.o – All Terrain + Street Electric Skateboard (2022)

The Metroboard X.o is the most refined edition of the original X which set a new standard of excellence and performance in eskate. The X.o is the culmination continual improvement marking the last edition to utilize our Metroboard/Flipsky controllers and remotes. Everything else has been dialed up to 11 for the most impressive Metroboard to date. More power, more range, more speed, more bright, and more tough. There’s more here than meets the eye.

The Metroboard X.o is a significant update over the original Metroboard X released in 2019. Since then, new battery technology allows us to cram in a 10s4p P42A battery (Made in USA by Duck Battery Systems) into the remarkably sleek deck. Other substantial improvements include: knurled kingpins, RipTide Sports KranK Bushings (now standard), improved high-power LED wafers for headlights, rear lights, and under-glow, Flipsky 6374 140kv motors, a momentary power switch (instead of latch-style), and a 5 Amp fast-charger with 3-pin power port replacing the old barrel style.

The Metroboard X.o ships with 200mm pneumatic tires and 72-tooth pulleys for a gear ratio of 20/72 (1:3.6). Additional wheel options include 107mm Abec11 72A urethane street wheels or 120mm Cloudwheels (with 36-Tooth wheel pulleys), and 155mm pneumatic tires with 52-tooth pulleys.

Customer Review:

“I got the MetroboardX.o as an upgrade for my original X (which I put about 7,500 miles on). It was time for a new battery, so I got the works. Since then, I’ve put about 200 miles on my Metroboard X.o (May 2022). What a massive improvement! The power is substantial. I weigh 160lbs and this thing is like a rocket. The new firmware packs a punch and the new Duck Battery has plenty to give. It’s heavier because the battery packs substantially more energy. I’m seeing a 20% improvement in range over the original X battery and the throttle is surprisingly powerful considering the only thing that’s changed for me is the battery and firmware (and lights). It runs like a premium board in 2022 should. The acceleration is smooth – not racer off-the-line but it gets up to speed fast. The braking is aggressive. The lights are so bright that I have experienced cars flashing me to turn them down. So, if you’re running the headlights at night, don’t run them at full brightness all the time. They are plenty bright for visibility at the lowest setting. I usually ride with the 120mm Cloudwheels very aggressively with an average speed of 25mph and a top-speed of ~33mph and my average energy consumed is 25wh per mile for an estimated max range of about 23 miles for my riding style, though I usually keep my rides to about 18-20 miles. (You can check this site to estimate your range based on your riding style for a 576wh battery.) Battery “sag” does not really present itself until the last 10% of battery remaining, and by that point it’s time to go home. I don’t recommend draining the battery. I usually make it home with about 10% left and charge after letting the battery rest for 30 minutes. The Metroboard X.o is the perfect board for my riding style and routine. It really is my daily thrill ride.” – Alex Williams, Metroboard X.o Rider

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