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  7. Fast Charger for Slim Lithium Battery – 4 Amp

Fast Charger for Slim Lithium Battery – 4 Amp

$75 $45

Our 36V 4 Amp FAST Lithium Charger for Slim Batteries ONLY will charge your Metroboard Electric Skateboard in just 1.5 hours for our 15 mile slim pack, and 2 hours for our 20 mile slim pack, 2.5 hours for our 25 mile Dual Drive Pack, and 4 hours for our 40 mile pack.  Get a spare charge to keep at work, so you can charge during the day, and double your range!  Worldwide Voltage 100VAC-240VAC and UL listed.

Note this charger is too fast for our 10 mile slim pack, and not recommended for the long term health of that size pack.

Note this charger is NOT compatible with our brick shaped 15 mile 36V Lithium Battery Packs.  If you need a charger for that battery order it here.

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