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  7. 6374 Brushless Sensored Outrunner Motor

6374 Brushless Sensored Outrunner Motor


This is our top quality high power 6374 Brushless Sensored Outrunner Motor with 3000 Watts Peak Power!

SKU: 6374-MOTOR-110KV Category:

6374 Brushless Sensored Outrunner Motor

Need a replacement motor for your Metroboard or DIY Electric Skateboard? This is our top quality high power 6374 Brushless Sensored Outrunner Motor with 3000 Watts Peak Power!


  • 3000 Watts Peak Power
  • 110KV
  • 10 mm Diameter shaft with 8.5 mm D-shaped flat.  Matching Pulleys can be ordered here.
  • For use with up to a 10S Battery Pack
  • 5 pairs of M5 mounting holes on a 46 mm diameter circle, 25º apart
  • Double bearings on both ends of motor to ensure a long shaft and bearing life
  • D-shaped shaft on end cap, eliminating the risk of shaft coming loose from end cap (which can happen on other motors with set screws)
  • 14 AWG Silicone Power Leads, 35 cm long, with Amass MT60 (60 Amp) Male Connector
  • Hall Leads, 40 cm long, with JST PH2.0 6-pin connector (suitable for direct use with VESC based controllers)
Order Notes


In most cases, we ship within 1-2 weeks, but each Metroboard Electric Skateboard is built to order. In our busier seasons, please allow 3-4 weeks to build and ship. If you have a more urgent need, please contact us and we will do our best to expedite your order. US Ground Shipping costs of $45-$55 will be automatically added to your order, depending on the model.

Part and accessory orders usually ship within 1 week.


We are so certain you are going to love the Metroboard Electric Skateboard much more than any other motorized skateboard out there, that we offer a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee! If for any reason you are not satisfied, just return the Metroboard Electric Skateboard within 7 days of receiving it and we will refund 100% of your purchase price (less shipping costs)! Please contact us for an RMA before shipping your board back! The only condition is that you ride your Metroboard Electric Skateboard on clean smooth surfaces and return it in resalable condition. Shipping costs (both ways) are not refundable. Kef Tech has complete discretion as to whether it will accept a return and how much of a refund will be allowed. Kef Tech may reduce the refunded amount due to wear and tear and/or damage to the product.


We offer a 6 month warranty, and even beyond that we offer fair prices on any repair or spare part needs.

Customer Reviews

Our 10 year excellent track record proves both the Metroboard\’s initial high performance as well as its long term durability. We offer top-notch customer support as well to keep you up and running whether you are a brand new customer or a long term one! Check out our 5-Star Metroboard Electric Skateboard Reviews!

College Student Discount

College Students can get $50 off the pricing above. Please contact us for more info.

International Shipping

We ship Worldwide! Please contact us for a price quote.

Spare Electric Skateboard Parts

We stock a variety of spare Electric Skateboard Parts including wheels, timing belts, chargers, remotes, and every other part of the electric skateboard! We honestly don\’t sell a lot of spare parts due to the super high quality of our components which are designed to last a long time (typically 2-3 years)! Nonetheless, we\’ll have them ready for you to make sure your Metroboard Electric Skateboard is always up and running!

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