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  7. 41″ Metroboard Slim Electric Longboard – STEALTH EDITION

41″ Metroboard Slim Electric Longboard – STEALTH EDITION


The Metroboard Slim has been completely redesigned from the ground up for a truly unique carving and transportation solution that takes the Metroboard Electric Skateboard to a whole new level of fun, styling, and portability.


41″ Metroboard Slim Electric Longboard – STEALTH EDITION


We are proud to offer the Metroboard Slim Electric Longboard Stealth Edition, with an all black deck and battery box.  The Metroboard Slim has been completely redesigned from the ground up for a truly unique carving and transportation solution that takes the Metroboard Electric Skateboard to a whole new level of fun, styling, and portability.

Amazing Features

  • Top Speed: 24 mph
  • 6374 Brushless Outrunner Motor rated for 3000 Watts Peak Power (600 Watts Continuous): Will rocket you up even the steepest hills!
  • Slim Long Range Lithium Battery: Just 22 mm thick! Available in 4 capacities: a 10 mile (36V 4.4AH), 15 mile (36V 6.6AH), 20 mile (36V 8.8AH) range option, NEW 27 mile (36V 12.8AH) range and an incredible NEW 55 mile (36V 25.6AH) range option.
  • 41” Longboard Deck: This beautiful Black deck looks gorgeous and carves like a dream thanks to its broad 10″ width across the entire riding platform.  The small kicktail makes kick-turning a breeze!  Want a custom deck?  Email us about it.
  • Caliber II 10” 50° Reverse Kingpin Trucks: These well respected trucks are known for their super smooth carving and beautiful sculpted looks. Combined with our wide platform longboard deck, you have, to put it simply, a “Carving Machine”.
  • 97 mm (Green 78A) or NEW Red (77A Reflex Formula) or 83 mm (Clear Red 75A) GENUINE ABEC-11 BRAND Super High Rebound Wheels or NEW 107 mm SuperFly Wheels Red (74A Reflex Formula): With a rebound of over 80%, these shock absorbing wheels provide a super smooth ride on both smooth and rougher asphalt.
  • Slim Aluminum Battery Box: To house the Slim Battery, we designed a stylish yet durable Slim Aluminum Battery Box, Powder Coated Black, that not only looks cool, but makes carrying the Metroboard Electric Longboard a breeze, due to its evenly distributed weight across the entire length of the deck.
  • Brushless Motor Controller (MADE IN THE USA): Completely redesigned from the ground up for improved reliability and new features such as the ability to drive High Power LEDs.
  • High Power Front and Rear Lighting: High Power 2 Watt LEDs give you a super high visibility front headlight and rear tail light, and also make our custom translucent risers glow! Not only will others see you, but you will see the road ahead of you thanks to their incredible high power output! Our New Optional 10 Watt LEDs are even brighter and are housed in a super slick Nickel Plated Aluminum Riser with Polycarbonate Lens to add some serious bling to your ride!
  • Read the instructions to learn about all the rich features of the Metroboard Electric Skateboard.
Carving without pushing has never been so much fun! Even inexperienced skaters, will learn to ride this dream board in no time!


Latest Features of the 2017 Metroboard Electric Longboard

Mini Wireless Remote

Proportional Speed and Braking Control and Reverse for a super responsive ride on the Metroboard Electric Skateboard.

Deck Size: 41" LONG X 10" WIDE
Wheels: ABEC-11 83 MM Flywheels (75A), CLEAR RED, ABEC-11 97 MM Flywheels (78A), GREEN or 77A RED +$50, ABEC-11 107 MM SuperFlywheels (74A), RED +$125
Truck Size: 10in Axle Width, 184 mm Hanger Width Caliber II 50 deg Reverse Kingpin Trucks
Top Speed: 24 mph (38 km/h)
Power: 3000 Watt Peak / 600 Watt Continuous Brushless 6374 Outrunner Motor
Range: 15 miles (24 km), 20 miles (32 km), 27 mile (43 km), or 55 mile (86 km) dependeing on battery pack choice
Battery Capacity: 36V 6.6AH Lithium Slim Battery (15 mile range), 36V 8.8AH Lithium Slim Battery (20 mile range) +$100, 36V 12.8AH Lithium Slim Battery (27 mile) +$200, 36V 25.6AH Lithium Slim Battery (55 mile range) +$550
Charger: 2 Amp charger (3 hour charge time 15 mile battery), 4 Amp Fast smart charger (2 hour charge time 20 mile battery, 4 hour charge time 40 mile battery), worldwide voltage 100VAC-240VAC, UL listed
Lights: 2 Watt Lights, 10 Watt Lights +$100
Battery Gauge: High Accuracy Audible Battery Gauge activated by the Wireless Remote Control: 4 beeps: 75-100% capacity, 3 beeps: 50-75%, 2 beeps 25-50%, 1 beep 0-25%
Remote Control: Wireless Mini RC RF Pocket Size Remote
Braking: Regenerative
Weight: 16.6 lbs (7.5 kg) 83 mm wheels / 15 mile Battery, 20 or 27 mile adds 1.2 lbs (0.54 kg), 55 mile adds 6.2 lbs (2.8 kg), 97 mm wheels add 1.0 lb (0.45 kg), 107 mm wheels add 2.6 lb (1.2 kg)
Min Rider Age: 16 years old
Made: in the USA
Max Rider Weight: 250 lbs (115 kg)
Order Notes


In most cases, we ship within 1-2 weeks, but each Metroboard Electric Skateboard is built to order. In our busier seasons, please allow 3-4 weeks to build and ship. If you have a more urgent need, please contact us and we will do our best to expedite your order. US Ground Shipping costs of $45-$55 will be automatically added to your order, depending on the model.

Part and accessory orders usually ship within 1 week.


We are so certain you are going to love the Metroboard Electric Skateboard much more than any other motorized skateboard out there, that we offer a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee! If for any reason you are not satisfied, just return the Metroboard Electric Skateboard within 7 days of receiving it and we will refund 100% of your purchase price (less shipping costs)! Please contact us for an RMA before shipping your board back! The only condition is that you ride your Metroboard Electric Skateboard on clean smooth surfaces and return it in resalable condition. Shipping costs (both ways) are not refundable. Kef Tech has complete discretion as to whether it will accept a return and how much of a refund will be allowed. Kef Tech may reduce the refunded amount due to wear and tear and/or damage to the product.


We offer a 6 month warranty, and even beyond that we offer fair prices on any repair or spare part needs.

Customer Reviews

Our 10 year excellent track record proves both the Metroboard\’s initial high performance as well as its long term durability. We offer top-notch customer support as well to keep you up and running whether you are a brand new customer or a long term one! Check out our 5-Star Metroboard Electric Skateboard Reviews!

College Student Discount

College Students can get $50 off the pricing above. Please contact us for more info.

International Shipping

We ship Worldwide! Please contact us for a price quote.

Spare Electric Skateboard Parts

We stock a variety of spare Electric Skateboard Parts including wheels, timing belts, chargers, remotes, and every other part of the electric skateboard! We honestly don\’t sell a lot of spare parts due to the super high quality of our components which are designed to last a long time (typically 2-3 years)! Nonetheless, we\’ll have them ready for you to make sure your Metroboard Electric Skateboard is always up and running!

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