120mm Cloudwheels (BLACK)



Take the edge off with 120mm Cloudwheels. The perfect compromise between pneumatic and street wheels!

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120mm Cloudwheels (BLACK)

These 120mm Cloudwheels offer longer range over pneumatic wheels and a softer ride than traditional urethane. There’s no better way to describe them than an ideal compromise. If you’re riding over rough roads but don’t want to want to sacrifice the range to AT wheels, try the 120mm Cloudwheels. You’ll get a noticeably softer ride (but don’t expect AT-soft) and they’ll take the edge off uneven sidewalk and road seams.

In our experience, these wheels require a break-in period. They’re a little slick for the first few rides, especially on corners where there’s loose sand or small gravel. But don’t give up. Once they’re broken in, they have amazing traction and they really help smooth out the shocks and vibrations. They may just become your favorite wheel of all time. Also available in red.

These Cloudwheels use the re-designed “Discovery” core so you’ll need to pick up a set of NEW Street (36 tooth) CloudWheel Timing Pulleys that will get you a top speed of 35mph!

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