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Jerry Fung - Metroboard Ambassador

Jerry Fung (NYC)

Hobbies: Online gaming, ESK8, Food Adventure

MetroboardX owner since: April 2019

What do you love most about the X?

The quality of build, dual kingpin trucks, carbon fiber deck, led lights and the matter I could use street and all terrain wheels.

Best places to ride?

Best places for adrenaline are cruising through the traffic in times Square (49th st and 7th Ave) all the way to the bull at walls street

Best place for a nice and peaceful view west side highway (note do not stop for park rangers)

Best place to cruise without much bikers and tourist is the east side next to FDR.

Best place to charge is 28th Saint Mark NY aka Kung Fu Tea HQ.

Best place to ride and eat and charge is going to dinosaur BBQ at 125th st and get a good BBQ while you charge outdoor by the bench.

Don’t go into central park if you are new in esk8.

Mark Ngo - Metroboard Ambassador

Mark Ngo (Dallas-Fort Worth)


One of the things I’m passionate about are video games, whether console or PC, hiking, camping, and I was once a competitive pistol shooter. Go figure, I live in Texas! I’m also a former skateboarder, though I wasn’t great at it when I skated. Since discovering ESK8, I’ve have since focused my passion on building an ESK8 community here in DFW, which I take pride in seeing grow and bringing people into a new culture.

MetroboardX owner since: August 2019

How long have you live in DFW and what do you like most about it?

I grew up in DFW and spent all but 8 months of my life living here. One of the things I love is that I can enjoy the joys of a city and drive a short distance out and be in the country with hiking trails and lakes. One of the things I enjoy about my city is the initiative it took 15 years ago called “The Six Cities Trail” network. It’s an initiative to build and maintain paved bike trails between what was initially 6 cities, but now growing to multiple cities around the metroplex. This provides a great opportunity to ride my MetroboardX and explore different parts of my home from a different perspective that I can’t get from my car or on foot.

What do you love most about the X?

What I loved most about the X is that it bought me into a culture that I didn’t know existed.

Why should someone choose the X over another brand?

When people look into electric skateboards, they only see the price. They don’t see the value of the electric skateboard or the opportunities they can provide within the ESK8 community.

Unfortunately, a lot of import companies in ESK8 are not concerned with quality and safety. They just wanna get a board out fast and take your money. If you get hurt, well too bad, they’re overseas and can’t hear you complain!

When you buy a MetroboardX, you are a part of Metroboard. With many ESK8 companies coming and going in the market, Metroboard is the oldest operating ESK8 company in the world. They have been around since the beginning and seen the rise and fall of many companies. We have the reputation of our boards lasting through times where many have fallen. They’re built like tanks, look cool, and they work! And they’re design is no different with the MetroboardX.

The MetroboardX is the result of +15 years of esk8 experience, design, and engineering. No other company can even come close to being able to say that. If you happen to have the unfortunate event that something does not function correctly on your Metroboard, customer service is beyond phenomenal. And on top of that, the man that deals directly with customer service is the CEO/Owner Ilan Sabar. How many companies can say that they had a video chat with the CEO to trouble shoot an issue?! Though the warranty is only one year, Metroboard and its community will still be with you to help keep your board running for thousands of miles!

Best places to ride?

My favorite place to ride in the city is the entire city. DFW is the largest metroplex in the US and the Metroboardx takes me all over to explore different areas and discover new beautiful scenes! I’ve ridden by lakes, hills, land marks, and downtown. DFW is a beautiful place to ride!

MetroboardX - Photo by Alex Williams

Interested in becoming a Metroboard Ambassador?

We are now seeking Ambassadors all around the US and all around the world to help promote our New MetroboardX Model!

Please email us with the following info:

  • Your Location
  • Your Age
  • Your Job
  • Why you want to be a Metroboard Ambassador
  • E-skate models that you own and how you use them
  • Involvement in your local e-skate scene
  • Filming and photography skills (please send us pics and video links to your work)
  • Social Media Experience
  • Availability to meet local potential customers who want to demo before buying
  • Technical skills to open up and do minor repairs on boards (for local customers)

Note that becoming an ambassador does not mean you get a free board, but we will give you a discount to help welcome you to the Metroboard Family!