8 Crazy Reasons Electric Skateboards Are Going Viral Right Now

Rideables are so hot right now, just ask Mugatu. They’re popping up everywhere and after spotting one zipping around at VidCon this year, I decided to do some research to find out why. So here’s the top eight reasons electric skateboards are going viral.

1. Celebrities Use Them



Justin Bieber during Comedy Central roast with monkey on his shoulderI don’t think anybody knows for certain who the first celebrity was to be spotted riding around on an electric skateboard, but we can definitely give thanks to the Biebs himself, Kendal Jenner, Jamie Foxx, Skrillex, and Whiz Kalifa – who was tackled to the ground at LAX airport after refusing to dismount his electric skateboard.

All these celebs and more have been filling up their Instagram and Twitter feeds with cool shots of them on electric skateboards, and that’s a big reason we’re seeing more and more of these awesome rideable techs carving through our streets.







2. They Make You Smarter


Strong human brain lifting weights.That’s right. Electric skateboards make you smarter, at least according to cognitive psychologist Lawrence W. Barsalou. The extrapolated theory is that by riding an electric skateboard to work, you’re going to have to take new routes and experience new things. This means you’ll be flexing parts of your brain that improve perception, memory, and motor and thinking skills. It’s like mental crossfit.

Most electric skateboards have somewhere between a 6 to 10 mile range, which can make actually getting to work somewhat difficult if you live further than a few miles. Metroboard, however, touts an impressive maximum range of 40 miles, so you could ride to work, ride on your lunch break, ride home, then later go out for a leisurely night ride all on one charge. Feeling smarter yet?






3. Still a Good Workout


Karate Kid practicing with instructor.Anybody who’s stood in the “horse stance” for more than a few minutes has felt the oh-so-awful burn. With an electric skateboard you forego kick pushing, but your legs still get a solid workout from carving and squatting for balance, which also actuates all the little muscles that normally don’t get flexed. No more skipping leg days.









4. Going Green


Captain Planet pointing at camera.The world is frantically working to reduce carbon emissions, and commuting around on an electric skateboard significantly adds to that effort. Every electric skateboard has slightly different stats, but with Metroboard, you get a carbon-reducing 1,500mpg (Equivalent Electrical Energy). Compare that to another energy efficient vehicle like a Prius, which still gets a commendable 50mpg, and it quickly becomes clear how impactful it could be if more people started switching to these types of personal transportation vehicles. Captain Planet would be proud.








5. Um… They’re Really Fun


Girl riding Metroboard electric skateboardYup. They’re just flat out fun. Screaming through the city on an electric skateboard and carving up Everest-worthy hills at breakneck speed feels like being 5-years-old again and riding your toy electric Jeep on “High” for the first time. It also makes everyday tasks like grabbing something from the market or meeting a friend for lunch all the more exciting. Fun FTW.









6. Saves You Money


Super Mario jumping for gold coins.Electric skateboards are expensive; there’s no sugarcoating it. But using an electric skateboard for commuting to work or as supplementary personal transportation can save you huge in the long run.

Again, with every electric skateboard company the stats are a little different, but the typical operating cost is around $0.0005 per mile. It’s not free, but it’s as close as you’re going to get.

And if we’re factoring in savings from common public transportation like tubes and busses and car-related costs like registration, maintenance, gas, and insurance, then those coins really start adding up fast.







7. One Step Closer to Being Marty McFly


Marty Mcfly riding Back to the Future hoverboard.Let’s admit it. We all want a hoverboard. Like an actual hoverboard that floats above the ground. Unfortunately, technology hasn’t caught up with Marty McFly yet, but electric skateboards make us feel like we’re almost there. At least Nike is finally releasing self-lacing kicks.










8. Because Riding Into the Office On an Electric Skateboard Makes You Look Like a Bauss


The Office Andrew Bernard celebrating series finale.A lot of professionals try to spice up their office image with a colorful new tie, fancy new dress, or dare I say, patterned socks. But trust me when I say that nothing says “Ima bauss” quite like rolling up to your cubicle on an electric skateboard. Beware swooning coworkers.

Sure, your hair may have gotten all out of place during the ride, but that just makes it look “purposefully messy.” And yeah, you may have eaten a bug or two during the journey, but that’s just free protein. In the end though, the bliss of travelling sans-car, saving the environment, making yourself smarter, toning your quads, and saving money is totally worth it.