Carvetastic 2016 Metroboard Electric Longboard Deck

Compare the 2016 version (lower deck) to the 2015 (upper deck).

Note that in order to improve the carving ability of the deck we have increased the deck width by 1/2″ (for a total of 10.0″), and increased the concavity by 2 mm. We have also increased the length of the deck by 2″ for a total length of 41″. 1.5″ of this extra length was added to the tail to give you more leverage when making kickturns.  Note that all of these new features are available on both our Black Stealth Deck and our Hardwood Stringer Decks as well.

We think you will enjoy these improvements, making for a super fun carvetastic ride!

Learn more about the New Features of the 2016 Metroboard Electric Longboard Deck