Why Metroboard?

In short, because Metroboard outperforms the competition in virtually every way possible.

Metroboard has the most powerful motors, the longest range, the best track record, and caring customer service for when you have that burning question about your new or future board.

Metroboard is the only electric skateboard that gives you limitless riding for your non-stop life.

The side-by-side comparison below shows exactly how Metroboard stacks up against the competition, and instead of a big sales pitch explaining why Metroboard is light years ahead of every single other electric skateboard manufacturer out there, we’ll just let the numbers do the talking.

We do our best to update the table below to reflect the latest information from our competitors.  If you see any inaccuracies below, please let us know so we can update accordingly.

-Ilan Sabar, Metroboard Founder

There are a few Electric Skateboards on the market.  So why choose the Metroboard?  

Learn more about the Metroboard Advantage over the Competition

See table below for a side by side comparison, and many great reasons for choosing the Metroboard!

ParameterMetroboardEvolveBoostedE-goMarbelMetroboard Advantage
Price$955 Outrunner Series

$1099 Slim Outrunner Series

$1899 Dual Drive Outrunner Series

$1449 Bamboo GT Series$999-$1499$699$1399Best Price and Value for a Product Designed and Made in the USA!
Weight14.5 - 23.8 lbs17 lbs13.5 - 15 lbs13.9 lbs10.3 lbsGreat Range to Weight and Power to Weight Ratio
Power1200 Watt Continuous / 6000 Watt Peak COMBINED DUAL 6374 BRUSHLESS OUTRUNNER MOTORS

600 Watt Continuous / 3000 Watt Peak SINGLE 6374 BRUSHLESS OUTRUNNER MOTOR

?? Watt Continuous / 3000 Watt Peak Combined Dual Motor

5074 Brushless Outrunner Motors

Dual 400 Watt Continuous / 1000 Watt Peak

4944 Brushless Outrunner Motors

Combined 800 Watt Continuous / 2000 Watt Peak ($1499 model)

Dual 300 Watt Continuous / 750 Watt Peak

Combined 600 Watt Continuous / 1500 Watt Peak ($1299 model)

Single 400 Watt Continuous / 1000 Watt Peak ($999 model)
150 Watt Continuous / 400 Watt Peak

Brushless Outrunner Motor
400 Watt Continuous / 2000 Watt Peak

Brushless Outrunner Motor
Most Powerful Dual Drive Electric Longboard on the Market with 6000 Watts Peak Power! Great Range to Weight and Power to Weight Ratio. Powerful, quiet, long life, lightweight, and efficient 6374 BRUSHLESS OUTRUNNER motor!
Top SpeedNEW 24 mph18.5-22.5 mph depending on gearing with 83 mm Wheels

21.7-26 mph depending on gearing with 97 mm Wheels
18 mph ($999 model)

20 mph ($1299 model)

22 mph ($1499 model)
12 mph25 mphBest combination of Top Speed, Acceleration, Hill Climbing, and Range due to efficient gear ratio
Range40 mile battery


25 mile battery (Dual Drive)


20 mile battery


15 mile battery


10 mile battery
19 miles6-7 miles18 miles16 milesGreat Range to Weight Ratio
Charger1 to 3 hour Smart Charger, Worldwide Input Voltage (100-240 VAC), UL Listed3.5 hours Standard Charger

80 minutes with Fast Charger
1 hour 5 hours1.5 hoursFast Recharge Time, UL Listed, World Wide Input Voltage (100-240 VAC)
Remote ControlWirelessWirelessWirelessWirelessWirelessPowerful RF remote (works up to 100 ft away) minimizes risk of interference.
Battery GaugeHigh Accuracy Current Sensor Based Fuel Gauge.

High Accuracy Audible Fuel Gauge (with automatic calibration) and overdischarge protection.
Voltage Based (low accuracy)YesYesYesCan check remaining battery capacity via wireless remote without having to take eyes off the road. High Accuracy Current Sensor based Fuel Gauge. Self calibrating to ensure accuracy even as the battery ages.
Deck Size41"L x 10"W (slim longboard)

36"L x 9.5"W (midsize)

33.5"L x 9.5"W (mini slim longboard)

32"L x 8.5"W (shortboard)

29"L x 9.5"W (micro slim)

or choose your own custom deck!
38" L38" L38" L38" LMore compact options. Shortest Boards on the market! Wood Decks are much better at absorbing road vibrations compared to Carbon Fiber, making for a much more comfortable ride. Easier to carry. USA Made Brand Name Quality Decks. Choose your own custom deck! We can build with most decks on the market.
Wheel SizeChoice of 83 mm or 97 mm Genuine Abec-11 Brand Premium Vibration Absorbing Wheels (78A Hardness for a super soft ride)83 mm Evolve Brand Wheels75 mm Orangatang Wheels90 mm Wheels (83A)76 mm or 100 mm Wheels (extra $25)Genuine Abec-11 Brand Wheels, Made in the USA. Larger Wheel Options allow you to ride over rougher surfaces. Long Life Machined Aluminum Drive Wheel Pulley can be rotated among non-drive wheels to even out the wear.
LightingUltra-Bright High Power 2 Watt Rear (RED) and Front (WHITE) LEDs enhance rider visibility at night and make clear riser pads glow for a super cool look!Optional Accessory Optional Accessory Lighting on RemoteNoneIncreased visibility at night makes for a safer ride, and high power lights act as a headlight to help you avoid road hazards at night.
BellElectronicNoneNoneNoneNoneWarns passersby, activated by the Wireless Remote Control
Warranty6 months6 months6 months???12 monthsEven after warranty period ends, we offer repair and spare part services at fair prices. We don't price gouge on spare parts!
Money Back Guarantee7 days, 100% refund less shipping costs (both ways)7 days, 100% refund less shipping costs (both ways)30 days, 100% refund less possible restocking fee and return shipping costs???30 days, 100% refund less possible $50 restocking fee and return shipping costsBuy with confidence knowing you have 7 days to check out our ride! We have an excellent satisfaction rate, with less than 3% of our customers wanting to return their boards!
ReliabilityVibration Proof Motor Controller, Wireless Receiver, and Battery BoxTrack record to date: Poor ReliabilityGood??????Our 12 years of designing and building Electric Skateboards, has taught us how to build electronics and mechanical systems that can handle the daily rigors of vibration, impact, and electrical surges.
Customer ServiceExcellent!???GoodChinese Based Company, so Customer Service is probably questionable.???We typically respond to customer emails within 1 hour or less! We are also available by phone at 360-335-3211, and will always respond within 1 day MAXIMUM!