Ways to Use

Fun, Fun, Fun!

This may be the most obvious reason to get a Metroboard Electric Skateboard. There’s nothing like the sensation of having a powerful yet smoothly controlled motor accelerate you to speeds of 20 mph and having the wind blow in your face. It’s similar to the thrill of riding a roller coaster, and really gets your adrenaline going! Also, carving on a Metroboard Electric Skateboard combines the familiar thrill of carving on a regular skateboard (or snowboard or surfboard) without having to use your feet to push or brake (and at speeds much higher than you can attain with a regular skateboard). Longboarders typically have to find a hill to enjoy uninterrupted carving, but then there’s the problem of how you stop safely. With the Metroboard Electric Skateboard, your are safely in control of both acceleration and braking via the wireless remote control, whether you are going up or down a hill or riding on level terrain.


Your New Super Slick Ride to Work!

Would you like to be able to get to work without having to drive? Does your public transportation (e.g., buses, trains, subways, etc) not take you door to door? Would you like to fill in the gaps between public transportation and your destination? Are you sick of having to hop in your car every time you need to buy a few groceries? Do you really need a 2000 lb car to carry an 8 lb gallon of milk? With the Metroboard Electric Skateboard your short range transportation problems are solved! The Metroboard has an incredible 15 – 20 mile range and is durable enough to meet your daily alternative transportation needs. Because of its extremely light weight design (as light as 15 lbs) and compact size (as short as 29″ long), the Metroboard is extremely portable, making it easy to pick up and carry with you as you go in and out of shops/buildings, on or off buses, etc. The competitors’ products with similar power ratings weigh as much as a back-breaking 52 lbs, which make them extremely awkward, difficult, and uncomfortable to pick up and carry. Also, the light weight Metroboard design is more energy efficient and easier to kick push and stop than the competitors’ bulky 52 pounders.


Electric Skateboard Subway

Cruising in Style around Campus

Skateboards are a great way to get around a college campus, so why not add an extra element of fun (and speed) with a Metroboard Electric Skateboard? The Metroboard was designed with portability in mind, so at weights as low as 15 lbs, it makes it a breeze to ride to your next class, pick it up, and bring it into your classroom (the competitions’ 52 pounders: breeze to pick up?..not so much). Of course, at 20 mph, you no longer will have a good excuse for being late for class! On a budget? Don’t worry, we offer a college student discount and payment plan.


Industrial Mobility

Does your job (e.g., Security, Maintenance, Management, or Service) require you to navigate a large space (such as an Airport, Hotel, Office Building, Manufacturing Plant, Cruise Ship, Amusement Park, or Stadium)? Is walking too cumbersome to cover the distances you do on a daily basis? Do you need to navigate through narrow spaces and around pedestrians? Are conventional Electric Utility Vehicles too big, too dangerous, too expensive? The Metroboard can meet your industrial mobility needs! The Metroboard was designed to be extremely compact (only 8.5″ wide) which makes it very easy to navigate in tight/crowded spaces without concern about colliding into other people or objects. Also, at a fraction of the cost of conventional Electric Utility Vehicles, the Price is Right! Don’t know how to ride a skateboard? Don’t worry, even if you’ve never ridden a skateboard before, the Metroboard is extremely easy to learn.


Leisure Industry

Do you currently rent bikes for use on boardwalks or other tourist areas? Why not add a Metroboard Electric Skateboard to your rental inventory and attract more customers? The Metroboard is an extremely fun way for tourists to explore while on vacation. Worried about maintenance? Easy do it yourself maintenance will ensure that your Metroboard is always working optimally. Also, Metroboard customer support is always available for any additional help you might need.