Li-ion 18500 Charger and Battery Combo for Metroboard IR Remote

Price: $65

Product Description

This Smart Li-ion Fast Charger comes with two 3.7V Li-ion 1800 mAH Rechargeable batteries (18500 size).  A single 18500 Li-ion battery can be used in place of 3 AAA batteries to power the Metroboard IR Remote.   With a spare battery, you won’t get stuck even if your Metroboard Remote batteries die in the middle of a ride! Just carry a spare battery with you in your pocket and you will be good to go!  An 18500 Li-ion Battery will easily give you 3 times the run time of single-use Alkaline Batteries, and 50% more run time than NiMH rechargeable batteries. Note that the 18500 Li-ion battery has a built in PCB to protect against over-charge and over-discharge.

This Combo Includes the Metroboard 18500 Battery Adapter.  This Nickel Plated Battery Adapter allows you to install a standard 18500 Li-ion Rechargeable Cell in your Metroboard Remote.

The Smart Li-ion Charger, shows battery voltage, battery capacity, and has a variable charge rate up to 1000 mA, charging your batteries in as little as 1-2 hours!  It can charge up to 2 batteries at at time.

Protect the environment and don’t waste money on single use batteries. These rechargeable batteries last at least 500 charge cycles, and will pay for themselves in no time!





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