Fast Charger for Slim Lithium Battery – 4 Amp

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Our 36V 4 Amp FAST Lithium Charger for Slim Batteries ONLY will charge your Metroboard Electric Skateboard in just 1 hours for our 10 mile slim pack*, 1.5 hours for our 15 mile slim pack, and 2 hours for our 20 mile slim pack.  Get a spare charge to keep at work, so you can charge during the day, and double your range!  Worldwide Voltage 100VAC-240VAC and UL listed.

Note for long term battery health and life, it is recommended to use our 36V 2 Amp charger, when not needing a super fast charge (e.g., overnight charging).  *This is especially true for the 10 mile slim pack, for which 4 Amps is pushing the safe limits for battery charging.

Note this charger is NOT compatible with our brick shaped 15 mile 36V Lithium Battery Packs.  If you need a charger for that battery order it here.



36V 4 Amp FAST smart charger, 1-2 hour charge time, worldwide voltage 100VAC-240VAC, UL listed, Size: 165 mm Long x 85 mm Wide x 48 mm High, Weight: 630 grams


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  1. 5 out of 5

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    Works as advertised. I think I’ve been getting about a 1.5 – 2 hour charge time with my 20 mile battery. Ilan sent this out right away so now I have one less thing to carry as I just leave it at the office.

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