Exotic Wood Metroboards Hit the Market!

Sunrise - Wenge and Pau Amarelo - Metroboard Electric Longboard

New for the Holiday Season 2015, we are proud to release our brand new Metroboard Slim Electric Longboard Decks with Beautiful Hardwood Stringers made by Braker Boards. These boards also feature a NEW small kicktail to allow for easier kick-turns. Choose from 4 gorgeous stringer designs:        

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Tech News Interview with Ilan Sabar of Metroboard

In an article titled “An Interview with Ilan Sabar of Metroboard” featured on technewsiit.com, Metroboard owner Ilan Sabar provides a behind-the-scenes look at the electric skateboard industry and explains how he created the most powerful and longest range electric skateboard on the market today. “We haven’t stopped there,” Sabar said, referring to the advancements he’s…

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Metroboard Partners With Braker Boards To Offer Exotic Hardwood Decks

  Metroboard is happy to announce our partnership with experienced hardwood longboard deck manufacturer Braker Boards. Together, we will be bringing you a new array of beautiful, custom-made decks with hardwood stringers optimized for Metroboard electric skateboards. These new decks are created from a Metroboard-designed mold that provides a carve-tastic experience unlike anything else. The new…

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Meet the Metroboard Pit Crew!

It’s another beautiful, electric skateboard-filled week and we at Metroboard wanted to take a minute to introduce some of our staff! Father and Son Dan and his son Sam are skilled artisans, and carefully handcraft each and every Metroboard electric skateboard, one piece at a time. There’s no assembly lines, no automation, and no shortcuts.…

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8 Crazy Reasons Electric Skateboards Are Going Viral Right Now

Mugatu hypnotizes Zoolander.

Rideables are so hot right now, just ask Mugatu. They’re popping up everywhere and after spotting one zipping around at VidCon this year, I decided to do some research to find out why. So here’s the top eight reasons electric skateboards are going viral.

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Introducing the 40 mile range Metroboard Slim Electric Longboard!

Metroboard 40 mile Slim - Side

Check out the 40 mile range Metroboard Slim! The longest range electric skateboard on the market!  We have sold out all of our initial sample quantities, except for one pack!  Any takers?  We will of course be ordering more, but if you want one now, Email us for pricing and more info.    

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Introducing the Metroboard 29″ Micro Slim Electric Skateboard

Metroboard Micro Slim Electric Skateboard - Side

Introducing the Metroboard Micro Slim 29″ Electric Skateboard. For those of you looking for a short and slim electric skateboard, this is for you! At 29″ long, you won’t find a more compact electric board on the market. Boasting a 10 mile range, and weighing just 15 lbs, you will want to take this everywhere!…

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Custom Slim Metroboard Electric Longboard – Arbor 38.5″ James Kelly Pro Model Longboard Deck

Metroboard Electric Longboard - Arbor Pro Kelly - Iso Front

Check out a Custom Slim Metroboard Electric Longboard we built recently for a customer using the Arbor 38.5″ James Kelly Pro Model Longboard Deck. Want a custom Metroboard Deck that exactly matches your style? Email Us for a quote.    

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