33in Mini Slim Longboard Deck – Hardwood Stringer Edition

Hardwood Stringers 33in Mini Slim Electric Longboard - Top View Blank

If you like our 41″ Hardwood Stringer Decks and would like the same look in a smaller package, we are proud to introduce the 33″ Mini Slim Electric Longboard – Hardwood Stringer Edition! The beautiful top veneer is made from Mahogany and Padauk. This super compact boards weighs in at just 14.5 lbs with a…

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Introducing the The Metroboard Mini Slim Electric Longboard, just 33.5″ long!

Metroboard Mini Slim Electric Longboard

When it comes to portability, the Metroboard Design Team knows that for many riders, size does matter! So we borrowed the design elements of our 40″ Slim Electric Longboard and shrunk everything down to a 33.5″ size board, making for a super compact and super light weight board (just 14.9 lbs) with a 10 mile…

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New 10 Mile Range Slim Pack

10 mile Slim Pack

Coming soon, our new 10 mile slim pack, weighing in at just 1.16 kg (2.55 lbs). This will enable us to build with a slim pack on our shorter boards (even our 29″ mini). The minimum wheelbase is about 19″ to fit this pack. The only board it won’t fit on is our 32″ shortboard…

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