Metroboard on Boardwalk

Spring is just around the corner, and you know what that means!  Plenty of sunny days to explore, commute, or just have fun on a Metroboard Electric Skateboard. On top of the good weather, there are several exciting new offerings to make this the perfect time to get a Metroboard! NEW FASTER MOTORS We know…

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Superior Carving Experience with Conical Truck Bushings

This tutorial shows how to replace the inner truck bushings from Cylindrical to Conical to improve carving and maneuverability on your Metroboard Electric Skateboard. This is especially helpful for lighter riders that find the standard bushing setup a bit hard to turn or for anyone that wants a more fun carving experience and tighter turning…

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Metroboard DUAL DRIVE Electric Longboard Steep Hill Climb

Check out the Metroboard DUAL DRIVE Electric Longboard climbing a fairly steep 14% Grade Hill. Note the speed doesn’t bog down at all as it climbs. This is by all means not the limit of its ability, but still searching for some steeper hills to test it on! Stay tuned…

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New Metroboard Dual Drive Electric Longboard Available Now!

Metroboard Dual Drive Electric Longboard - Side View

We are proud to introduce the Metroboard DUAL DRIVE Electric Longboard! The Dual Drive sports two of our 6374 Brushless Outrunner Motors in a diagonal configuration for a hill crushing combined power of 6000 Watts Peak / 1200 Watts Continuous. No other electric skateboard on the market can match this kind of power! Live in a…

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33in Mini Slim Longboard Deck – Hardwood Stringer Edition

Hardwood Stringers 33in Mini Slim Electric Longboard - Top View Blank

If you like our 41″ Hardwood Stringer Decks and would like the same look in a smaller package, we are proud to introduce the 33″ Mini Slim Electric Longboard – Hardwood Stringer Edition! The beautiful top veneer is made from Mahogany and Padauk. This super compact boards weighs in at just 14.5 lbs with a…

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Carvetastic 2016 Metroboard Electric Longboard Deck

New vs Old Slim Longboard Deck

Compare the 2016 version (lower deck) to the 2015 (upper deck). Note that in order to improve the carving ability of the deck we have increased the deck width by 1/2″ (for a total of 10.0″), and increased the concavity by 2 mm. We have also increased the length of the deck by 2″ for…

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Exotic Wood Metroboards Hit the Market!

Sunrise - Wenge and Pau Amarelo - Metroboard Electric Longboard

New for the Holiday Season 2015, we are proud to release our brand new Metroboard Slim Electric Longboard Decks with Beautiful Hardwood Stringers made by Braker Boards. These boards also feature a NEW small kicktail to allow for easier kick-turns. Choose from 4 gorgeous stringer designs:        

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Tech News Interview with Ilan Sabar of Metroboard

In an article titled “An Interview with Ilan Sabar of Metroboard” featured on, Metroboard owner Ilan Sabar provides a behind-the-scenes look at the electric skateboard industry and explains how he created the most powerful and longest range electric skateboard on the market today. “We haven’t stopped there,” Sabar said, referring to the advancements he’s…

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Metroboard Partners With Braker Boards To Offer Exotic Hardwood Decks

  Metroboard is happy to announce our partnership with experienced hardwood longboard deck manufacturer Braker Boards. Together, we will be bringing you a new array of beautiful, custom-made decks with hardwood stringers optimized for Metroboard electric skateboards. These new decks are created from a Metroboard-designed mold that provides a carve-tastic experience unlike anything else. The new…

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