Why Brushless Motors?

Brushless Outrunner Motor - Metroboard Electric Skateboard

Metroboard’s super powerful 3000 Watt Peak Brushless Outrunner Motors offer an incredible 50% more power than the competition, giving you quick-off-the-line acceleration and the ability to rocket up steep hills!

Many electric skateboard companies use Brushed motors, but these lower tech alternatives are not only less efficient than our brushless motors, but they’re also heavier and wear out far more quickly.

But Metroboard only uses top shelf components, and that’s why we equip each and every one of our boards with a CNC machined, custom designed, 3000 Watt Peak Brushless Outrunner Motor.

There are many advantages to Brushless Outrunner Motors, including:

  • Super Long Life (due to lack of brushes which wear over time)
  • High Efficiency (over 85%), meaning more range out of the same size battery!
  • High Power Density, meaning more power in a smaller lighter weight motor
  • Quiet Operation, making for a more inconspicuous and pleasant riding experience
  • Light Weight (just 1.8 lbs)
  • Compact Size (just 63 mm diameter x 74 mm long)
  • Low RF Noise (due to lack of brushes which spark creating RF noise that can interfere with other wireless devices)

The Metroboard now uses a high power, lightweight, and compact Brushless Outrunner Motor on all of its models. Brushless outrunner motors are unique in that their magnets are housed on the body of the motor outside of the motor windings. This is in constrast to Brushless inrunner motors, which have their magnets inside the motor windings. Having the magnets outside the motor windings allows the magnets to be radially further away from the axis of the motor, giving you significantly more torque for the same size motor! This allows you to make a significantly more powerful outrunner motor at a fraction of the weight and size of a similar inrunner motor. See picture below for a side by side comparison of a Brushless Outrunner vs Inrunner Motor.

Brushless Outrunner vs Inrunner Motor Comparison

Brushless Outrunner vs Inrunner Motor Comparison